2018-12-07 Michael Meffiefix link to packages
2018-12-07 Michael Meffieadd link to packages page
2018-12-07 Michael Meffiemove info about packages out of devel and to admin
2018-12-07 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-12-04 Michael MeffieAdd redirect for the GitDevelopers page
2018-12-04 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-12-03 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-11-30 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-11-26 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-11-16 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-11-09 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
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2018-11-02 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-10-26 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-10-12 Michael Meffieupdate gerrit list
2018-10-12 Michael MeffieAdd gerrit lists
2018-10-08 Michael MeffieClarify git wiki instructions
2018-10-08 Michael Meffierevert the front page boxes
2018-08-17 https://login... rewrite path conflict paragraph for clarity
2018-08-17 https://login... (no commit message)
2018-08-17 Stephan Wiesandsuggested changes to backporting policy 59/13259/3
2018-08-13 Michael MeffieUpdate out of tree build example
2018-07-25 Michael Meffieadd backporting policy
2018-07-25 Michael Meffiemothball old website project page
2018-07-25 Michael Meffieremove more stub pages
2018-07-25 Michael Meffieupdate buildbot linux-rc builder notes
2018-07-20 Michael Meffiestart linux builder doc
2018-07-20 Michael MeffieMove more obsolete pages to Archive
2018-07-20 Michael MeffieRevert "Update the scp command to work by default."
2018-07-02 https://launchpad... Update the scp command to work by default.
2018-06-29 Michael MeffieUpdate the rpmbuild example to put files under packages
2018-06-28 Michael MeffieUpdate example ikiwiki configuration
2018-06-28 Michael Meffieadd new page for rxgk
2018-05-02 https://me... (no commit message)
2017-12-29 Michael Meffieattempt to fix links on new frontpage
2017-12-29 Michael Meffienew front page
2017-12-29 Michael Meffiebulletize indexes
2017-12-14 Caitlyn MarkoFix broken directory links
2017-12-27 Caitlyn MarkoClean up broken links
2017-12-27 Caitlyn MarkoFix broken links on main page
2017-12-27 Caitlyn MarkoChange wiki main page
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoChange Guides and Info link
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoMove debugging files into same dir
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoMove file to admin directory
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoRemove unused FAQ pages
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoAdd new docs to reguser dir
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoMove Windows guides into new directory
2017-12-26 IkiWikiRestructure directories
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoEmpty archive directory into keep or delete
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoMinor grammar fixes
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoRemove broken link
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoAdd wiki cleanup todo page
2017-12-26 Caitlyn MarkoUpdate openafs version
2017-11-20 Michael Meffieupdate macos dmg links
2017-10-25 Michael Meffieformat fix
2017-10-25 Michael Meffieupdate post 1.8.x notes
2017-08-02 Benjamin Kadukprune inode fileserver post-1.8, maybe
2017-07-31 Benjamin KadukNote that we reverted lockless d_revalidate
2017-07-27 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2017-07-26 Benjamin KadukUpdate the pre-branch checklist for several completed...
2016-12-28 Michael Meffiehints for doing an out of tree build
2016-12-09 Michael Meffieupdate 3rd party macos download links
2016-11-30 Michael MeffieNew download links for SNA signed MacOS clients
2016-11-10 Benjamin KadukMove GitDevelopers out of the archive
2016-10-27 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-10-27 https://launchpad... indent command
2016-09-14 https://launchpad... add libfuse-dev for building afsd.fuse
2016-09-13 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-09-13 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-09-13 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-25 https://launchpad... Formatting
2016-08-25 https://launchpad... Fix up the callback story
2016-08-25 Joe GorseMove the wiki pages back to root.
2016-08-25 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-25 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-25 Joe GorseAFS callback story for reads and writes from multiple...
2016-08-25 Michael MeffieRefactor file layout
2016-08-25 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-25 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-21 Michael Meffieremoved dead content
2016-08-21 Michael Meffieadd an index page to preview the diagrams
2016-08-21 Michael Meffiefix wrong arrow
2016-08-21 Michael Meffievarious diagrams
2016-08-21 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-21 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-05-24 https://launchpad... missed a reference to 1.6.16
2016-05-24 https://launchpad... update links to 1.6.18; 10.9 gone, signing keys are...
2016-05-21 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-04-21 https://me... My COPR repo doesn't support 4.5 kernels, but has opena...
2016-04-14 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-04-04 https://launchpad... Install solaris onbld package to get ctf tools.
2016-03-07 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-29 https://me... Add 2015 kAFS slides to page.
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-07 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2015-11-22 Benjamin KadukThe cache partition type checks have been relaxed