Windows: Add version number to event log start pending message
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsd /
2010-10-24 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add version number to event log start pending...
2010-09-06 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Log cell along with volume id for server errors
2010-06-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: engage path mtu discovery for rx
2010-04-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: define new event log messages for cm_Analyze...
2009-06-09 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-dirty-buffers-20090608
2009-05-11 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-hard-and-idle-dead-timeouts-20090511
2009-03-28 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-remove-reset-all-vcs-event-20090328
2009-02-19 Asanka Herathsmb-vc-reset-on-request-20090218
2008-09-11 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-vnovol-20080911
2008-09-02 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-rxkad-auth-20080902
2006-01-16 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-vc-locks-and-more-20060115
2006-01-15 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-eventlog-20051219
2006-01-08 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-eventlog-20051219
2004-02-26 Jeffrey Altmanskyrope-mit-merge-hell-20040226