Windows: rename 'rbytes' to 'rxbytes' for clarity
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsd / cm_dcache.c
2013-01-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: rename 'rbytes' to 'rxbytes' for clarity
2013-01-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Update Bulk I/O Descriptor
2012-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: move SERVERHAS64BIT macros to cm_conn.h
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fail RX_INVALID_OPERATION errors
2012-11-14 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Do not reset cm_buf.offset on error
2012-11-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Treat invalid AFSFetchStatus as VBUSY
2012-11-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_MergeStatus now returns an error code
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Treat EIO from file server as fatal error
2012-07-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_SyncOp waiting logic
2012-07-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: not all short rx_Read[v] reads are fatal
2012-07-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: initialize afsStatus and callback structs
2012-07-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: force vldb lookup if server list is empty
2012-05-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_GetBuffer do not retry if biod empty
2012-05-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: refactor cm_GetBuffer avoid BIOD construction
2012-01-23 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: store data verification mode
2012-01-23 Jeffrey AltmanWindows; release BIOD after status merge
2012-01-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: improved idle dead time handling
2011-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_BufWrite() must wait in cm_SyncOp()
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Use AuthGroups for extent request error reporting
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Make the rx_call structure private
2011-12-03 Simon WilkinsonWindows: Use roken's min and max
2011-11-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_SetupStoreBIOD use firstModOffset chunk
2011-11-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Track active RPCs per scache_t
2011-11-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: improve store data parallelism
2011-09-15 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Redirector interface for afsd_service.exe
2011-09-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: correct comments in cm_BkgStore
2011-09-06 Jeffrey Altmanwindows: fix comments, add logging
2011-09-06 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove CM_BUF_CMBKGFETCH flag
2011-09-05 Jeffrey Altmanwindows: pass cm_req_t through background ops
2011-08-24 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: change buf_Find*() signature to accept cm_fid_t
2011-08-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Interlocked operations for cm_buf
2011-08-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Interlocked for cm_buf cmFlags
2011-08-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Interlocked ops for cm_scache
2011-07-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Improve logging for StoreMini and cm_BufWrite
2011-06-27 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: MergeStatus before SyncOpDone
2011-04-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove trailing whitespace
2011-03-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: avoid use of cm_buf for MPs and Symlinks
2011-01-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove all refs to unused buf_GetNew()
2010-11-17 Simon Wilkinsonlibroken: Build on windows
2010-10-26 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fix math error in rx_Writev processing
2010-10-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Use rx_Readv / rx_Writev
2010-10-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Kill AFS_LARGEFILES preprocessor symbol
2010-09-06 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Modify signature of buf_CleanAsync and buf_Cle...
2010-09-06 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Permit cm_scache rwlock to be dropped when...
2010-04-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: wait for I/O on buffers to complete in cm_Setu...
2010-03-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: buffers whose offsets are beyond EOF should...
2009-11-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Improvements to background fetch processing
2009-10-15 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSVolSync creationDate based readonly volume...
2009-10-14 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: refactor afs status cloning and clone when...
2009-10-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Prevent fs fetchdata offset bug error from...
2009-09-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_GetBuffer does not need to contact file...
2009-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: uninitialized variable in cm_GetBuffer
2009-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Do not mark server down due to Store / Fetch...
2009-09-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: rx_Write failures must be processed
2009-08-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Correct buf_Write data loss errors
2009-08-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_conn_t must not be referenced after cm_Anal...
2009-07-26 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add cm_req_t parameter to cm_MergeStatus
2009-07-26 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add cm_req_t parameter to buf_Get* functions
2009-06-29 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-dcache-prefer-xdata-error-20090629
2009-05-11 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-dcache-store-data-20090511
2009-01-27 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-dcache-20090127
2008-08-22 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-misc-20080822
2008-08-05 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-getaccessrights-20080805
2008-07-21 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-callp-to-rxcallp-20080721
2008-03-06 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-afsd-misc-20080306
2008-03-03 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-scache-mx-to-rw-20080302
2008-02-29 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-cm-buf-misc-20080229
2008-02-24 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-buf-data-versions-20080224
2008-02-23 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-afsd-20080222
2008-02-17 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-buf-consistency-20080217
2008-01-07 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-bkg-prefetch-buf-refcount-leak-20080107
2007-12-28 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-get-buffer-20071228
2007-11-14 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-dv-logging-20071114
2007-11-14 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-64bit-data-version-20071114
2007-11-05 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-afsd-notification-20071104
2007-09-18 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-vnovnode-while-file-in-use-20070918
2007-09-11 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-prefetch-executables-20070911
2007-09-10 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-prefetch-executables-20070910
2007-08-09 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-dirty-buffer-optimization-20070808
2007-06-10 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-volume-status-tracking-20070610
2007-02-07 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-merge-parent-fid-20070207
2007-02-05 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-merge-status-20070204
2007-02-04 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-store-biod-20070204
2007-02-04 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-bkgdaemon-retry-failed-requests-20070203
2007-02-04 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-buf-refcount-leak-fix-20070203
2006-10-06 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-misc-fixes-20061006
2006-10-06 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-more-misc-fixes-20061005
2006-10-05 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-misc-fix-20061005
2006-10-05 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-misc-fix-20061004
2006-10-04 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-multi-fix-20061003
2006-10-03 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-multi-fix-20061002
2006-08-10 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-buf-queue-handling-20060809
2006-08-01 Derrick Brasheardjgpp-killer-20060801
2006-06-23 Asanka Herathwindows-largefile-support-20060623
2006-02-01 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-more-cleanups-20060201
2005-12-07 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-afsd-service-20051121
2005-11-06 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-64-bit-type-safety-20051105
2005-10-08 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-byte-range-locks-20051007
2005-08-28 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-scache-deadlock-fix-20050827
2005-06-12 Jeffrey Altmanwindows-misc-fixes-20050612