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[openafs.git] / build-tools /
2013-09-07 Ken Dreyerfix src tarball error text in make-release
2013-08-09 Ken Dreyerdo not ship uncompressed tarballs
2013-08-02 Ken Dreyerenable Perl's strict and warnings in make-release
2012-09-04 Simon WilkinsonAdd libtool support
2011-07-13 Simon WilkinsonAdd make dist and make srpm targets
2011-01-10 Andrew Deasongit-version: Do not specify --ignore-submodules
2010-07-15 Russ AllberyMove build support files into build-tools
2010-07-02 Simon WilkinsonBuild: Rework git version detection
2010-06-28 Simon WilkinsonUse git describe to determine build version