Windows: Store OS version as a global
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsrdr / kernel / lib / AFSInit.cpp
2013-10-26 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Store OS version as a global
2013-05-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSLibExFreePool*() macros
2013-02-22 Rod WiddowsonWindows: Move work item queues over to the Control...
2013-02-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: FILE_FS_DEVICE_INFORMATION Device Type
2012-12-23 Rod WiddowsonWindows: warnings on kernel builds
2012-05-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: More useful AFSDumpFile exception info
2011-12-08 Peter ScottWindows: include owner/group in Security DACL
2011-11-15 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Create default Security Descriptor
2011-09-15 Peter ScottWindows: AFSRedirLib.sys file system library driver