afs: Do not supply bogus poll vnodeops for FBSD
[openafs.git] / src / afs / FBSD / osi_sleep.c
2013-02-26 Chas Williams (CON... afs: removing trailing semicolons
2011-09-07 Ben KadukFree memory from afs_events
2010-05-19 Ben KadukDo not sleep in FBSD's getevent()
2010-04-02 Derrick Brashearfreebsd switch back to condvar-based sleep
2010-03-17 Ben KadukAllocate and free backing store for event mutices
2010-03-15 Derrick Brashearfreebsd per-event mutexes
2010-03-09 Ben KadukUse the correct API for msleep() in FBSD's afs_osi_Time...
2010-02-28 Ben KadukMore help for the FBSD build
2010-02-09 Derrick Brashearprovide afs_osi_TimedSleep
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2004-03-10 Jim Reesfreebsd-20040310
2003-07-16 Derrick Brashearreindent-20030715
2003-07-01 Jim Reesfreebsd-20030701
2002-10-16 Nathan Neulingerno-copy-libafs-builds-20021015
2002-10-09 Derrick Brashearosi-wakeup-return-zero-on-doing-a-wakeup-20021008
2002-08-21 Nathan Neulingerpull-prototypes-to-head-20020821
2002-02-16 Chaskiel M Grundmanfreebsd-almost-working-client-20020216 openafs-devel-1_3_0
2002-02-01 Nickolai ZeldovichFirst pass at better signal handling:
2001-07-12 Nathan Neulingerinclude-afsconfig-before-param-h-20010712
2001-07-05 Nathan Neulingerafsconfig-and-rcsid-all-around-20010705
2001-04-14 Tom Maherinitial-freebsd-port-work-20010414