Some updates from jaltman during today's release-team meeting
[openafs-wiki.git] / GitWiki.mdwn
2014-05-09 Michael MeffieGitWiki: grammar fixes
2013-06-11 Andrew DeasonGitWiki: Emphasize using the repo
2013-05-29 Michael MeffieExplain that gitweb is not updated via the webform
2012-11-21 Michael Meffiemention the ssh config setup
2012-11-18 Michael MeffieGitWiki: apache is not needed for preview
2012-11-16 Michael Meffiegerrit commit ids are not required for this repo
2012-11-16 Michael Meffiefix link
2012-11-16 Michael Meffieinstructions on using git to edit pages