macos: delegate sock_* calls to bkg daemons
[openafs.git] / src / libadmin /
2020-10-23 Mark Vitalerxstats: correctly report vlserver VL_* RPC stats 75/14375/3
2019-10-08 Michael MeffieRedHat: package rxstat_* programs 83/13883/2
2019-08-23 Andrew DeasonRemove dead code 83/13683/7
2019-08-23 Benjamin KadukRemove a couple more uses of libafsauthent.a 95/11095/5
2019-07-12 Cheyenne Willslibadmin: overlap warning in strcpy with gcc9 60/13660/8
2019-03-01 Benjamin Kaduklibadmin: appease clang -Wsometimes-uninitialized 76/13476/2
2018-09-21 Pat RieheckyCorrect some redundant if() clauses 57/13157/9
2016-07-17 Garrett Wollmanptuser: guarantee that all names are valid C strings 96/7896/11
2016-03-16 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2016-002 ListAddrByAttributes information...
2016-03-16 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2016-002 VldbListByAttributes information...
2015-08-22 Andrew Deasonobjdir build: Normalize COMPILE_ET_* commands
2015-08-03 Anders Kaseorgkas: remove @CFLAGS_NOERROR@ in favor of specific pragma
2015-08-01 Anders Kaseorglibadmin: #define UBIK_LEGACY_CALLITER 1 in afs_kasAdmin.c
2015-04-23 Jeffrey HutzelmanAllocate pathname buffers dynamically
2015-03-22 Benjamin KadukDo not redeclare mutexes for darwin
2015-01-21 Simon WilkinsonBuild system: MT_LIBS includes XLIBS
2014-12-04 Nathaniel Wesley... Make all VLDB interactions use VLF/VLSF names
2014-11-25 Michael Meffiecmd: add flags argument to create syntax function
2014-10-08 Michael Meffiebuild: remove trailing whitespace from makefiles
2014-05-31 Stephan Wiesandlibadmin: Remove redundant memset call
2014-05-28 Michael Meffielibadmin: separate source and header compile_et rules
2014-04-14 Andrew DeasonFix rx_EndCall error precedence
2014-01-29 Michael Meffielibadmin: add header file deps
2014-01-29 Michael Meffielibadmin: use INSTALL_DATA to export headers
2014-01-29 Michael Meffielibadmin: makefile rule for afs_AdminError.h
2014-01-29 Michael Meffielibadmin: remove duplicate dependency
2013-09-30 Michael Meffiebuild: compile_et rules for parallel make
2013-06-04 Nickolai ZeldovichFix scanf buffer overflows
2013-05-03 Marc DionneWindows: Use mtafsutil library when linking with pthreads
2013-03-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't pass garbage to pts_UserCreate
2013-03-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't pass garbage to pts_GroupCreate
2013-03-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't double check for required param
2013-03-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't free garbage pointer
2013-03-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't overflow volume name
2013-03-01 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't free garbage
2013-02-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Remove RXAFS* from afsrpc.dll
2013-02-26 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Catch VL_GetNewVolumeId failures
2013-02-24 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Fix a lot of dead assignments in vsprocs
2013-02-21 Simon WilkinsonFix incorrect sizeof() arguments in allocations
2013-02-21 Simon WilkinsonDon't allocate objects of 0 length
2013-02-21 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't try to release garbage connection
2013-01-17 Marc Dionnegcc 4.8: fix warnings
2013-01-06 Nickolai Zeldovichlibadmin/vos/vosutils.c: mask out sign-extension
2013-01-02 Derrick Brashearvol: fix everything to use volumeid type
2012-09-09 Simon Wilkinsonutil: Convert to using libtool
2012-09-07 Simon Wilkinsoncmd: Convert to using libtool
2012-09-04 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Convert to using libtool
2012-09-04 Simon WilkinsonFurther rationalise our usage of assert()
2012-06-14 Simon Wilkinsonrxgen: Make input strings const
2012-05-24 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin & uss: Don't cast returns from malloc()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast the return from calloc()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast the return from realloc()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonUse calloc, rather than malloc/memset
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast arguments to free()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonUse strdup to copy strings
2012-04-17 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Use native 64bit data counters
2012-04-12 Simon WilkinsonRemove redundant header includes
2012-04-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Clear structures according to their size.
2012-04-07 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: read returns an ssize_t, not a size_t
2012-02-15 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove install9x rules
2011-11-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Use a red black tree for the event stack
2011-10-09 Jeffrey AltmanCorrect Heimdal conversion of libadmin/adminutil
2011-10-01 Jeffrey AltmanDo not call krb5_get_error_message with NULL context
2011-10-01 Asanka C. HerathWindows: Build against KerbCompatSDK instead of KFW
2011-09-26 Simon WilkinsonClean up assertion
2011-09-11 Simon WilkinsonMove string manipulation functions out of util
2011-07-13 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Remove unused error codes
2011-06-05 Simon WilkinsonBuild system: Move install definitions to include
2011-05-15 Russ AllberyFix misspelling of writable as writeable
2011-04-27 Thomas L. KulaAdd -usetokens option to libadmin test 'afscp'
2011-04-21 Marc DionneUnused variable warning fixes
2011-04-20 Marc Dionneadminutil: parallel build fixes
2011-04-08 Simon WilkinsonWindows: Use roken gettimeofday implementation
2011-04-01 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Tidy header includes
2011-03-08 Marc Dionnelibadmin: minor warning fix
2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't use internal struct for key data
2010-12-27 Simon WilkinsonDon't trust # of entries from ListAttributes
2010-11-19 Simon WilkinsonRemove local crypto
2010-11-17 Simon Wilkinsonlibroken: Build on windows
2010-10-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Cleanup build scripts; no include\afs or inclu...
2010-10-11 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Rework build system
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to register
2010-08-06 Andrew DeasonEliminate $< outside of pattern rules
2010-08-06 Andrew DeasonFix objdir install/dest targets
2010-07-12 Andrew DeasonConsolidate loopback address tests
2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't dereference NULL pointer in cmd
2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinsonlibadmin: Don't use undefined value
2010-05-28 Russ AllberyMake all the default target in libadmin samples and...
2010-05-28 Russ AllberyClean up warnings in libadmin/bos/afs_bosAdmin.c
2010-03-23 Marc DionneWarning fix: print burstWait fields
2010-03-19 Jeffrey Altmanafsadminutil: translate krb5 error messages on Windows
2010-01-27 Simon WilkinsonXDR memory management fixes
2010-01-20 Russ AllberyAvoid executable headers in local include tree
2009-11-29 Marc DionneWarning fixes - key handling
2009-11-17 Simon WilkinsonRationalise our include paths
2009-11-11 Simon WilkinsonUpdate warning inhibition
2009-10-21 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast the pointer past to memset
2009-10-21 matt@linuxbox.comMake typedefs of AFS_UCRED and AFS_PROC with renaming
2009-10-15 Andrew DeasonFix unitialized variable warning in cfghost.c