2016-08-21 Michael Meffiefix wrong arrow
2016-08-21 Michael Meffievarious diagrams
2016-08-21 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-08-21 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-05-24 https://launchpad... missed a reference to 1.6.16
2016-05-24 https://launchpad... update links to 1.6.18; 10.9 gone, signing keys are...
2016-05-21 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-04-21 https://me... My COPR repo doesn't support 4.5 kernels, but has opena...
2016-04-14 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2016-04-04 https://launchpad... Install solaris onbld package to get ctf tools.
2016-03-07 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-29 https://me... Add 2015 kAFS slides to page.
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-12 https://me... (no commit message)
2016-02-07 https://launchpad... (no commit message)
2015-11-22 Benjamin KadukThe cache partition type checks have been relaxed
2015-11-16 https://me... Update instructions to reflect syntax changes, in parti...
2015-10-28 https://me... (no commit message)
2015-06-16 https://me... (no commit message)
2015-04-16 https://launchpad... Turn headings into actual links
2015-04-16 https://launchpad... Add instructions for stable branch pullups
2015-04-09 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-04-09 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-04-09 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-02-16 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-02-16 https://www... of course make srpm doesn't compile!
2015-02-16 https://www... Questioned "make sprm" and commented on "make srpm"
2015-02-07 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-02-07 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-02-06 Benjamin KadukSome updates from setting up the ubuntu1404 buildslave
2015-01-29 https://www... (no commit message)
2015-01-29 https://www... (no commit message)
2014-11-29 Benjamin KadukNotes from jabber
2014-11-20 Benjamin KadukCatch up with the times on asetkey operation
2014-11-05 Michael Meffieinstalling in rhel: update version number
2014-11-05 Michael Meffieguides: remove dead link
2014-11-05 Michael Meffieguides and info: cleanup
2014-11-05 Michael Meffieguide and info: reorg external links
2014-11-05 Michael Meffiewordsmithing
2014-11-05 Michael Meffieremove duplicated links for new cell stuff
2014-11-05 Michael Meffiesyntax fix
2014-11-03 Benjamin Kadukasetkey list skips rxkad_krb5 keys
2014-11-03 Michael Meffiegentoo docs have been updated
2014-10-29 Benjamin KadukSome updates from jaltman during today's release-team...
2014-10-29 Benjamin Kadukfix wiki syntax
2014-10-22 Benjamin KadukSome updates from today's release-team
2014-10-22 Benjamin KadukNote some progress in pre-branch tasks
2014-10-21 Michael Meffieinstalling: update dafs example options
2014-10-21 Michael Meffieadd link to new installation guide
2014-10-21 Michael Meffieinstalling and cell setup on rpm based linux
2014-10-08 https://www... (no commit message)
2014-10-08 https://www... fix wiki syntax for github, again
2014-10-08 https://www... fix wiki syntax for github
2014-10-08 https://www... add a link to the buildbot master config on github
2014-10-06 Benjamin KadukMore things to pull from master post-branch
2014-10-01 Benjamin Kadukupserver should go away
2014-09-18 Benjamin Kadukkopenafs also consumes Makefile.shared
2014-09-15 Benjamin KadukThe schedule slipped
2014-09-15 Benjamin KadukWhoops, that's for master, not 1.8
2014-09-13 Benjamin KadukSupporting 'make dest' requires gross hacks
2014-09-11 Benjamin Kadukpam module is part of kauth, really
2014-09-10 Benjamin KadukUpdate OpenAFS 1.8 pre-branch todo list
2014-08-26 https://me... (no commit message)
2014-08-11 Benjamin Kadukgklog has been implemented
2014-07-31 https://www... fixed some examples
2014-06-19 https://me... (no commit message)
2014-06-14 https://www... (no commit message)
2014-06-12 Benjamin KadukMake the 1.8 notes findable
2014-06-12 Benjamin KadukTidy up the rendered page
2014-06-12 Benjamin KadukAdd a place to talk about 1.8 branching TODO items
2014-06-04 Benjamin KadukSome RXGK status updates
2014-05-27 https://www... test wiki/gerrit interface
2014-05-27 https://me... test server configuration by rewording
2014-05-27 Benjamin KadukMore server testing; trivial rewording
2014-05-27 https://me... (no commit message)
2014-05-27 Benjamin KadukTesting server configuration 75/11175/1
2014-05-16 Michael Meffieupdate how to build rpms
2014-05-09 Michael Meffiecss: max line length
2014-05-09 Michael MeffieGitWiki: grammar fixes
2014-05-09 Michael Meffiecontrib: formatting and some word smithing
2014-05-07 Michael Meffieindex: fix links broken in last formatting change
2014-05-07 Michael Meffieindex: formatting
2014-05-06 Michael Meffiegit ignore ikiwiki generate files
2014-05-05 Benjamin Kadukanother minor tweak to test git/ikiwiki integration
2014-05-05 Benjamin Kadukminor tweak to test git/ikiwiki integration
2014-05-03 Michael Meffieupdate anti-spam whitelist
2014-05-03 Michael Meffiewindows guide: convert to markdown
2014-05-03 Michael Meffieuse toc directive in faq pages
2014-05-03 Michael Meffiewhitelist for fighting spam
2014-05-02 Michael Meffiedelete spam
2014-05-02 Michael Meffiefix formatting errors
2014-05-02 Michael Meffieuse the toc directive to generate toc
2014-05-02 Michael Meffiefix damaged add ons and tools page
2014-04-30 Benjamin KadukNote lack of web editing
2014-04-29 Benjamin KadukMore rxgk
2014-04-29 Benjamin KadukAnother rxgk item
2014-04-22 https://me... (no commit message)