of course make srpm doesn't compile!
[openafs-wiki.git] / RXGKToDo.mdwn
2014-08-11 Benjamin Kadukgklog has been implemented
2014-06-04 Benjamin KadukSome RXGK status updates
2014-05-27 https://me.yahoo... test server configuration by rewording
2014-05-27 Benjamin KadukMore server testing; trivial rewording
2014-05-27 Benjamin KadukTesting server configuration 75/11175/1
2014-05-05 Benjamin Kadukanother minor tweak to test git/ikiwiki integration
2014-05-05 Benjamin Kadukminor tweak to test git/ikiwiki integration
2014-04-29 Benjamin KadukMore rxgk
2014-04-29 Benjamin KadukAnother rxgk item
2014-04-03 Benjamin Kadukgklog for rxgk
2014-02-14 Benjamin Kadukrx epoch/cid are in gerrit
2014-02-06 Benjamin KadukClaim the rx epoch/cid generation task.
2013-12-10 Ben KadukNote possible asetkey improvement
2013-12-09 Ben KadukAdd epoch/cid to RXGKTodo
2013-12-06 Ben KadukAdd a todo list for rxgk development