doc: afsd -settime and -nosettime are obsolete
[openafs.git] / doc / man-pages / pod8 / afsd.pod
2016-01-25 Michael Meffiedoc: afsd -settime and -nosettime are obsolete 75/12175/3
2013-09-30 Jason EdgecombeDOC: afsd man page: give an example of the direct volum...
2013-01-10 Michael Meffiedoc: dynamic mount requires dynroot and fakestat
2011-07-22 Andrew Deasonafsd: Add the -rxmaxfrags option
2011-06-22 Chas Williams (CON... doc: fix some broken link specifications
2011-05-17 Ken Dreyerdoc: -afsdb uses SRV records
2011-02-03 Ken Dreyerspelling/grammar fixes for manpages
2010-09-30 Chas Williams (CON... afsd's -mem_alloc_sleep is obselete -- update documentation
2010-06-23 Andrew DeasonMention that -fakestat fakes local cellular mounts
2010-06-22 Derrick Brashearafsd -dynroot-sparse mode for hushed cells
2010-04-21 Russ AllberyInstall afsd.fuse and man page if built
2009-11-10 Russ AllberyUpdate afsd cache and firewall details
2009-10-28 Simon WilkinsonMake afsd.pod reflect reality
2009-05-31 Douglas Engertafsd-allow-maxmtu-override-20090530
2009-03-20 Derrick Brasheardynamic-vcache-allocation-20090319
2008-03-09 Jason Edgecombeman-page-afsd-afsdb-20080308
2008-02-19 Jason Edgecombeman-page-updates-20080219
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2007-07-26 Jason Edgecombeman-page-updates-20070726
2006-11-06 Russ Allberyafsd-shutdown-doc-improvement-20061105
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