krb_udp.c warning fix
[openafs.git] / README.WARNINGS
2009-11-11 Marc Dionnekrb_udp.c warning fix
2009-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanAdd server prefix to bumon.xg; avoid rx_call * vs rx_co...
2009-10-18 Simon WilkinsonFix warnings in tviced
2009-10-18 Simon WilkinsonMore warning fixes for kauth
2009-10-18 Simon WilkinsonUpdate warning management
2009-10-16 Andrew DeasonFix rxgen-generated warnings
2009-10-15 Simon WilkinsonFix checked builds with gcc4.2
2009-10-13 Simon WilkinsonAdd public protoypes for volser
2009-10-08 Andrew DeasonReduce warnings in vos.c
2009-10-08 Andrew DeasonFix warnings in rxkad
2009-10-08 Andrew DeasonFix warnings in kauth/authclient.c
2009-09-28 Simon WilkinsonAdd support for warning checked builds