authorDerrick Brashear <>
Mon, 4 Apr 2005 06:02:56 +0000 (06:02 +0000)
committerDerrick Brashear <>
Mon, 4 Apr 2005 06:02:56 +0000 (06:02 +0000)

rcmds, inetd, ftpd and ntp are gone. leaving the files in the cvs head for now.

This delta was composed from multiple commits as part of the CVS->Git migration.
The checkin message with each commit was inconsistent.
The following are the additional commit messages.

rcmds, inetd, ftpd and ntp are gone. in 1.4, files also go away.
60 files changed:
src/ftpd43+/.cvsignore [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/ [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/ftp.h [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/ftpcmd.y [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/ftpd.8 [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/ftpd.c [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/getusershell.c [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/glob.c [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/logwtmp.c [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/ [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/popen.c [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/telnet.h [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/vers.c [deleted file]
src/ftpd43+/version [deleted file]
src/inetd/.cvsignore [deleted file]
src/inetd/ [deleted file]
src/inetd/getenv.c [deleted file]
src/inetd/inetd.8 [deleted file]
src/inetd/inetd.c [deleted file]
src/inetd/inetd.conf [deleted file]
src/inetd/inetd.conf.dux40 [deleted file]
src/inetd/inetd.conf.sgi [deleted file]
src/inetd/inetd.conf.solaris [deleted file]
src/inetd/setenv.c [deleted file]
src/inetd/ta-rauth.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/.cvsignore [deleted file]
src/ntp/ [deleted file]
src/ntp/README [deleted file]
src/ntp/mkntpconf.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntp.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntp.conf [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntp.h [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntp_adjust.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntp_proto.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntp_sock.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntpd.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntpdc.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/ntpsubs.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/patchlevel.h [deleted file]
src/ntp/read_local.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/read_psti.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/runntp.c [deleted file]
src/ntp/test.c [deleted file]
src/rcp/.cvsignore [deleted file]
src/rcp/ [deleted file]
src/rcp/rcp.1 [deleted file]
src/rcp/rcp.c [deleted file]
src/rlogind/.cvsignore [deleted file]
src/rlogind/ [deleted file]
src/rlogind/rexecd.c [deleted file]
src/rlogind/rlogind.8 [deleted file]
src/rlogind/rlogind.c [deleted file]
src/rsh/.cvsignore [deleted file]
src/rsh/ [deleted file]
src/rsh/herror.c [deleted file]
src/rsh/rcmd.c [deleted file]
src/rsh/rlogin.c [deleted file]
src/rsh/rsh.1 [deleted file]
src/rsh/rsh.c [deleted file]