Windows: ReleaseNotes reformatting
[openafs.git] / doc / man-pages / pod1 /
2013-01-24 Michael Meffielibafs: fs flushall for unix cm
2012-12-13 Arne WiebalckUpdate 'vos shadow' man page
2012-07-06 Andrew Deasondoc: Add fs bypassthreshold man page
2012-07-03 Andrew Deasondoc: Correct volume size CAUTIONS notes
2012-07-03 Andrew Deasondoc: Fix whitespace errors
2012-07-03 Andrew Deasondoc: Consolidate CAUTIONS notes about volume size
2012-05-12 Mark VitaleDOC: vos convertROtoRW security requirements
2012-05-12 Ken Dreyerdoc: add Windows section to fs newcell
2012-04-08 Jason EdgecombeDOC: Factored common text out of the vos_backup and...
2012-02-20 Derrick Brashearvos: allow releases without offline time
2012-02-18 Ken Dreyerdoc: replace hostnames with IETF example hostnames
2012-02-16 Ken Dreyerdoc: refer to aklog instead of klog
2012-01-29 Jeffrey Altmanman-pages: add fs_getverify and fs_setverify
2011-08-10 Simon Wilkinsonpts: Add the -config option
2011-06-30 Andrew DeasonRemove support for Solaris pre-8
2011-06-22 Chas Williams (CON... doc: fix some broken link specifications
2011-06-20 Jeff BlaineDocumented vos restore -creation and -lastupdate
2011-06-07 Simon Wilkinsonvos: Add the -config option
2011-06-04 Rainer Strunzfs: add support for relative ACL changes
2011-06-02 Simon Wilkinsondoc: bos != vos
2011-05-22 Jeff BlaineAdded -dryrun
2011-05-17 Ken Dreyerdoc: -afsdb uses SRV records
2011-04-28 Andrew Deasondoc: Fix 'vos endtrans' copyright
2011-04-12 Ken Dreyerfix manpage for udebug -servers
2011-02-19 Andrew DeasonDocument dropbox permissions
2011-02-03 Ken Dreyerspelling/grammar fixes for manpages
2011-02-02 Ken Dreyerspelling/grammar fixes for vos_clone manpage
2010-11-24 Steve SimmonsUpdate the man pages pod source adding text to discoura...
2010-11-03 Rod WiddowsonDocs: Specify where the Windows mini dump file is written
2010-09-20 Russ AllberyMention KRB5CCNAME in the aklog man page
2010-09-09 Michael Meffiemanpage correction for restorevol -file option
2010-08-02 Jason EdgecombeFactor out the common text in vos_addsite, vos_copy...
2010-07-29 Andrew DeasonDocument the 'vos offline' -busy and -sleep opts
2010-07-29 Andrew DeasonRemove bless-related options from vos manpages
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: add lastActiveTime field
2010-07-16 Russ AllberyAdd include method for POD documentation
2010-07-01 Andrew DeasonDocument fs -human
2010-07-01 Andrew Deasonfs diskfree displays 'total' not 'kbytes'
2010-06-23 Andrew Deasonvos: Interpret VLOP_* lock flags
2010-06-13 Russ AllberyDocument vos listaddrs -host and -uuid
2010-06-01 Russ AllberyAdd warnings for Authentication Server commands
2010-05-26 Russ AllberyRemove references to IBM AFS
2010-05-26 Michael Meffiescout: adjustable column widths
2010-05-25 Russ AllberyUpdate fs {get,set}serverprefs documentation for DNS
2010-05-04 Michael Meffiepts mem -expandgroups and -supergroups examples
2010-04-20 Russ AllberyFixes and clarifications to vos setaddrs man page
2010-04-16 Harald BarthAdd vos setaddrs command and man page
2010-04-08 Michael Meffiepts mem -expandgroups option
2010-04-08 Michael Meffiepts mem -supergroup option
2010-02-03 Simon WilkinsonDocument the extra options to fs getcacheparms
2009-12-31 Russ AllberyCorrect spelling errors in man pages
2009-12-30 Simon WilkinsonDocumentation: vos dump -verbose outputs to stderr
2009-12-16 Andrew DeasonAdd the 'vos endtrans' command
2009-10-12 Andrew DeasonFormatting typos in pts.pod
2009-10-08 Davor OcelicMinimal left docs updates for vos suite
2009-10-08 Andrew DeasonTypo in vos_remsite.pod
2009-10-08 Davor OcelicAdd POD links (L<>) in pts.pod and symlink.pod
2009-10-08 Davor OcelicUpdate vos suite manpages
2009-10-06 Jeffrey Altmandocumentation for "fs listacl -cmd"
2009-09-28 Andrew DeasonFormatting typo in vos_setfields manpage
2009-09-10 Russ AllberyMove restorevol to bin from sbin
2009-08-20 Russ AllberyDescribe 's' PTS group permissions more accurately
2009-07-25 Russ AllberyDocument human-readable size suffixes
2009-07-24 Andrew DeasonAllow specifying vos create/addsite volume IDs
2009-07-23 Simon WilkinsonRename installed version of compile_et
2009-07-08 Andrew DeasonCorrecting formatting typo in vos addsite manpage
2009-07-08 Andrew DeasonFixing manpage for vos addsite -valid
2009-07-07 Jason EdgecombeFixed a minor grammatical error in the voz_zap man...
2009-07-01 Jeffrey Altmanmanpages-fs-chown-chgrp-20090701
2009-06-08 Mike Meffieman-page-xstat-fs-test-20090608
2009-05-27 Russ Allberyman-page-vos-dump-flags-20090526
2009-05-19 Russ Allberyman-page-syntax-errors-20090518
2009-05-18 Steven Jenkinsman-page-krb-varients-20090518
2009-05-18 Steven Jenkinsman-page-restorevol-20090518
2009-05-18 Steven Jenkinsman-page-fs-monitor-20090518
2009-05-18 Steven Jenkinsman-page-copyauth-20090518
2009-05-18 Steven Jenkinsman-page-compile-et-20090518
2009-05-18 Mike Robinsonman-page-yet-more-fs-commands-20090517
2009-05-18 Steven Jenkinsman-page-more-fs-commands-20090517
2009-05-12 Derrick Brashearpts-encrypt-option-20090512
2009-03-17 Jason Edgecombeman-page-vos-setfields-20090316
2009-02-02 Russ Allberyman-page-vos-examine-copy-date-20090201
2009-01-19 Jason Edgecombeman-page-pts-membership-fixes-20090119
2009-01-19 Russ Allberyman-page-pts-membership-privilege-20090118
2008-09-06 Derrick Brashearsyncserv-syncvldb-manpages-dryrun-20080906
2008-07-14 Jason Edgecombedocs-ticket-104110-20080713
2008-07-14 Jason Edgecombedocs-max-part-size-20080713
2008-07-12 Jeffrey Altmanman-page-fs-read-not-list-20080711
2008-06-30 Russ Allberyman-page-vos-convertROtoRW-inode-20080630
2008-06-28 Russ Allberyinstall-and-document-klog-krb5-20080627
2008-06-27 Jason Edgecombeman-page-afs-fixes-20080626
2008-06-27 Jason Edgecombeman-page-vos-clone-20080626
2008-06-05 Jason Edgecombeman-page-pts-updates-20080605
2008-04-01 Jason Edgecombeman-page-vos-shadow-20080331
2008-02-20 Derrick Brashearvos-addsite-pod-error-20080220
2008-02-19 Jason Edgecombeman-page-updates-20080219
2008-02-04 Simon Wilkinsonpts-localauth-20080204
2008-01-20 Jason Edgecombeman-page-fileserver-limits-20080119
2008-01-14 Jason Edgecombeman-page-cmdebug-updates-20080113
2007-12-25 Jason Edgecombeman-page-license-change-20071225