vlserver: Use bounded string copy in FindByName()
[openafs.git] / doc / man-pages /
2021-07-01 Mark Vitalefstrace: add dump -debug option 57/14557/3
2021-06-11 Benjamin KadukRemove recommendation to use NoAuth from NoAuth.5 42/12142/5
2021-05-13 Andrew Deasondoc: Look in $srcdir for documentation sources 22/14622/2
2020-12-05 Cheyenne Willskauth: Add support for updated audit facility 82/13782/28
2020-12-05 Cheyenne WillsAdd command line support for multiple audit logs 76/13776/28
2020-11-13 Mark Vitalevolser: document 'vos restore -readonly' restriction 48/14348/4
2020-11-06 Andrew DeasonRemove unused xdr types 04/14404/4
2020-10-23 Mark Vitalexstat: prevent CPU loop when -period 0 66/14366/4
2020-07-24 Andrew Deasonvolser: Don't NUL-pad failed pread()s in dumps 55/14255/3
2020-01-31 Michael Meffievos: fix name availability check in vos rename 20/13720/5
2020-01-08 Andrew Deasondoc: Document new rxgk options 47/13947/6
2019-12-06 Marcio Barbosaviced: add opt to allow admin writes on RO servers 07/13707/7
2019-07-17 Benjamin Kadukaklog: require opt-in to enable single-DES in libkrb5 89/13689/2
2019-04-19 Andrew Deasonasetkey: add 'add-random' command 68/12768/9
2019-04-19 Andrew Deasonasetkey: Add new 'delete' command variants 67/12767/10
2019-03-22 Karl Behlerman-pages: create the man3 subdirectory in prep-noistall 33/13533/2
2018-09-21 Michael Meffieklog.krb5 -lifetime is not implemented 09/13309/3
2018-09-14 Michael Meffiedoc: the last partition name is /vicepiu 77/13177/2
2018-09-11 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2018-001 backup: use authenticated connectio...
2018-09-09 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2018-001 butc: require authenticated connect...
2018-09-09 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2018-001 Add auditing to butc server RPC...
2018-02-16 Andrew Deasondoc: Edits to the 'afsd -volume-ttl' manpage 09/12909/2
2017-08-03 Michael Meffievolser: preserve volume stats by default 74/12674/4
2017-03-03 Stephan Wiesanddoc: clarify the fs wscell manpage 37/12537/2
2017-03-02 Michael Meffielibafs: vldb cache timeout option (-volume-ttl) 98/11898/5
2016-12-22 Michael Meffiedoc: add the PtLog man page 94/12294/5
2016-12-21 Anders Kaseorgdoc/man-pages/Makefile.in: mkdir man[158] in case we... 92/12492/2
2016-11-24 Michael Meffiedoc: update information about vlserver logging 24/12324/4
2016-11-22 Mark Vitaledoc: correct help for 'bos getlog' -restricted mode 54/12454/2
2016-09-11 Michael Meffieafs: add afsd -inumcalc option 55/11855/11
2016-07-06 Benjamin KadukLWP fileserver is no more 29/11529/10
2016-07-05 Benjamin Kadukviced: make -vhashsize usable for non-DAFS 87/12287/4
2016-05-17 Nathaniel Wesley... Use rxkad_crypt for inter-volser traffic, if asked 49/11349/7
2016-05-06 Chas Williams (CON... auth: Allow subnet ranges in NetInfo and NetRestrict 13/11313/7
2016-04-28 Benjamin KadukAdd akeyconvert, for rxkad.keytab to KeyFileExt conversion 86/11786/12
2016-04-26 Michael Meffieexternalize log rotation 31/11731/15
2016-03-29 Marcio Barbosadoc: add missing angle bracket 33/12233/2
2016-03-19 Michael Meffiedoc: fs examine no longer requires read rights on the... 23/12223/3
2016-01-25 Michael Meffiedoc: afsd -settime and -nosettime are obsolete 75/12175/3
2015-12-03 Michael Meffiedafs: remove the salvageserver -showlog option
2015-12-02 Michael Meffiedoc: remove unimplemented -showsuid and -showmounts...
2015-11-22 Michael Meffiedoc: add syslog options to salvageserver man page
2015-11-18 Michael Meffiedoc: fix the salvageserver log file name
2015-11-12 Michael Meffiedoc: document the version subcommand
2015-09-13 Chas Williams (CON... doc: remove supergroup caution from pt_util
2015-08-28 Benjamin KadukDocument KeyFileExt(5)
2015-08-26 Benjamin KadukUpdate asetkey.8 for KeyFileExt
2015-07-24 Michael Meffievos: changeaddr refuse to change mh entries without...
2015-06-16 Daria Brashearvos: desupport -stayonline
2015-03-22 Michael Meffievos: remaddrs sub-command
2015-02-03 Perry Ruiterdoc: backup manpage fix
2014-12-17 Chaskiel GrundmanRemove sunrpc compatibility
2014-12-03 Andrew Deasondoc: Document fs listquota 2TB partition limit
2014-11-23 Benjamin KadukDisallow creating users with ANONYMOUSID
2014-11-05 Jeffrey Altmanklog: make krb5_524 non-fatal for native K5 tokens
2014-11-05 Benjamin KadukDo not install kauth manpages when kauth is disabled
2014-10-23 Benjamin KadukRemove documentation of 'program'
2014-10-15 Benjamin KadukRemove unused -k argument to fileserver
2014-08-13 Michael Meffievolscan: fix copyright and licence notice
2014-05-21 Michael Meffievos: vos release -force-reclone option
2014-05-21 Gergely RiskoRestrictedQuery feature
2014-05-21 Andrew Deasondoc: Clarify some BosConfig.new text
2014-04-24 Ken Dreyerdoc: recommend cleanup steps in "vos convertROtoRW...
2014-04-09 Simon WilkinsonMerge branch 'security-master' into HEAD 99/10999/1
2014-04-02 Chas Williams (CON... ptserver: Optionally restrict anonymous access to the...
2014-03-26 Stephan Wiesanddoc: bos setrestricted -mode 0 does make sense
2014-03-25 Michael Meffiedoc: volscan man page
2014-03-18 Michael Meffiedoc: fix typo in volinfo man page
2014-03-11 Stephan Wiesanddoc: improve man pages related to bos restricted mode
2014-03-06 Michael Meffiedoc: fix typo on ka-forwarder man page
2014-01-29 Michael Meffiecomerr: compile_et -emit option for parallel make
2014-01-29 Michael Meffiedoc: afs_compile_et -h option
2014-01-28 Michael Meffiecomerr: long and short form of the -prefix option.
2014-01-28 Michael Meffiedoc: afs_compile_et -lang short form
2014-01-28 Michael Meffiedoc: afs_compile_et formatting fixes
2014-01-23 Michael Meffiedoc: fix typo in fs setacl
2013-12-18 Stephan Wiesanddoc: fix a nit in fs_newalias.pod
2013-11-07 Andrew Deasondoc: backup manpage fixes
2013-11-07 Andrew Deasondoc: Add 'checkman' tool
2013-11-07 Andrew Deasonvolserver: Remove -sleep functionality
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: Add 'fs discon' manpage
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: Add 'fs nukenfscreds' manpage
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: Add 'fs precache' manpage
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: Symlink all dafssync-debug pages
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: Fix livesys output formatting
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: butc manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: pt_util manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: kdb manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: volinfo manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: rxdebug manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: vldb_check manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: upserver manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: afsmonitor manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: Make all vos pages =include common options
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: vos manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: fs manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: restorevol manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: bosserver manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: vlserver manpage fixes
2013-11-04 Andrew Deasondoc: ptserver manpage fixes