Typo made sysctl table invisible
[openafs.git] / acinclude.m4
2010-05-29 Rainer ToebbickeTypo made sysctl table invisible
2010-05-25 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Disable syscall probes if we have keyrings
2010-05-25 Russ AllberyPostmoderize use of AC_CHECK_TYPE
2010-05-19 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use positional r/w, not llseek
2010-05-18 matt@linuxbox.comlinux PageCheck may be PageFsMisc
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf: Use AC_CACHE_CHECK
2010-05-17 Ben KadukKill FBSD4X with fire
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf: Use a standard test for socklen_t
2010-05-11 Michael MeffieLinux: missing configure test
2010-05-07 Russ AllberyInclude common param file for Linux alpha builds
2010-05-06 Simon WilkinsonModernise use of AC_CHECK_TYPE
2010-05-04 Jonathan A. KollaschNetBSD 5.0 support.
2010-05-04 Antoine VerheijenFix pattern to detect i386-based OpenBSD system type
2010-04-28 Matt Benjmainnetbsd: rebase cm at NetBSD 4.0
2010-04-28 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Register number sysctls only when desperate
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: autoconf fallout
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Reorder the tests
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Don't preprocess osi_vfs.h
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Don't waste autoconf checks on cpp defines
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Add general autoconf macro for Linux kernel
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Add autoconf macro for structure checks
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Macroise kernel function autoconf tests
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Tidy up freezer code
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Simplify header file checks
2010-04-26 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use kernel network helper functions
2010-04-26 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Don't roll our own llseek
2010-04-14 Andrew DeasonAdd a FUSE implementation for afsd
2010-04-09 Andrew DeasonUse AFS_CACHE_VNODE_PATH for UKERNEL
2010-03-22 Andrew DeasonUse AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS
2010-03-06 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Fix builds on RHEL4
2010-02-27 Derrick Brashearinstitute afsdb dns lookup timeout if we can
2010-02-23 Anders KaseorgLinux: autoconf.h is moving in 2.6.33
2010-02-23 Anders KaseorgLinux: Use kbuild to check for UML
2010-02-19 Simon WilkinsonLinux: bdi doesn't always have a name
2010-02-17 Andrew DeasonAdd support for amd64_obsd46
2010-02-17 Derrick Brashearkill macos prior to panther
2010-02-09 Derrick Brashearinternationalize comerr
2010-01-15 Marc Dionnesrc/pam warning fixes
2010-01-08 Derrick Brashearlinux kernel lacks uintptr
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove unused configuration tests
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove HAVE_STRUCT_BUF test
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove --disable-full-vos-listvol-switch option
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove --disable-afsdb
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove --disable-largefile-fileserver
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonTurn on bos restricted code
2009-12-22 Simon WilkinsonSolaris: Be more flexible about compilers
2009-12-20 Marc DionneLinux: utsrelease.h is moving
2009-12-10 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use splice to speed up cache storeback
2009-12-10 Marc DionneLinux: deal with ctl_name removal
2009-11-18 Marc Dionneaklog build fix: com_err.h header
2009-10-16 Marc DionneLinux: kmem_cache_create fix and cleanup
2009-10-15 Andrew DeasonDetect and use %zu for size_t when available
2009-10-11 Simon WilkinsonRevert "Linux: kmem_cache_create fix and cleanup"
2009-10-09 Marc DionneLinux: kmem_cache_create fix and cleanup
2009-10-04 Marc DionneLinux: 2.6.32 - Adapt to writeback changes
2009-09-30 Simon WilkinsonAdd configure test for pagevec_lru_add_file
2009-09-29 Derrick Brashearintptr fallout
2009-09-28 Simon WilkinsonAdd support for warning checked builds
2009-09-28 Marc DionneUse intptr_t and uintptr_t for integer/pointer conversions
2009-09-19 Marc DionneLinux: Restore aklog -setpag functionality for kernel...
2009-09-10 Russ AllberyStop using sig_t
2009-09-01 Russ AllberyTurn on --enable-bos-new-config unconditionally
2009-08-26 Russ AllberyAdd automatic sysname detection for ARM Linux
2009-07-27 Marc DionneEliminate some "implicit function declaration" warnings
2009-07-24 Andrew DeasonEnhance audit logs to support SysV message queues
2009-07-23 Russ AllberyClean up some obsolete Autoconf code
2009-07-23 Matt BenjaminRefactor OpenBSD param files into common and architectu...
2009-07-21 Matt BenjaminAdd amd64 subtarget for OpenBSD
2009-07-16 Russ AllberyProvide an AFSDIR_DATA_DIR path for architecture-indepe...
2009-07-16 Derrick BrashearMacOS 10.6 support update
2009-07-13 Russ AllberyEnsure PAM modules are built PIC and pthread-aware...
2009-07-11 Russ AllberyProbe for getcwd in configure
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2009-07-01 Marc Dionnelinux-keyring-export-check-20090701
2009-06-24 Andrew Deasonosol-solookup-20090624
2009-06-02 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-allow-disabling-syscall-probing-20090602
2009-06-02 Derrick Brashearvfsck-conditional-for-namei-20090602
2009-06-01 Derrick Brashearxml-versioning-take-two-20090601
2009-05-27 Derrick Brashearxml-doc-building-glue-20090527
2009-05-27 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-byte-range-locks-sensibility-20090526
2009-05-13 Derrick Brashearukernel-use-fsblkcnt-20090513
2009-05-11 Marc Dionnelinux-fh-based-cache-20090511
2009-04-27 Matt Benjamindragonfly-bsd-userland-20090427
2009-03-31 Marc Dionnelinux-2630-maybe-20090331
2009-03-21 Derrick Brashearsig-t-exclude-multiple-20090321
2009-03-20 Derrick Brashearaix51-pag-header-20090320
2009-03-19 Marc Dionnelinux-key-alloc-changes-20090318
2009-03-16 Derrick Brashearsocklen-t-check-20090316
2009-03-16 Derrick Brashearirix-no-sig-t-20090316
2009-03-16 Derrick Brashearirix-lacks-sig-t-20090315
2009-01-23 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-nfstrans-test-20090123
2009-01-15 Marc Dionnelinux-2629-20090115
2009-01-12 Andrew Deasonlibuafs-set-fileoffsetbits-20090112
2009-01-09 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-truncate-race-20090109
2009-01-09 Andrew Deasonac-verbatim-include-undefs-20090109
2008-12-15 Matt Benjaminamd64-fbsd-20081215
2008-11-17 Tracy Di Marco Whitenetbsd-acinclude-typo-20081117
2008-11-13 Marc Dionnemissing-linux-fh-configure-switch-20081113
2008-11-08 Marc Dionnelinux-new-aop-20081108
2008-11-08 Marc Dionnelinux-fh-based-cache-20081108