Windows: Fix uninitialized variables
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsrdr / kernel / lib / AFSLockControl.cpp
2014-05-13 Rod WiddowsonWindows: Fix uninitialized variables
2013-08-30 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: introduce Section Object Resource Trace Subsystem
2013-08-30 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Call AFSExeceptionFilter for all exceptions
2013-07-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Protect all Mm and Cc calls with try..except
2013-03-18 pete scottWindows: Replace AFSDbgMsgLog func with macro
2013-02-14 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add Cell name to AFSProcessRequest parameters
2013-01-24 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Use %p for ptrs in redirector trace messages
2012-12-23 Rod WiddowsonWindows: warnings on kernel builds
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fcb sectionObjectResource
2012-05-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: More useful AFSDumpFile exception info
2012-04-15 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Flush data and then drop locks
2011-12-31 Peter ScottWindows: Handle invalid node types
2011-12-18 Peter ScottWindows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block
2011-09-15 Peter ScottWindows: AFSRedirLib.sys file system library driver