OPENAFS-SA-2018-001 Add auditing to butc server RPC implementations
[openafs.git] / CODING
2016-09-11 Michael MeffieCODING: one-line if statements should not have braces 70/12370/2
2016-08-06 Michael MeffieCODING: update style guide for multiline comments 61/12361/2
2015-12-25 Anders Kaseorgrxkad: Resolve warnings in ticket5.c
2015-11-18 Benjamin KadukCODING: permit --enable-checking with clang
2015-08-27 Anders Kaseorgkauth: Resolve date signedness warning in SetFields
2015-08-01 Anders Kaseorglibadmin: #define UBIK_LEGACY_CALLITER 1 in afs_kasAdmin.c
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiereadme: move README.WARNINGS to CODING
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiereadme: move git info to CODING
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiereadme: rename README.DEVEL to CODING