rx: Avoid new server calls for big-seq DATA pkts
[openafs.git] / configure-libafs.ac
2020-09-19 Benjamin KadukMake OpenAFS 1.9.0 62/14362/2 openafs-devel-1_9_0
2018-08-11 Peter Foleyautoconf: updates and cleanup 99/12199/6
2016-12-08 Benjamin KadukMake OpenAFS 1.8.0pre1 70/12470/3 openafs-stable-1_8_0pre1
2013-07-12 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: use m4 quoting consistantly
2013-07-12 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: do not check readme and news when automake...
2013-07-12 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add bug reporting address and home page...
2012-08-24 Christof Hankeout-of-tree-build: extend configuration,
2011-07-13 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Use git version information
2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinsonconfigure: Don't let autoconf pick our CFLAGS
2010-08-16 Derrick Brashearopenafs 1.5.76 openafs-devel-1_5_76
2010-07-16 Russ AllberyRename configure.in to configure.ac