Windows: Wix cell names can be greater than 120 chars
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / install / wix / lang / en_US / ui.wxi
1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
2 <Include>
3     <UI>
4       <Property Id="DefaultUIFont">DlgFont8</Property>
5       <Property Id="ErrorDialog">ErrorDlg</Property>
6                 <Property Id="BannerBitmap">bannrbmp</Property>
7                 <Property Id="IAgree">no</Property>
8                 <Property Id="RemoveIcon">removico</Property>
9                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Back">&lt; &amp;Back</Property>
10                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Browse">Br&amp;owse</Property>
11                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Cancel">Cancel</Property>
12                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Exit">&amp;Exit</Property>
13                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Finish">&amp;Finish</Property>
14                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Ignore">&amp;Ignore</Property>
15                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Install">&amp;Install</Property>
16                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Next">&amp;Next &gt;</Property>
17                 <Property Id="ButtonText_No">&amp;no</Property>
18                 <Property Id="ButtonText_OK">OK</Property>
19                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Remove">&amp;Remove</Property>
20                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Repair">&amp;Repair</Property>
21                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Reset">&amp;Reset</Property>
22                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Resume">&amp;Resume</Property>
23                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Retry">&amp;Retry</Property>
24                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Return">&amp;Return</Property>
25                 <Property Id="ButtonText_Yes">&amp;yes</Property>
26                 <Property Id="CompleteSetupIcon">completi</Property>
27                 <Property Id="CustomSetupIcon">custicon</Property>
28                 <Property Id="DialogBitmap">dlgbmp</Property>
29                 <Property Id="DlgTitleFont">{&amp;DlgFontBold8}</Property>
30                 <Property Id="ExclamationIcon">exclamic</Property>
31                 <Property Id="InfoIcon">info</Property>
32                 <Property Id="InstallerIcon">insticon</Property>
33                 <Property Id="Progress1">Installing</Property>
34                 <Property Id="Progress2">installs</Property>
35                 <Property Id="PROMPTROLLBACKCOST">P</Property>
36                 <Property Id="RepairIcon">repairic</Property>
37                 <Property Id="Setup">Setup</Property>
38                 <Property Id="ShowUserRegistrationDlg">0</Property>
39                 <Property Id="Wizard">Setup Wizard</Property>
40                 <Property Id="RestoreIcon">restore</Property>
41                 <Property Id="NewSettingsIcon">newconfig</Property>
43       <Dialog Id="AdminBrowseDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
44         <Control Id="PathEdit" Type="PathEdit" X="84" Y="202" Width="261" Height="17" Property="TARGETDIR" />
45         <Control Id="OK" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_OK]">
46           <Publish Event="SetTargetPath" Value="TARGETDIR">1</Publish>
47           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
48         </Control>
49         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="240" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
50           <Publish Event="Reset" Value="0">1</Publish>
51           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
52         </Control>
53         <Control Id="ComboLabel" Type="Text" X="25" Y="58" Width="44" Height="10" TabSkip="no" Text="&amp;Look in:" />
54         <Control Id="DirectoryCombo" Type="DirectoryCombo" X="70" Y="55" Width="220" Height="80" Property="TARGETDIR" Removable="yes" Fixed="yes" Remote="yes">
55           <Subscribe Event="IgnoreChange" Attribute="IgnoreChange" />
56         </Control>
57         <Control Id="Up" Type="PushButton" X="298" Y="55" Width="19" Height="19" ToolTip="Up One Level" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="16" Text="Up">
58           <Publish Event="DirectoryListUp" Value="0">1</Publish>
59         </Control>
60         <Control Id="NewFolder" Type="PushButton" X="325" Y="55" Width="19" Height="19" ToolTip="Create A New Folder" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="16" Text="New">
61           <Publish Event="DirectoryListNew" Value="0">1</Publish>
62         </Control>
63         <Control Id="DirectoryList" Type="DirectoryList" X="25" Y="83" Width="320" Height="110" Property="TARGETDIR" Sunken="yes" TabSkip="no" />
64         <Control Id="PathLabel" Type="Text" X="25" Y="205" Width="59" Height="10" TabSkip="no" Text="&amp;Folder name:" />
65         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
66         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
67           <Text>Browse to the destination folder</Text>
68         </Control>
69         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
70         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
71         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
72           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Change current destination folder</Text>
73         </Control>
74       </Dialog>
75       <Dialog Id="AdminInstallPointDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
76         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="80" Width="320" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
77           <Text>&amp;Enter a new network location or click Browse to browse to one.</Text>
78         </Control>
79         <Control Id="PathEdit" Type="PathEdit" X="25" Y="93" Width="320" Height="18" Property="TARGETDIR" />
80         <Control Id="Browse" Type="PushButton" X="289" Y="119" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Browse]">
81           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="AdminBrowseDlg">1</Publish>
82         </Control>
83         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
84           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="AdminRegistrationDlg">1</Publish>
85         </Control>
86         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
87           <Publish Event="SetTargetPath" Value="TARGETDIR">1</Publish>
88           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
89         </Control>
90         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
91           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
92         </Control>
93         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
94         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="20" Width="280" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
95           <Text>Please specify a network location for the server image of [ProductName] product</Text>
96         </Control>
97         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
98         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
99         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
100           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Network Location</Text>
101         </Control>
102       </Dialog>
103       <Dialog Id="AdminRegistrationDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
104         <Control Id="OrganizationLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="71" Width="285" Height="30" TabSkip="no">
105           <Text>&amp;Please enter the name of your organization in the box below.  This will be used as default company name for subsequent installations of [ProductName]:</Text>
106         </Control>
107         <Control Id="OrganizationEdit" Type="Edit" X="45" Y="105" Width="220" Height="18" Property="COMPANYNAME" Text="{80}" />
108         <Control Id="CDKeyLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="130" Width="50" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
109           <Text>CD &amp;Key:</Text>
110         </Control>
111         <Control Id="CDKeyEdit" Type="MaskedEdit" X="45" Y="143" Width="250" Height="16" Property="PIDKEY" Text="[PIDTemplate]" />
112         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Image="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
113           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="AdminWelcomeDlg">1</Publish>
114         </Control>
115         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
116           <Publish Event="ValidateProductID" Value="0">0</Publish>
117           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="AdminInstallPointDlg">ProductID</Publish>
118         </Control>
119         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
120           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
121         </Control>
122         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
123         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
124           <Text>Please enter your company information</Text>
125         </Control>
126         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
127         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
128         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
129           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Company Information</Text>
130         </Control>
131       </Dialog>
132       <Dialog Id="AdminWelcomeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
133         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
134           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Server Image">1</Publish>
135           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="AdminInstallPointDlg">1</Publish>
136         </Control>
137         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
138           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
139         </Control>
140         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
141         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
142         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="30" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
143           <Text>The [Wizard] will create a server image of [ProductName], at a specified network location.  Click Next to continue or Cancel to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
144         </Control>
145         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
146         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
147           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Welcome to the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
148         </Control>
149       </Dialog>
151       <Dialog Id="BrowseDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
152         <Control Id="PathEdit" Type="PathEdit" X="84" Y="202" Width="261" Height="18" Property="_BrowseProperty" Indirect="yes" />
153         <Control Id="OK" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_OK]">
154           <Publish Event="SetTargetPath" Value="[_BrowseProperty]">1</Publish>
155           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
156         </Control>
157         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="240" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
158           <Publish Event="Reset" Value="0">1</Publish>
159           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
160         </Control>
161         <Control Id="ComboLabel" Type="Text" X="25" Y="58" Width="44" Height="10" TabSkip="no" Text="&amp;Look in:" />
162         <Control Id="DirectoryCombo" Type="DirectoryCombo" X="70" Y="55" Width="220" Height="80" Property="_BrowseProperty" Indirect="yes" Fixed="yes" Remote="yes">
163           <Subscribe Event="IgnoreChange" Attribute="IgnoreChange" />
164         </Control>
165         <Control Id="Up" Type="PushButton" X="298" Y="55" Width="19" Height="19" ToolTip="Up One Level" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="16" Text="Up">
166           <Publish Event="DirectoryListUp" Value="0">1</Publish>
167         </Control>
168         <Control Id="NewFolder" Type="PushButton" X="325" Y="55" Width="19" Height="19" ToolTip="Create A New Folder" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="16" Text="New">
169           <Publish Event="DirectoryListNew" Value="0">1</Publish>
170         </Control>
171         <Control Id="DirectoryList" Type="DirectoryList" X="25" Y="83" Width="320" Height="110" Property="_BrowseProperty" Sunken="yes" Indirect="yes" TabSkip="no" />
172         <Control Id="PathLabel" Type="Text" X="25" Y="205" Width="59" Height="10" TabSkip="no" Text="&amp;Folder name:" />
173         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
174         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
175           <Text>Browse to the destination folder</Text>
176         </Control>
177         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
178         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
179         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
180           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Change current destination folder</Text>
181         </Control>
182       </Dialog>
183       <Dialog Id="CancelDlg" Y="10" Width="260" Height="85" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
184         <Control Id="no" Type="PushButton" X="132" Y="57" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_No]">
185           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
186         </Control>
187         <Control Id="yes" Type="PushButton" X="72" Y="57" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Yes]">
188           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Exit">1</Publish>
189         </Control>
190         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="48" Y="15" Width="194" Height="30">
191           <Text>Are you sure you want to cancel [ProductName] installation?</Text>
192         </Control>
193         <Control Id="Icon" Type="Icon" X="15" Y="15" Width="24" Height="24" ToolTip="Information icon" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[InfoIcon]" />
194       </Dialog>
195       <Dialog Id="ContinueDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
196         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
197           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Exit">1</Publish>
198         </Control>
199         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
200           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
201         </Control>
202         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
203         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
204         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="30" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
205           <Text>The [Wizard] will continue installation of [ProductName] on your computer.  Click Next to continue or Cancel to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
206         </Control>
207         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
208         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
209           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Welcome back to the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
210         </Control>
211       </Dialog>
212       <Dialog Id="CustomizeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes" TrackDiskSpace="yes">
213         <Control Id="Tree" Type="SelectionTree" X="25" Y="85" Width="175" Height="95" Property="_BrowseProperty" Sunken="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="Tree of selections" />
214         <Control Id="Browse" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="200" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Browse]">
215           <Publish Event="SelectionBrowse" Value="BrowseDlg">1</Publish>
216           <Condition Action="hide">Installed</Condition>
217         </Control>
218         <Control Id="Reset" Type="PushButton" X="42" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Reset]">
219           <Publish Event="Reset" Value="0">1</Publish>
220           <Subscribe Event="SelectionNoItems" Attribute="Enabled" />
221         </Control>
222         <Control Id="DiskCost" Type="PushButton" X="111" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17">
223           <Text>Disk &amp;Usage</Text>
224           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="DiskCostDlg">1</Publish>
225           <Subscribe Event="SelectionNoItems" Attribute="Enabled" />
226         </Control>
227         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
228           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="MaintenanceTypeDlg">InstallMode = "Change"</Publish>
229           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="SetupTypeDlg">InstallMode = "Custom"</Publish>
230         </Control>
231         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
232           <?ifndef BinsOnly ?>
233           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">
234             <![CDATA[ &feaClient = 3 AND NOT ((&feaServer=3 OR (!feaServer=3 AND &feaServer<1)) AND (&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3) OR &feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3) )) AND NOT SAVED_CONFIG ]]>
235           </Publish>
236           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">
237             <![CDATA[ &feaClient = 3 AND NOT ((&feaServer=3 OR (!feaServer=3 AND &feaServer<1)) AND (&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3) OR &feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3) )) AND SAVED_CONFIG ]]>
238           </Publish>
239           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">
240             <![CDATA[ &feaClient <> 3 AND NOT ((&feaServer=3 OR (!feaServer=3 AND &feaServer<1)) AND (&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3) OR &feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3) ))]]>
241           </Publish>
242           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="AddServerDepsDlg">
243             <![CDATA[ ((&feaServer=3 OR (!feaServer=3 AND &feaServer<1)) AND (&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3) OR &feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3) )) ]]>
244           </Publish>
245           <?else?>
246           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
247           <?endif?>
248           <Subscribe Event="SelectionNoItems" Attribute="Enabled" />
249         </Control>
250         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
251           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
252         </Control>
253         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
254         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
255           <Text>Select the way you want features to be installed.</Text>
256         </Control>
257         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="55" Width="320" Height="20">
258           <Text>Click on the icons in the tree below to change the way features will be installed.</Text>
259         </Control>
260         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
261         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
262         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
263           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Custom Setup</Text>
264         </Control>
265         <Control Id="Box" Type="GroupBox" X="210" Y="81" Width="140" Height="98" />
266         <Control Id="ItemDescription" Type="Text" X="215" Y="90" Width="131" Height="40">
267           <Text>Multiline description of the currently selected item.</Text>
268           <Subscribe Event="SelectionDescription" Attribute="Text" />
269         </Control>
270         <Control Id="ItemSize" Type="Text" X="215" Y="135" Width="131" Height="40">
271           <Text>The size of the currently selected item.</Text>
272           <Subscribe Event="SelectionSize" Attribute="Text" />
273         </Control>
274         <Control Id="Location" Type="Text" X="75" Y="200" Width="215" Height="20">
275           <Text>&lt;The selection's path&gt;</Text>
276           <Subscribe Event="SelectionPath" Attribute="Text" />
277           <Subscribe Event="SelectionPathOn" Attribute="Visible" />
278           <Condition Action="hide">Installed</Condition>
279         </Control>
280         <Control Id="LocationLabel" Type="Text" X="25" Y="200" Width="50" Height="10" Text="Location:">
281           <Subscribe Event="SelectionPathOn" Attribute="Visible" />
282           <Condition Action="hide">Installed</Condition>
283         </Control>
284       </Dialog>
286       <?ifndef BinsOnly ?>
287       <Dialog Id="AddServerDepsDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes" TrackDiskSpace="yes">
288         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
289           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
290         </Control>
291         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
292           <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaClient"><![CDATA[&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3)]]></Publish>
293           <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaControlCenter"><![CDATA[&feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3)]]></Publish>
294           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">
295             <![CDATA[ &feaClient = 3 AND NOT SAVED_CONFIG ]]>
296           </Publish>
297           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">
298             <![CDATA[ &feaClient = 3 AND SAVED_CONFIG ]]>
299           </Publish>
300           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">
301             <![CDATA[ &feaClient <> 3 ]]>
302           </Publish>
303           <Subscribe Event="SelectionNoItems" Attribute="Enabled" />
304         </Control>
305         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
306         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
307           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">1</Publish>
308         </Control>
309         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
310           <Text>Dependencies of the OpenAFS Server</Text>
311         </Control>
312         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="70" Width="320" Height="30">
313           <Text>The OpenAFS Server component requires the following component(s) which are currently not set to be installed.  Click Next to add these components or click Back to review your selections.</Text>
314         </Control>
315         <Control Id="ClientIcon" Type="Icon" X="25" Y="110" Width="32" Height="32" IconSize="32" Text="[CustomSetupIcon]" Hidden="yes">
316           <Condition Action="show"><![CDATA[&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3)]]></Condition>
317         </Control>
318         <Control Id="ClientText" Type="Text" X="60" Y="117" Width="200" Height="15" Hidden="yes" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
319           <Text>OpenAFS Client</Text>
320           <Condition Action="show"><![CDATA[&feaClient=2 OR (&feaClient<>3 AND !feaClient<>3)]]></Condition>
321         </Control>
322         <Control Id="CCIcon" Type="Icon" X="25" Y="150" Width="32" Height="32" IconSize="32" Text="[CustomSetupIcon]" Hidden="yes">
323           <Condition Action="show"><![CDATA[&feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3)]]></Condition>
324         </Control>
325         <Control Id="CCText" Type="Text" X="60" Y="157" Width="200" Height="15" Hidden="yes" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
326           <Text>OpenAFS Control Center</Text>
327           <Condition Action="show"><![CDATA[&feaControlCenter=2 OR (&feaControlCenter<>3 AND !feaControlCenter<>3)]]></Condition>
328         </Control>
329         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
330         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
331         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
332           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Server Dependencies</Text>
333         </Control>
334       </Dialog>
335       <?endif?>
337       <Dialog Id="DiskCostDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
338         <Control Id="OK" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_OK]">
339           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
340         </Control>
341         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
342         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="20" Y="20" Width="280" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
343           <Text>The disk space required for the installation of the selected features.</Text>
344         </Control>
345         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="20" Y="53" Width="330" Height="40">
346           <Text>The highlighted volumes (if any) do not have enough disk space available for the currently selected features.  You can either remove some files from the highlighted volumes, or choose to install less features onto local drive(s), or select different destination drive(s).</Text>
347         </Control>
348         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
349         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
350         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
351           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Disk Space Requirements</Text>
352         </Control>
353         <Control Id="VolumeList" Type="VolumeCostList" X="20" Y="100" Width="330" Height="120" Sunken="yes" Fixed="yes" Remote="yes">
354           <Text>{120}{70}{70}{70}{70}</Text>
355         </Control>
356       </Dialog>
357       <Dialog Id="ErrorDlg" Y="10" Width="270" Height="105" Title="Installer Information" ErrorDialog="yes" NoMinimize="yes">
358         <Control Id="ErrorText" Type="Text" X="48" Y="15" Width="205" Height="60" TabSkip="no" Text="Information text" />
359         <Control Id="Y" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Yes]">
360           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorYes">1</Publish>
361         </Control>
362         <Control Id="A" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
363           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorAbort">1</Publish>
364         </Control>
365         <Control Id="C" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
366           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorCancel">1</Publish>
367         </Control>
368         <Control Id="ErrorIcon" Type="Icon" X="15" Y="15" Width="24" Height="24" ToolTip="Information icon" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[InfoIcon]" />
369         <Control Id="I" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Ignore]">
370           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorIgnore">1</Publish>
371         </Control>
372         <Control Id="N" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_No]">
373           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorNo">1</Publish>
374         </Control>
375         <Control Id="O" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_OK]">
376           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorOk">1</Publish>
377         </Control>
378         <Control Id="R" Type="PushButton" X="100" Y="80" Width="56" Height="17" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Retry]">
379           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="ErrorRetry">1</Publish>
380         </Control>
381       </Dialog>
382       <Dialog Id="ExitDialog" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
383         <Control Id="Finish" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Finish]">
384           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
385         </Control>
386         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]" />
387         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
388         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
389         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
390           <Text>Click the Finish button to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
391         </Control>
392         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
393         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
394           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Completing the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
395         </Control>
396       </Dialog>
397       <Dialog Id="FatalError" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
398         <Control Id="Finish" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Finish]">
399           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Exit">1</Publish>
400         </Control>
401         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]" />
402         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
403         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
404         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
405         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
406           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}[ProductName] [Wizard] ended prematurely</Text>
407         </Control>
408         <Control Id="Description1" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="40" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
409           <Text>[ProductName] setup ended prematurely because of an error.  Your system has not been modified.  To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again.</Text>
410         </Control>
411         <Control Id="Description2" Type="Text" X="135" Y="115" Width="220" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
412           <Text>Click the Finish button to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
413         </Control>
414       </Dialog>
415       <Dialog Id="FilesInUse" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes" KeepModeless="yes">
416         <Control Id="Retry" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Retry]">
417           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Retry">1</Publish>
418         </Control>
419         <Control Id="Ignore" Type="PushButton" X="235" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Ignore]">
420           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Ignore">1</Publish>
421         </Control>
422         <Control Id="Exit" Type="PushButton" X="166" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Exit]">
423           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Exit">1</Publish>
424         </Control>
425         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
426         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="20" Y="23" Width="280" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
427           <Text>Some files that need to be updated are currently in use.</Text>
428         </Control>
429         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="20" Y="55" Width="330" Height="30">
430           <Text>The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these applications and then click Retry to continue the installation or Cancel to exit it.</Text>
431         </Control>
432         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
433         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
434         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
435           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Files in Use</Text>
436         </Control>
437         <Control Id="List" Type="ListBox" X="20" Y="87" Width="330" Height="130" Property="FileInUseProcess" Sunken="yes" TabSkip="yes" />
438       </Dialog>
439       <Dialog Id="LicenseAgreementDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] License Agreement" NoMinimize="yes">
440         <Control Id="Buttons" Type="RadioButtonGroup" X="20" Y="187" Width="330" Height="40" Property="IAgree" />
441         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
442           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="WelcomeDlg">1</Publish>
443         </Control>
444         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
445           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="UserRegistrationDlg">IAgree = "yes" AND ShowUserRegistrationDlg = 1</Publish>
446           <Publish Event="SpawnWaitDialog" Value="WaitForCostingDlg">CostingComplete = 1</Publish>
447           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RemovePreviousDlg">IAgree = "yes" AND ShowUserRegistrationDlg &lt;&gt; 1 AND (IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE OR NSISUNINSTALL &lt;&gt; "")</Publish>
448           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="SetupTypeDlg">IAgree = "yes" AND ShowUserRegistrationDlg &lt;&gt; 1 AND NOT (IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE OR NSISUNINSTALL &lt;&gt; "")</Publish>
449           <Condition Action="disable">IAgree &lt;&gt; "yes"</Condition>
450           <Condition Action="enable">IAgree = "yes"</Condition>
451         </Control>
452         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
453           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
454         </Control>
455         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
456         <Control Id="AgreementText" Type="ScrollableText" X="20" Y="60" Width="330" Height="120" Sunken="yes" TabSkip="no">
457           <Text src="licenses.rtf"></Text>
458         </Control>
459         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
460           <Text>Please read the following license agreement carefully</Text>
461         </Control>
462         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
463         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
464         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
465           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]End-User License Agreement</Text>
466         </Control>
467       </Dialog>
468       <Dialog Id="MaintenanceTypeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
469         <Control Id="ChangeLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="65" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
470           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]&amp;Modify</Text>
471         </Control>
472         <Control Id="ChangeButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="65" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Modify Installation" Default="yes" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[CustomSetupIcon]">
473           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Change">1</Publish>
474           <Publish Property="Progress1" Value="Changing">1</Publish>
475           <Publish Property="Progress2" Value="changes">1</Publish>
476           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">1</Publish>
477         </Control>
478         <Control Id="RepairLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="114" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
479           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Re&amp;pair</Text>
480         </Control>
481         <Control Id="RepairButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="114" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Repair Installation" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[RepairIcon]">
482           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Repair">1</Publish>
483           <Publish Property="Progress1" Value="Repairing">1</Publish>
484           <Publish Property="Progress2" Value="repaires">1</Publish>
485           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyRepairDlg">1</Publish>
486         </Control>
487         <Control Id="RemoveLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="163" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
488           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]&amp;Remove</Text>
489         </Control>
490         <Control Id="RemoveButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="163" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Remove Installation" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[RemoveIcon]">
491           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Remove">1</Publish>
492           <Publish Property="Progress1" Value="Removing">1</Publish>
493           <Publish Property="Progress2" Value="removes">1</Publish>
494           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyRemoveDlg">1</Publish>
495         </Control>
496         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
497           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="MaintenanceWelcomeDlg">1</Publish>
498         </Control>
499         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]" />
500         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
501           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
502         </Control>
503         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
504         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
505           <Text>Select the operation you wish to perform.</Text>
506         </Control>
507         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
508         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
509         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="240" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
510           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Modify, Repair or Remove installation</Text>
511         </Control>
512         <Control Id="ChangeText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="78" Width="230" Height="20">
513           <Text>Allows users to change the way features are installed.</Text>
514         </Control>
515         <Control Id="RemoveText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="176" Width="230" Height="20">
516           <Text>Removes [ProductName] from your computer.</Text>
517         </Control>
518         <Control Id="RepairText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="127" Width="230" Height="30">
519           <Text>Repairs errors in the most recent installation state - fixes missing or corrupt files, shortcuts and registry entries.</Text>
520         </Control>
521       </Dialog>
522       <Dialog Id="MaintenanceWelcomeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
523         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
524           <Publish Event="SpawnWaitDialog" Value="WaitForCostingDlg">CostingComplete = 1</Publish>
525           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="MaintenanceTypeDlg">1</Publish>
526         </Control>
527         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
528           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
529         </Control>
530         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
531         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
532         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
533           <Text>The [Wizard] will allow you to change the way [ProductName] features are installed on your computer or even to remove [ProductName] from your computer.  Click Next to continue or Cancel to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
534         </Control>
535         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
536         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
537           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Welcome to the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
538         </Control>
539       </Dialog>
540       <Dialog Id="OutOfDiskDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
541         <Control Id="OK" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_OK]">
542           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
543         </Control>
544         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
545         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="20" Y="20" Width="280" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
546           <Text>Disk space required for the installation exceeds available disk space.</Text>
547         </Control>
548         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="20" Y="53" Width="330" Height="40">
549           <Text>The highlighted volumes do not have enough disk space available for the currently selected features.  You can either remove some files from the highlighted volumes, or choose to install less features onto local drive(s), or select different destination drive(s).</Text>
550         </Control>
551         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
552         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
553         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
554           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Out of Disk Space</Text>
555         </Control>
556         <Control Id="VolumeList" Type="VolumeCostList" X="20" Y="100" Width="330" Height="120" Sunken="yes" Fixed="yes" Remote="yes">
557           <Text>{120}{70}{70}{70}{70}</Text>
558         </Control>
559       </Dialog>
560       <Dialog Id="OutOfRbDiskDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
561         <Control Id="no" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_No]">
562           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
563         </Control>
564         <Control Id="yes" Type="PushButton" X="240" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Yes]">
565           <Publish Event="EnableRollback" Value="False">1</Publish>
566           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">1</Publish>
567         </Control>
568         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
569         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="20" Y="20" Width="280" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
570           <Text>Disk space required for the installation exceeds available disk space.</Text>
571         </Control>
572         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="20" Y="53" Width="330" Height="40">
573           <Text>The highlighted volumes do not have enough disk space available for the currently selected features.  You can either remove some files from the highlighted volumes, or choose to install less features onto local drive(s), or select different destination drive(s).</Text>
574         </Control>
575         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
576         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
577         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
578           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Out of Disk Space</Text>
579         </Control>
580         <Control Id="VolumeList" Type="VolumeCostList" X="20" Y="140" Width="330" Height="80" Sunken="yes" Fixed="yes" Remote="yes" ShowRollbackCost="yes">
581           <Text>{120}{70}{70}{70}{70}</Text>
582         </Control>
583         <Control Id="Text2" Type="Text" X="20" Y="94" Width="330" Height="40">
584           <Text>Alternatively, you may choose to disable the installer's rollback functionality.  This allows the installer to restore your computer's original state should the installation be interrupted in any way.  Click yes if you wish to take the risk to disable rollback.</Text>
585         </Control>
586       </Dialog>
587       <Dialog Id="PrepareDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" Modeless="yes">
588         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
589           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
590         </Control>
591         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
592         <Control Id="ActionText" Type="Text" X="135" Y="100" Width="220" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
593           <Subscribe Event="ActionText" Attribute="Text" />
594         </Control>
595         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
596           <Text>Please wait while the [Wizard] prepares to guide you through the installation.</Text>
597         </Control>
598         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
599         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
600           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Welcome to the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
601         </Control>
602         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
603         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" TabSkip="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]" />
604         <Control Id="ActionData" Type="Text" X="135" Y="125" Width="220" Height="30" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
605           <Subscribe Event="ActionData" Attribute="Text" />
606         </Control>
607       </Dialog>
608       <Dialog Id="ProgressDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" Modeless="yes">
609         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
610           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
611         </Control>
612         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
613         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
614         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]" />
615         <Control Id="ActionText" Type="Text" X="70" Y="100" Width="265" Height="10">
616           <Subscribe Event="ActionText" Attribute="Text" />
617         </Control>
618         <Control Id="ActionData" Type="Text" X="70" Y="110" Width="265" Height="10">
619           <Subscribe Event="ActionData" Attribute="Text" />
620         </Control>
621         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="35" Y="65" Width="300" Height="20">
622           <Text>Please wait while the [Wizard] [Progress2] [ProductName].  This may take several minutes.</Text>
623         </Control>
624         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
625         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
626         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="20" Y="15" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
627           <Text>[DlgTitleFont][Progress1] [ProductName]</Text>
628         </Control>
629         <Control Id="ProgressBar" Type="ProgressBar" X="35" Y="125" Width="300" Height="10" ProgressBlocks="yes" Text="Progress done">
630           <Subscribe Event="SetProgress" Attribute="Progress" />
631         </Control>
632         <Control Id="StatusLabel" Type="Text" X="35" Y="100" Width="35" Height="10" Text="Status:" />
633       </Dialog>
634       <Dialog Id="RemovePreviousDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
635         <Control Id="Confirm" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="Confirm">
636           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="SetupTypeDlg">1</Publish>
637         </Control>
638         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
639           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
640         </Control>
641         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
642         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
643           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="LicenseAgreementDlg">ShowUserRegistrationDlg &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
644           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="UserRegistrationDlg">ShowUserRegistrationDlg = 1</Publish>
645         </Control>
646         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
647           <Text>Other versions of [ProductName] need to be removed.</Text>
648         </Control>
649         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="70" Width="320" Height="45">
650           <Text>Click Confirm to uninstall the following version of AFS installed on this computer.  Installation of [ProductName] cannot continue unless this program is removed.</Text>
651         </Control>
652         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
653         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
654         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
655           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Uninstall previous versions</Text>
656         </Control>
657         <Control Id="RemoveIcon" Type="Icon" X="25" Y="130" Width="32" Height="32" IconSize="32" Text="[RemoveIcon]" />
658         <Control Id="RemoveProductIBM" Type="Text" X="60" Y="146" Width="200" Height="15" Hidden="yes" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
659           <Text>IBM AFS : Product code [IBMAFS_UPGRADE]</Text>
660           <Condition Action="show">IBMAFS_UPGRADE</Condition>
661         </Control>
662         <Control Id="RemoveProductOpen" Type="Text" X="60" Y="146" Width="200" Height="15" Hidden="yes" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
663           <Text>OpenAFS : Product code [OPENAFS_UPGRADE]</Text>
664           <Condition Action="show">OPENAFS_UPGRADE</Condition>
665         </Control>
666         <Control Id="RemoveProductOpenNSIS" Type="Text" X="60" Y="146" Width="200" Height="15" Hidden="yes" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
667           <Text>OpenAFS (NSIS installer): [NSISVERSION]</Text>
668           <Condition Action="show">NSISUNINSTALL &lt;&gt; ""</Condition>
669         </Control>
670       </Dialog>
671       <Dialog Id="ResumeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
672         <Control Id="Install" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Install]">
673           <Publish Event="SpawnWaitDialog" Value="WaitForCostingDlg">CostingComplete = 1</Publish>
674           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
675           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfRbDiskDlg">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND (PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="P" OR NOT PROMPTROLLBACKCOST)</Publish>
676           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
677           <Publish Event="EnableRollback" Value="False">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
678           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfDiskDlg">(OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 1) OR (OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="F")</Publish>
679         </Control>
680         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
681           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
682         </Control>
683         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
684         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
685         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="30" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
686           <Text>The [Wizard] will complete the installation of [ProductName] on your computer.  Click Install to continue or Cancel to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
687         </Control>
688         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
689         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
690           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Resuming the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
691         </Control>
692       </Dialog>
693       <?ifndef BinsOnly?>
694       <Dialog Id="SetupTypeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
696         <Control Id="TypicalIFSLabel" Type="Text" X="85" Y="79" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
697           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]&amp;IFS Based Client</Text>
698         </Control>
699         <Control Id="TypicalIFSText" Type="Text" X="85" Y="92" Width="230" Height="20">
700           <Text>Installs the OpenAFS Client as an installable file system driver.  This is more robust than the SMB interface.</Text>
701         </Control>
702         <Control Id="TypicalIFSButton" Type="PushButton" X="40" Y="77" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="IFS Based Client Installation" Default="yes" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[InstallerIcon]">
703           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Typical">1</Publish>
704           <Publish Event="SetInstallLevel" Value="100">1</Publish>
705           <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaClientDriver">1</Publish>
706           <?ifdef DebugSyms?>
707           <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaClientDriverDebug">$(var.DebugSymLowLevel) &lt; 100</Publish>
708           <?endif?>
709           <Publish Event="Remove" Value="feaLoopback">1</Publish>
710           <Publish Event="Remove" Value="feaAfsCreds">1</Publish>
711           <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaAfsConfig">USEAFSCONFIG &lt;&gt; 0</Publish>
712           <?ifdef DebugSyms?>
713           <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaAfsConfigDebug">USEAFSCONFIG &lt;&gt; 0 And $(var.DebugSymLowLevel) &lt; 100</Publish>
714           <Publish Event="Remove" Value="feaAfsCredsDebug">1</Publish>
715           <?endif?>
716           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">1</Publish>
717         </Control>
719         <Control Id="CustomLabel" Type="Text" X="85" Y="122" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
720           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]C&amp;ustom</Text>
721         </Control>
722         <Control Id="CustomText" Type="Text" X="85" Y="135" Width="230" Height="30">
723           <Text>Choose which individual components you want to install.  This option is only recommended for advanced users.</Text>
724         </Control>
725         <Control Id="CustomButton" Type="PushButton" X="40" Y="120" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Custom Installation" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[CustomSetupIcon]">
726           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Custom">1</Publish>
727           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">1</Publish>
728         </Control>
730         <Control Id="CompleteLabel" Type="Text" X="85" Y="164" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
731           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]C&amp;omplete</Text>
732         </Control>
733         <Control Id="CompleteText" Type="Text" X="85" Y="177" Width="230" Height="20">
734           <Text>Installs the OpenAFS Client, Server and Control Center utilities.  The Client installation will use the IFS interface.</Text>
735         </Control>
736         <Control Id="CompleteButton" Type="PushButton" X="40" Y="162" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Complete Installation" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[CompleteSetupIcon]">
737           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Complete">1</Publish>
738           <Publish Event="SetInstallLevel" Value="1000">1</Publish>
739           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">1</Publish>
740         </Control>
742         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
743           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="LicenseAgreementDlg">ShowUserRegistrationDlg &lt;&gt; 1 AND NOT (IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE)</Publish>
744           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="UserRegistrationDlg">ShowUserRegistrationDlg = 1 AND NOT (IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE)</Publish>
745           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RemovePreviousDlg">IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE OR NSISUNINSTALL &lt;&gt; ""</Publish>
746         </Control>
747         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]" />
748         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
749           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
750         </Control>
751         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
752         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
753           <Text>Choose the setup type that best suits your needs</Text>
754         </Control>
755         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
756         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
757         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
758           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Choose Setup Type</Text>
759         </Control>
760       </Dialog>
761       <?else?> <!-- BinsOnly -->
762       <Dialog Id="SetupTypeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
763         <Control Id="TypicalLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="65" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
764           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]&amp;Typical</Text>
765         </Control>
766         <Control Id="TypicalButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="65" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Typical Installation" Default="yes" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[InstallerIcon]">
767           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Typical">1</Publish>
768           <Publish Event="SetInstallLevel" Value="100">1</Publish>
769           <?ifndef BinsOnly?>
770           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">NOT SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
771           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
772           <?else?>
773           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
774           <?endif?>
775         </Control>
776         <Control Id="CustomLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="118" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
777           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]C&amp;ustom</Text>
778         </Control>
779         <Control Id="CustomButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="118" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Custom Installation" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[CustomSetupIcon]">
780           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Custom">1</Publish>
781           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">1</Publish>
782         </Control>
783         <Control Id="CompleteLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="171" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
784           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]C&amp;omplete</Text>
785         </Control>
786         <Control Id="CompleteButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="171" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Complete Installation" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[CompleteSetupIcon]">
787           <Publish Property="InstallMode" Value="Complete">1</Publish>
788           <Publish Event="SetInstallLevel" Value="1000">1</Publish>
789           <?ifndef BinsOnly ?>
790           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">NOT SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
791           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
792           <?else?>
793           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
794           <?endif?>
795         </Control>
796         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
797           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="LicenseAgreementDlg">ShowUserRegistrationDlg &lt;&gt; 1 AND NOT (IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE)</Publish>
798           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="UserRegistrationDlg">ShowUserRegistrationDlg = 1 AND NOT (IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE)</Publish>
799           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RemovePreviousDlg">IBMAFS_UPGRADE OR OPENAFS_UPGRADE OR NSISUNINSTALL &lt;&gt; ""</Publish>
800         </Control>
801         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]" />
802         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
803           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
804         </Control>
805         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
806         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
807           <Text>Choose the setup type that best suits your needs</Text>
808         </Control>
809         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
810         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
811         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
812           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Choose Setup Type</Text>
813         </Control>
814         <Control Id="CompleteText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="184" Width="230" Height="20">
815           <Text>All program features will be installed.  (Requires most disk space)</Text>
816         </Control>
817         <Control Id="CustomText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="131" Width="230" Height="30">
818           <Text>Allows users to choose which program features will be installed and where they will be installed. Recommended for advanced users.</Text>
819         </Control>
820         <Control Id="TypicalText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="78" Width="230" Height="20">
821           <Text>Installs the most common program features. Recommended for most users.</Text>
822         </Control>
823       </Dialog>
824       <?endif?> <!-- BinsOnly -->
826       <?ifndef BinsOnly ?>
828       <Dialog Id="RestoreConfigDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
829         <Control Id="RestoreLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="65" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
830           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]&amp;Restore</Text>
831         </Control>
832         <Control Id="RestoreButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="65" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="Restore saved settings" Default="yes" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[RestoreIcon]">
833           <Publish Property="RESTORE_CONFIG" Value="1">1</Publish>
834           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
835         </Control>
836         <Control Id="NewSettingsLabel" Type="Text" X="105" Y="118" Width="100" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
837           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]&amp;New settings</Text>
838         </Control>
839         <Control Id="NewSettingsButton" Type="PushButton" X="50" Y="118" Width="38" Height="38" ToolTip="New settings" Icon="yes" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[NewSettingsIcon]">
840           <Publish Property="RESTORE_CONFIG">1</Publish>
841           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">1</Publish>
842         </Control>
843         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
844           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">InstallMode &lt;&gt; "Typical" AND InstallMode &lt;&gt; "Complete"</Publish>
845           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="SetupTypeDlg">InstallMode = "Typical" OR InstallMode = "Complete"</Publish>
846         </Control>
847         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]" />
848         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
849           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
850         </Control>
851         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
852         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
853           <Text>Configuration settings from a previous OpenAFS installation are available.</Text>
854         </Control>
855         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
856         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
857         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
858           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Preserve configuration?</Text>
859         </Control>
860         <Control Id="CustomText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="131" Width="230" Height="30">
861           <Text>Specify new settings.  Basic settings can be set via this installer.  All others will be reset to defaults.</Text>
862         </Control>
863         <Control Id="TypicalText" Type="Text" X="105" Y="78" Width="230" Height="20">
864           <Text>Use the existing or saved configuration.</Text>
865         </Control>
866       </Dialog>
868       <Dialog Id="ConfigClientDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
869         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
870           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">InstallMode &lt;&gt; "Typical" AND InstallMode &lt;&gt; "Complete" AND NOT SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
871           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="SetupTypeDlg">( InstallMode = "Typical" OR InstallMode = "Complete" ) AND NOT SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
872           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">SAVED_CONFIG</Publish>
873         </Control>
874         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
875           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigCredsDlg">&amp;feaAfsCreds = 3</Publish>
876           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">&amp;feaAfsCreds &lt;&gt; 3</Publish>
877         </Control>
878         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
879           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
880         </Control>
881         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
882         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
883           <Text>Choose the configuration options for the OpenAFS client.</Text>
884         </Control>
885         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
886         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
887         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
888           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Configure AFS Client</Text>
889         </Control>
890         <Control Id="CellLabel" Type="Text"                     X="45"  Y="73"  Width="100" Height="15" TabSkip="no" Text="Default &amp;Cell" />
891         <Control Id="CellEdit" Type="Edit"                      X="150" Y="73"  Width="115" Height="18" Property="AFSCELLNAME" Text="{255}" />
892         <Control Id="LogonOptionsLabel" Type="Text"             X="45"  Y="100" Width="100" Height="15" Text="Integrated logon" />
893         <Control Id="LogonOptionSel" Type="RadioButtonGroup"    X="150" Y="100" Width="120" Height="20" Property="LOGONOPTIONS" />
894         <Control Id="SecurityLevelLabel" Type="Text"            X="45"  Y="120" Width="100" Height="15" Text="AFS crypt security" />
895         <Control Id="SecurityLevelSel" Type="RadioButtonGroup"  X="150" Y="120" Width="120" Height="20" Property="SECURITYLEVEL" />
896         <Control Id="FreelanceLabel" Type="Text"                X="45"  Y="140" Width="100" Height="15" Text="Freelance mode" />
897         <Control Id="FreelanceSel" Type="RadioButtonGroup"      X="150" Y="140" Width="120" Height="20" Property="FREELANCEMODE" />
898         <Control Id="DNSLabel" Type="Text"                      X="45"  Y="160" Width="100" Height="15" Text="Lookup cells in DNS" />
899         <Control Id="DNSSel" Type="RadioButtonGroup"            X="150" Y="160" Width="120" Height="20" Property="USEDNS" />
900       </Dialog>
901       <RadioButtonGroup Property="SECURITYLEVEL">
902                 <RadioButton X="5" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Disable" Value="0"></RadioButton>
903                 <RadioButton X="65" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Enable" Value="1"></RadioButton>
904       </RadioButtonGroup>
905       <RadioButtonGroup Property="FREELANCEMODE">
906                 <RadioButton X="5" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Disable" Value="0"></RadioButton>
907                 <RadioButton X="65" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Enable" Value="1"></RadioButton>
908       </RadioButtonGroup>
909       <RadioButtonGroup Property="USEDNS">
910                 <RadioButton X="5" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Disable" Value="0"></RadioButton>
911                 <RadioButton X="65" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Enable" Value="1"></RadioButton>
912       </RadioButtonGroup>
913       <RadioButtonGroup Property="LOGONOPTIONS">
914                 <RadioButton X="5" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Disable" Value="0"></RadioButton>
915                 <RadioButton X="65" Y="0" Width="55" Height="15" Text="Enable" Value="1"></RadioButton>
916       </RadioButtonGroup>
918       <Dialog Id="ConfigCredsDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
919         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
920           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigClientDlg">1</Publish>
921         </Control>
922         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
923                         <Publish Event="AddLocal" Value="feaCredsStartup">CREDSSTARTUP = "1"</Publish>
924                         <Publish Event="Remove" Value="feaCredsStartup">CREDSSTARTUP &lt;&gt; "1"</Publish>
925                         <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
926         </Control>
927         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
928           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
929         </Control>
930         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
931         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
932           <Text>Choose the configuration options for AFS credentials.</Text>
933         </Control>
934         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
935         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
936         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
937           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Options for AFS Credentials</Text>
938         </Control>
939         <Control Id="CredStartLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="53" Width="295" Height="15" TabSkip="yes" Text="Startup options for AFS Credentials" />
940         <Control Id="CredStartup" Type="CheckBox" X="50" Y="73" Width="300" Height="15" Property="CREDSSTARTUP" CheckBoxValue="1" Text="Start AFS Credentials at startup" />
941         <Control Id="CredCommandLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="93" Width="295" Height="15" TabSkip="yes" Text="Command line options for AFS Credentials" />
942         <Control Id="CredAutoInit" Type="CheckBox" X="50" Y="113" Width="300" Height="15" Property="CREDSAUTOINIT" CheckBoxValue="-a" Text="Auto initialize AFS Credentials" />
943         <Control Id="CredRenew" Type="CheckBox" X="50" Y="133" Width="300" Height="15" Property="CREDSRENEWDRMAP" CheckBoxValue="-m" Text="Renew drive maps" />
944         <Control Id="CredIPCg" Type="CheckBox" X="50" Y="153" Width="300" Height="15" Property="CREDSIPCHDET" CheckBoxValue="-n" Text="Detect IP address changes" />
945         <Control Id="CredQuiet" Type="CheckBox" X="50" Y="173" Width="300" Height="15" Property="CREDSQUIET" CheckBoxValue="-q" Text="Quiet mode" />
946         <Control Id="CredShow" Type="CheckBox" X="50" Y="193" Width="300" Height="15" Property="CREDSSHOW" CheckBoxValue="-s" Text="Show credentials window on startup" />
947       </Dialog>
948       <?endif?>                 <!-- ifndef BinsOnly -->
950       <Dialog Id="UserExit" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
951         <Control Id="Finish" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Finish]">
952           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Exit">1</Publish>
953         </Control>
954         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]" />
955         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
956         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
957         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
958         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
959           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}[ProductName] [Wizard] was interrupted</Text>
960         </Control>
961         <Control Id="Description1" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="40" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
962           <Text>[ProductName] setup was interrupted.  Your system has not been modified.  To install or modify this program at a later time, please run the installation again.</Text>
963         </Control>
964         <Control Id="Description2" Type="Text" X="135" Y="115" Width="220" Height="20" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
965           <Text>Click the Finish button to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
966         </Control>
967       </Dialog>
968       <Dialog Id="UserRegistrationDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
969         <Control Id="NameLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="73" Width="100" Height="15" TabSkip="no" Text="&amp;User Name:" />
970         <Control Id="NameEdit" Type="Edit" X="45" Y="85" Width="220" Height="18" Property="USERNAME" Text="{80}" />
971         <Control Id="OrganizationLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="110" Width="100" Height="15" TabSkip="no" Text="&amp;Organization:" />
972         <Control Id="OrganizationEdit" Type="Edit" X="45" Y="122" Width="220" Height="18" Property="COMPANYNAME" Text="{80}" />
973         <Control Id="CDKeyLabel" Type="Text" X="45" Y="147" Width="50" Height="10" TabSkip="no">
974           <Text>CD &amp;Key:</Text>
975         </Control>
976         <Control Id="CDKeyEdit" Type="MaskedEdit" X="45" Y="159" Width="250" Height="16" Property="PIDKEY" Text="[PIDTemplate]" />
977         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
978           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="LicenseAgreementDlg">1</Publish>
979         </Control>
980         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
981           <Publish Event="ValidateProductID" Value="0">0</Publish>
982           <Publish Event="SpawnWaitDialog" Value="WaitForCostingDlg">CostingComplete = 1</Publish>
983           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RemovePreviousDlg">ProductID</Publish>
984         </Control>
985         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
986           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
987         </Control>
988         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
989         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
990           <Text>Please enter your customer information</Text>
991         </Control>
992         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
993         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
994         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
995           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Customer Information</Text>
996         </Control>
997       </Dialog>
998       <Dialog Id="VerifyReadyDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes" TrackDiskSpace="yes">
999         <Control Id="Install" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Install]">
1000           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
1001           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfRbDiskDlg">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND (PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="P" OR NOT PROMPTROLLBACKCOST)</Publish>
1002           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
1003           <Publish Event="EnableRollback" Value="False">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
1004           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfDiskDlg">(OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 1) OR (OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="F")</Publish>
1005         </Control>
1006         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
1007           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
1008         </Control>
1009         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
1010         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
1011           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="AdminInstallPointDlg">InstallMode = "Server Image"</Publish>
1012           <?ifndef BinsOnly ?>
1013           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">(InstallMode = "Custom" OR InstallMode = "Change") AND &amp;feaClient &lt;&gt; 3</Publish>
1014           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigCredsDlg">(InstallMode = "Custom" OR InstallMode = "Change") AND &amp;feaClient = 3 AND NOT RESTORE_CONFIG</Publish>
1015           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="ConfigCredsDlg">(InstallMode = "Typical" OR InstallMode = "Complete") AND NOT RESTORE_CONFIG</Publish>
1016           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">(InstallMode = "Custom" OR InstallMode = "Change") AND &amp;feaClient = 3 AND RESTORE_CONFIG</Publish>
1017           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="RestoreConfigDlg">(InstallMode = "Typical" OR InstallMode = "Complete") AND RESTORE_CONFIG</Publish>
1018           <?else?>
1019           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="CustomizeDlg">InstallMode = "Custom" OR InstallMode = "Change"</Publish>
1020           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="SetupTypeDlg">InstallMode = "Typical" OR InstallMode = "Complete"</Publish>
1021           <?endif?>
1022           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="MaintenanceTypeDlg">InstallMode = "Repair"</Publish>
1023         </Control>
1024         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1025           <Text>The [Wizard] is ready to begin the [InstallMode] installation</Text>
1026         </Control>
1027         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="70" Width="320" Height="20">
1028           <Text>Click Install to begin the installation.  If you want to review or change any of your installation settings, click Back.  Click Cancel to exit the wizard.</Text>
1029         </Control>
1031         <?ifdef Debug?>
1032         <Control Id="C0" Type="Text" X="25" Y="100" Width="100" Height="10" Text="OpenAFS Client">
1033           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaClient <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1034         </Control>
1035         <Control Id="C1" Type="Text" X="50" Y="110" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Loopback adapter">
1036           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaLoopback <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1037         </Control>
1038         <Control Id="C2" Type="Text" X="50" Y="120" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Client Redirector">
1039           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaClientDriver <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1040         </Control>
1041         <Control Id="C3" Type="Text" X="75" Y="130" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Client Redirector (DBG)">
1042           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaClientDriverDebug <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1043         </Control>
1044         <Control Id="C4" Type="Text" X="50" Y="140" Width="100" Height="10" Text="AFSCREDS.EXE">
1045           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[  &feaAfsCreds <> 3 ]]></Condition>
1046         </Control>
1047         <Control Id="C5" Type="Text" X="75" Y="150" Width="100" Height="10" Text="AFSCREDS.EXE (DBG)">
1048           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaAfsCredsDebug <> 3]]></Condition>
1049         </Control>
1050         <Control Id="C6" Type="Text" X="75" Y="160" Width="100" Height="10" Text="AFSCREDS Start Menu Shortcut">
1051           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaCredsStartup <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1052         </Control>
1053         <Control Id="C7" Type="Text" X="50" Y="170" Width="100" Height="10" Text="AFS_CONFIG.EXE">
1054           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaAfsConfig <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1055         </Control>
1056         <Control Id="C8" Type="Text" X="75" Y="180" Width="100" Height="10" Text="AFS_CONFIG.EXE (DBG)">
1057           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaAfsConfigDebug <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1058         </Control>
1059         <Control Id="C9" Type="Text" X="50" Y="190" Width="100" Height="10" Text="NIM Plugin">
1060           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaNetIDMgrPlugin <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1061         </Control>
1062         <Control Id="CA" Type="Text" X="75" Y="200" Width="100" Height="10" Text="NIM Plugin (DBG)">
1063           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[  &DebugSyms <> 3 ]]></Condition>
1064         </Control>
1065         <Control Id="CB" Type="Text" X="50" Y="210" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Client (DBG)">
1066           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[  &feaClientDebug <> 3 ]]></Condition>
1067         </Control>
1069         <Control Id="S0" Type="Text" X="180" Y="100" Width="100" Height="10" Text="OpenAFS Server">
1070           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaServer <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1071         </Control>
1072         <Control Id="S1" Type="Text" X="205" Y="110" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Server (DBG)">
1073           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaServerDebug <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1074         </Control>
1075         <Control Id="CC0" Type="Text" X="180" Y="120" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Control Center">
1076           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaControlCenter <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1077         </Control>
1078         <Control Id="CC1" Type="Text" X="205" Y="130" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Control Center (DBG)">
1079           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaControlCenterDebug <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1080         </Control>
1081         <Control Id="SD0" Type="Text" X="180" Y="140" Width="100" Height="10" Text="SDK">
1082           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaSDK <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1083         </Control>
1084         <Control Id="SD1" Type="Text" X="205" Y="150" Width="100" Height="10" Text="SDK (DBG)">
1085           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaSDKDebug <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1086         </Control>
1087         <Control Id="D0" Type="Text" X="180" Y="160" Width="100" Height="10" Text="Admin Documentation">
1088           <Condition Action="disable"><![CDATA[ &feaDocumentation <> 3  ]]></Condition>
1089         </Control>
1090         <?endif?>
1092         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
1093         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
1094         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="200" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1095           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Ready to Install</Text>
1096         </Control>
1097       </Dialog>
1098       <Dialog Id="VerifyRemoveDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes" TrackDiskSpace="yes">
1099         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
1100           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="MaintenanceTypeDlg">1</Publish>
1101         </Control>
1102         <Control Id="Remove" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Remove]">
1103           <Publish Event="Remove" Value="All">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
1104           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
1105           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfRbDiskDlg">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND (PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="P" OR NOT PROMPTROLLBACKCOST)</Publish>
1106           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
1107           <Publish Event="EnableRollback" Value="False">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
1108           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfDiskDlg">(OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 1) OR (OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="F")</Publish>
1109         </Control>
1110         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
1111           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
1112         </Control>
1113         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
1114         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1115           <Text>You have chosen to remove the program from your computer.</Text>
1116         </Control>
1117         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="70" Width="320" Height="30">
1118           <Text>Click Remove to remove [ProductName] from your computer.  If you want to review or change any of your installation settings, click Back.  Click Cancel to exit the wizard.</Text>
1119         </Control>
1120         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
1121         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
1122         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="240" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1123           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Remove OpenAFS for Windows</Text>
1124         </Control>
1125       </Dialog>
1126       <Dialog Id="VerifyRepairDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes" TrackDiskSpace="yes">
1127         <Control Id="Repair" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Repair]">
1128           <Publish Event="ReinstallMode" Value="ecmus">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
1129           <Publish Event="Reinstall" Value="All">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
1130           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace &lt;&gt; 1</Publish>
1131           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfRbDiskDlg">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND (PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="P" OR NOT PROMPTROLLBACKCOST)</Publish>
1132           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Return">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
1133           <Publish Event="EnableRollback" Value="False">OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="D"</Publish>
1134           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="OutOfDiskDlg">(OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 1) OR (OutOfDiskSpace = 1 AND PROMPTROLLBACKCOST="F")</Publish>
1135         </Control>
1136         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
1137           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
1138         </Control>
1139         <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="374" Height="44" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[BannerBitmap]" />
1140         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Text="[ButtonText_Back]">
1141           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="MaintenanceTypeDlg">1</Publish>
1142         </Control>
1143         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1144           <Text>The [Wizard] is ready to begin the repair of [ProductName].</Text>
1145         </Control>
1146         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="25" Y="70" Width="320" Height="30">
1147           <Text>Click Repair to repair the installation of [ProductName].  If you want to review or change any of your installation settings, click Back.  Click Cancel to exit the wizard.</Text>
1148         </Control>
1149         <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" Width="374" Height="0" />
1150         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
1151         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" Width="240" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1152           <Text>[DlgTitleFont]Repair OpenAFS for Windows</Text>
1153         </Control>
1154       </Dialog>
1155       <Dialog Id="WaitForCostingDlg" Y="10" Width="260" Height="85" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
1156         <Control Id="Return" Type="PushButton" X="102" Y="57" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Return]">
1157           <Publish Event="EndDialog" Value="Exit">1</Publish>
1158         </Control>
1159         <Control Id="Text" Type="Text" X="48" Y="15" Width="194" Height="30">
1160           <Text>Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements.</Text>
1161         </Control>
1162         <Control Id="Icon" Type="Icon" X="15" Y="15" Width="24" Height="24" ToolTip="Exclamation icon" FixedSize="yes" IconSize="32" Text="[ExclamationIcon]" />
1163       </Dialog>
1164       <Dialog Id="WelcomeDlg" Width="370" Height="270" Title="[ProductName] [Setup]" NoMinimize="yes">
1165         <Control Id="Next" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Next]">
1166           <Publish Event="NewDialog" Value="LicenseAgreementDlg">1</Publish>
1167         </Control>
1168         <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Cancel="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Cancel]">
1169           <Publish Event="SpawnDialog" Value="CancelDlg">1</Publish>
1170         </Control>
1171         <Control Id="Bitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" Width="370" Height="234" FixedSize="yes" TabSkip="no" Text="[DialogBitmap]" />
1172         <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="243" Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="[ButtonText_Back]" />
1173         <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="135" Y="70" Width="220" Height="30" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1174           <Text>The [Wizard] will install [ProductName] on your computer.  Click Next to continue or Cancel to exit the [Wizard].</Text>
1175         </Control>
1176         <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="234" Width="374" Height="0" />
1177         <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="135" Y="20" Width="220" Height="60" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes">
1178           <Text>{\VerdanaBold13}Welcome to the [ProductName] [Wizard]</Text>
1179         </Control>
1180       </Dialog>
1181       <RadioButtonGroup Property="IAgree">
1182         <RadioButton Text="{\DlgFont8}I &amp;accept the terms in the License Agreement" X="5" Y="0" Width="250" Height="15" Value="yes"></RadioButton>
1183         <RadioButton Text="{\DlgFont8}I &amp;do not accept the terms in the License Agreement" X="5" Y="20" Width="250" Height="15" Value="no"></RadioButton>
1184       </RadioButtonGroup>
1185       <TextStyle Id="DlgFont8" FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" />
1186       <TextStyle Id="DlgFontBold8" FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" Bold="yes" />
1187       <TextStyle Id="VerdanaBold13" FaceName="Verdana" Size="13" Bold="yes" />
1188       <UIText Id="AbsentPath" />
1189       <UIText Id="bytes">bytes</UIText>
1190       <UIText Id="GB">GB</UIText>
1191       <UIText Id="KB">KB</UIText>
1192       <UIText Id="MB">MB</UIText>
1193       <UIText Id="MenuAbsent">Entire feature will be unavailable</UIText>
1194       <UIText Id="MenuAdvertise">Feature will be installed when required</UIText>
1195       <UIText Id="MenuAllCD">Entire feature will be installed to run from CD</UIText>
1196       <UIText Id="MenuAllLocal">Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive</UIText>
1197       <UIText Id="MenuAllNetwork">Entire feature will be installed to run from network</UIText>
1198       <UIText Id="MenuCD">Will be installed to run from CD</UIText>
1199       <UIText Id="MenuLocal">Will be installed on local hard drive</UIText>
1200       <UIText Id="MenuNetwork">Will be installed to run from network</UIText>
1201       <UIText Id="ScriptInProgress">Gathering required information...</UIText>
1202       <UIText Id="SelAbsentAbsent">This feature will remain uninstalled</UIText>
1203       <UIText Id="SelAbsentAdvertise">This feature will be set to be installed when required</UIText>
1204       <UIText Id="SelAbsentCD">This feature will be installed to run from CD</UIText>
1205       <UIText Id="SelAbsentLocal">This feature will be installed on the local hard drive</UIText>
1206       <UIText Id="SelAbsentNetwork">This feature will be installed to run from the network</UIText>
1207       <UIText Id="SelAdvertiseAbsent">This feature will become unavailable</UIText>
1208       <UIText Id="SelAdvertiseAdvertise">Will be installed when required</UIText>
1209       <UIText Id="SelAdvertiseCD">This feature will be available to run from CD</UIText>
1210       <UIText Id="SelAdvertiseLocal">This feature will be installed on your local hard drive</UIText>
1211       <UIText Id="SelAdvertiseNetwork">This feature will be available to run from the network</UIText>
1212       <UIText Id="SelCDAbsent">This feature will be uninstalled completely, you won't be able to run it from CD</UIText>
1213       <UIText Id="SelCDAdvertise">This feature will change from run from CD state to set to be installed when required</UIText>
1214       <UIText Id="SelCDCD">This feature will remain to be run from CD</UIText>
1215       <UIText Id="SelCDLocal">This feature will change from run from CD state to be installed on the local hard drive</UIText>
1216       <UIText Id="SelChildCostNeg">This feature frees up [1] on your hard drive.</UIText>
1217       <UIText Id="SelChildCostPos">This feature requires [1] on your hard drive.</UIText>
1218       <UIText Id="SelCostPending">Compiling cost for this feature...</UIText>
1219       <UIText Id="SelLocalAbsent">This feature will be completely removed</UIText>
1220       <UIText Id="SelLocalAdvertise">This feature will be removed from your local hard drive, but will be set to be installed when required</UIText>
1221       <UIText Id="SelLocalCD">This feature will be removed from your local hard drive, but will be still available to run from CD</UIText>
1222       <UIText Id="SelLocalLocal">This feature will remain on you local hard drive</UIText>
1223       <UIText Id="SelLocalNetwork">This feature will be removed from your local hard drive, but will be still available to run from the network</UIText>
1224       <UIText Id="SelNetworkAbsent">This feature will be uninstalled completely, you won't be able to run it from the network</UIText>
1225       <UIText Id="SelNetworkAdvertise">This feature will change from run from network state to set to be installed when required</UIText>
1226       <UIText Id="SelNetworkLocal">This feature will change from run from network state to be installed on the local hard drive</UIText>
1227       <UIText Id="SelNetworkNetwork">This feature will remain to be run from the network</UIText>
1228       <UIText Id="SelParentCostNegNeg">This feature frees up [1] on your hard drive. It has [2] of [3] subfeatures selected. The subfeatures free up [4] on your hard drive.</UIText>
1229       <UIText Id="SelParentCostNegPos">This feature frees up [1] on your hard drive. It has [2] of [3] subfeatures selected. The subfeatures require [4] on your hard drive.</UIText>
1230       <UIText Id="SelParentCostPosNeg">This feature requires [1] on your hard drive. It has [2] of [3] subfeatures selected. The subfeatures free up [4] on your hard drive.</UIText>
1231       <UIText Id="SelParentCostPosPos">This feature requires [1] on your hard drive. It has [2] of [3] subfeatures selected. The subfeatures require [4] on your hard drive.</UIText>
1232       <UIText Id="TimeRemaining">Time remaining: {[1] minutes }{[2] seconds}</UIText>
1233       <UIText Id="VolumeCostAvailable">Available</UIText>
1234       <UIText Id="VolumeCostDifference">Difference</UIText>
1235       <UIText Id="VolumeCostRequired">Required</UIText>
1236       <UIText Id="VolumeCostSize">Disk Size</UIText>
1237       <UIText Id="VolumeCostVolume">Volume</UIText>
1239           <!-- Localized ActionText and Error strings (processed from SDK)-->
1240           <?include "lang\$(var.Language)\ActionText.wxi"?>
1241           <?include "lang\$(var.Language)\Error.wxi"?>
1243           <!-- Additional error and action text strings -->
1244           <Error Id="4001">$(loc.ErrNPIFailed)</Error>
1245           <Error Id="4002">$(loc.ErrSCCFailed)</Error>
1246           <Error Id="4003">$(loc.ErrSCSFailed)</Error>
1247           <Error Id="4004">$(loc.ErrAbort)</Error>
1248           <Error Id="4005">$(loc.ErrNsisFailed)</Error>
1249           <Error Id="4006">$(loc.ErrCantCreateGroup)</Error>
1250           <Error Id="4007">$(loc.ErrCantAddMembers)</Error>
1251           <ProgressText Action="RemoveLoopback" Template="[1]:([2])([3])([4])">$(loc.ActRemoveLoopback)</ProgressText>
1252           <ProgressText Action="InstallLoopback" Template="[1]:([2])([3])([4])">$(loc.ActInstallLoopback)</ProgressText>
1253           <ProgressText Action="RemoveNetProvider">$(loc.ActRemoveNetProvider)</ProgressText>
1254           <ProgressText Action="InstallNetProvider">$(loc.ActInstallNetProvider)</ProgressText>
1255           <ProgressText Action="ConfigureClient">$(loc.ActConfigureClient)</ProgressText>
1256           <ProgressText Action="ConfigureServer">$(loc.ActConfigureServer)</ProgressText>
1257           <ProgressText Action="RemoveNsisInstallation">$(loc.ActRemoveNsisInstallation)</ProgressText>
1258           <ProgressText Action="InstallIDNMRedistributable">$(loc.ActInstallIDNMRedistributable)</ProgressText>
1259           <ProgressText Action="InstallRedirNetProvider">$(loc.ActInstallRedirNetProvider)</ProgressText>
1260           <ProgressText Action="RemoveRedirNetProvider">$(loc.ActRemoveRedirNetProvider)</ProgressText>
1261           <ProgressText Action="UnloadFilterDriver">$(loc.ActUnloadFilterDriver)</ProgressText>
1262           <ProgressText Action="UninstallRdrDriver">$(loc.ActUninstallRdrDriver)</ProgressText>
1263           <ProgressText Action="InstallRdrDriver">$(loc.ActInstallRdrDriver)</ProgressText>
1264           <ProgressText Action="LoadFilterDriver">$(loc.ActLoadFilterDriver)</ProgressText>
1266       <AdminUISequence>
1267         <Show Dialog="FatalError" OnExit="error" />
1268         <Show Dialog="UserExit" OnExit="cancel" />
1269         <Show Dialog="ExitDialog" OnExit="success" />
1270         <Show Dialog="PrepareDlg" Before="CostInitialize" />
1271         <Show Dialog="AdminWelcomeDlg" After="CostFinalize" />
1272         <Show Dialog="ProgressDlg" After="AdminWelcomeDlg" />
1273       </AdminUISequence>
1274       <InstallUISequence>
1275         <Show Dialog="FatalError" OnExit="error" />
1276         <Show Dialog="UserExit" OnExit="cancel" />
1277         <Show Dialog="ExitDialog" OnExit="success" />
1278         <Show Dialog="PrepareDlg" After="LaunchConditions" />
1279         <Show Dialog="WelcomeDlg" After="MigrateFeatureStates">(NOT Installed) AND (NOT AFTERREBOOT)</Show>
1280         <Show Dialog="ResumeDlg" After="WelcomeDlg">Installed AND (RESUME OR Preselected)</Show>
1281         <Show Dialog="MaintenanceWelcomeDlg" After="ResumeDlg">Installed AND NOT RESUME AND NOT Preselected</Show>
1282         <Show Dialog="ContinueDlg" After="MaintenanceWelcomeDlg">(NOT Installed) AND AFTERREBOOT</Show>
1283         <Show Dialog="ProgressDlg" After="ContinueDlg" />
1284         <?ifndef BinsOnly?>
1285         <Custom Action="DetectSavedConfiguration" Before="CostInitialize" />
1286         <?endif?>
1287       </InstallUISequence>
1288     </UI>
1289     <Binary Id="Up" src="Binary\Up.ico" />
1290     <Binary Id="New" src="Binary\New.ico" />
1291     <Binary Id="bannrbmp" src="Binary\bannrbmp.bmp" />
1292     <Binary Id="completi" src="Binary\completi.ico" />
1293     <Binary Id="custicon" src="Binary\custicon.ico" />
1294     <Binary Id="dlgbmp" src="Binary\dlgbmp.bmp" />
1295     <Binary Id="exclamic" src="Binary\exclamic.ico" />
1296     <Binary Id="info" src="Binary\info.ico" />
1297     <Binary Id="insticon" src="Binary\insticon.ico" />
1298     <Binary Id="removico" src="Binary\removico.ico" />
1299     <Binary Id="repairic" src="Binary\repairic.ico" />
1300     <Binary Id="restore" src="Binary\restore.ico" />
1301     <Binary Id="newconfig" src="Binary\newconfig.ico" />
1302     <Icon Id="ico_AcctManager" src="Icon\ico_AcctManager.ico" />
1303     <Icon Id="ico_afscreds" src="Icon\ico_afscreds.ico" />
1304     <Icon Id="ico_Help" src="Icon\ico_Help.ico" />
1305     <Icon Id="ico_ServerManager" src="Icon\ico_ServerManager.ico" />
1306     <Icon Id="ico_afssvrcfg" src="Icon\ico_afssvrcfg.ico" />
1307     <Icon Id="ico_OpenAFS" src="Icon\ico_OpenAFS.ico" />
1308 </Include>