# Manage Users _Register users on your TWiki site; change/reset/install passwords; remove user accounts_ ## Authentication and Access Control - [[TWikiUserAuthentication]] describes options of user authentication - [[TWikiAccessControl]] describes how to define groups and how to restrict access to content ## Register User - [[TWikiRegistration]] is for users to fill out a form - [[NewUserTemplate]] can be changed to customize user home pages ## Change, Reset and Install Passwords - [[ChangePassword]] is for users who remember their password - [[ResetPassword]] is for users who do _not_ remember their password; they are asked to send a request to the site administrator to install a new password - [[InstallPassword]] is for the site administrator to install a password ## Removing User Accounts To remove a user account: 1. Edit the `data/.htpasswd` file to delete their entry (only applies if you are using a .htpasswd file) 2. Remove the `FredQuimby` line from the Main.TWikiUsers topic 3. Remove user from all groups and from all the `ALLOWWEB/ALLOWTOPIC...` declarations, if any.%BR% **_Note:_** Otherwise this is a security hole as the first one to re-register with this name will be granted the permissions of the previous user. 4. _[optional]_ Remove their topic files: `data/Main/FredQuimby.txt` and `data/Main/FredQuimby.txt,v` **_Note:_** Consider leaving the user topic file in place so their past signatures and revision author entries don't end up looking like [[AnUncreatedTopic]]. If you want to make it clear the user is inactive on your site (e.g. [[PeterThoeny]]) or has been banished add a note to that effect and write protect the page ([[TWikiAccessControl]]). The existance of the UserName topic prevent that user name from being re-used. -- TWiki:Main.MattWilkie - 21 Jul 2003 %BR% -- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 15 Aug 2004