Add rxgk client options to vl and pt utilities
[openafs.git] / src / ptserver / ptserver.c
2019-06-14 Benjamin KadukAdd rxgk client options to vl and pt utilities 05/11105/17
2019-03-23 Andrew Deasonrx: Do not ignore RXS_* op errors 22/13522/4
2018-10-05 Andrew DeasonLog binding ip address and port during startup 72/13272/4
2018-09-24 Andrew DeasonCall rx_InitHost once during daemon startup 71/13271/4
2016-04-26 Michael Meffieexternalize log rotation 31/11731/15
2016-04-25 Michael MeffieRemove server logging globals 68/12168/11
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieptserver: convert the ptserver to opr softsig 97/11997/8
2015-11-22 Benjamin KadukFix ptserver -default_access parsing
2014-11-25 Michael Meffiecmd: add flags argument to create syntax function
2014-04-02 Chas Williams (CON... ptserver: Optionally restrict anonymous access to the...
2013-11-05 Andrew DeasonExit successfully on -help
2013-11-05 Andrew Deasonptserver: Fix argument aliases
2013-09-25 Andrew DeasonWhine if single-DES keys are in use
2013-07-12 Michael Meffieptserver: increase the max lwp threads
2012-08-31 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Relocate NetRestrict support functions
2012-07-31 Derrick Brashearkrb5 profile config support
2012-05-24 Michael Meffiefix audit init in vl and pr servers
2012-05-12 Andrew DeasonCall rx_SetNoJumbo earlier
2012-04-22 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Complete pr_realmName removal
2012-04-18 Michael Meffieaudit: remove static local realms
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Hide the rx_packet.h
2011-12-03 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Refactor MaxMTU error checking
2011-09-11 Simon WilkinsonMove string manipulation functions out of util
2011-07-25 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Use libcmd for command line parsing
2011-04-10 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Add cmdline options for config and log
2011-03-27 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Rationalise usage message
2011-03-27 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Tidy header includes
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonubik: Allow servers to have more than 3 seclayers
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonafsconf: Rework security flags
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonubik: Remove dependency on auth
2011-03-02 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Always set up Ubik security
2010-11-17 Simon Wilkinsonlibroken: Build on windows
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to register
2010-08-02 Andrew Deasonptserver: Do not use cell for entry name len check
2010-07-14 Jeffrey HutzelmanDon't overflow a buffer on the server's stack at startup
2010-06-23 Andrew DeasonMake ubik use unsigned addresses
2010-05-26 Russ AllberyFix syntax error when supergroups are not enabled
2010-05-26 Russ AllberyRemove -rebuildDB flag to ptserver
2010-02-03 Simon WilkinsonCommon interface for server security objects
2010-01-05 Simon WilkinsonFixes for supergroups on Darwin 64bit
2009-11-11 Simon Wilkinsonconst char paths for ubik_ServerInit
2009-10-23 Jeffrey AltmanRemove warning from all calls to afsconf_GetExtendedCel...
2009-10-08 Andrew DeasonCorrect and use AFS_SIZET_FMT
2009-09-28 Derrick Brashearmacos 10.6 warning fixes
2009-07-30 Simon WilkinsonMake rxgen emit prototype for ExecuteRequest
2009-07-24 Andrew DeasonEnhance audit logs to support SysV message queues
2009-07-16 Simon WilkinsonUse AFS_PTR_FMT to format pointers
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove pr_PrintEntry from public headers
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2009-06-03 Andrew Deasonptserver-debug-flag-20090603
2009-03-23 Derrick Brashearprintf-sanity-args-20090323
2009-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonprintf-sanity-20090317
2009-03-16 Simon Wilkinsonptserver-prototypes-20090316
2008-12-22 Derrick Brashearubik-serverinit-clones-correction-20081222
2008-12-17 Steve McIntoshaudit-consolidate-open-20081217
2008-11-29 Jeffrey Altmannetrestrict-netinfo-20081129
2008-09-24 Simon Wilkinsonrx-prototypes-20080924
2008-08-25 Derrick Brashearserver-argument-consistency-and-jumbograms-off-20080824
2008-04-02 Steven Jenkinspthreaded-ubik-20080402
2008-02-04 Jeffrey Altmanrxmaxmtu-printf-format-error-20080203
2008-01-23 Simon Wilkinsonrxkad-v5-dot-check-20080122
2007-10-30 Simon Wilkinsonopenafs-string-header-cleanup-20071030
2007-04-10 Derrick Brashearcomerr-rename-20070410
2006-06-20 Jeffrey Altmanrxbind-for-servers-20060620
2006-06-13 Derrick Brashearrxbind-for-servers-20060612
2006-02-22 Jeffrey Altmanserver-rxmaxmtu-option-20060221
2006-02-01 Tom Keiserosi-audit-locking-fix-20060201
2005-07-05 Derrick Brashearauditlogs-for-everyone-20050702
2005-04-15 Derrick Brashearptserver-restricted-mode-20050415
2004-06-23 Derrick Brashearprototyping-20040623
2004-06-23 Marcus Wattsptserver-flags-default-switch-20040623
2003-11-29 Jeffrey Altmanjbeuhler-flexelint-bugs-found-20031128
2003-08-24 Robert S. Murawskiwinnt-update-to-build-again-20030824
2003-07-16 Derrick Brashearreindent-20030715
2003-07-01 Peter Breitenlohnerptserver-make-main-int-20030701
2003-05-29 Jeffrey Hutzelmansyslog-tags-20030515
2003-01-15 Kevin Coffmanpts-supergroups-20030114
2002-08-21 Nathan Neulingerpull-prototypes-to-head-20020821
2002-02-28 Mattias Amnefeltafs-servers-use-rx-setnojumbo-interface-20020228
2001-10-05 Nathan Neulingerptserver-warning-cleanup-20011005
2001-09-17 Walter Wongmisc-build-cleanup-20010917
2001-08-08 Derrick Brashearconvert-from-bsd-to-posix-string-and-memory-functions...
2001-07-12 Nathan Neulingerinclude-afsconfig-before-param-h-20010712
2001-07-05 Nathan Neulingerafsconfig-and-rcsid-all-around-20010705
2001-06-29 Nathan Neulingerptserver-remove-redundant-prototypes-20010629
2001-06-23 Nathan Neulingerdeal-with-printf-as-macros-20010623
2001-03-26 Nathan Neulingeradd-server-syslog-logging-capabilities-20010326
2001-02-12 Hartmut Reuterubik-clone-support-20010212
2000-11-04 Derrick BrashearStandardize License information
2000-11-04 IBMInitial IBM OpenAFS 1.0 tree openafs-ibm-1_0 openafs-root