windows: ObjectInformationCB.ObjectReferenceCount
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsrdr / kernel / lib / AFSCleanup.cpp
2012-03-28 Jeffrey Altmanwindows: ObjectInformationCB.ObjectReferenceCount
2012-03-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Correct Data Version change synchronization
2012-01-20 Peter ScottWindows Asynchronous purging of file content after...
2012-01-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: use local var for interlocked result
2012-01-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Directory Enumeration, DVs, and TreeLocks
2012-01-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: correct log messages in AFSCleanup
2012-01-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Return Dir Data Version from AFSCleanup
2012-01-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: reorg open handle counts and Fcb->NPFcb->Resource
2011-12-31 Peter ScottWindows: Handle invalid node types
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSCleanup extent processing
2011-12-18 Peter ScottWindows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block
2011-11-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Enforce Share Access
2011-11-01 Peter ScottWindows: additional trace logging for afsredirlib
2011-10-25 Peter ScottWindows: New Trace for DirEntry tracking problem
2011-09-15 Peter ScottWindows: AFSRedirLib.sys file system library driver