Windows: Refactor and consolidate afsredir invalidation
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsrdr / kernel / lib / Include / AFSCommon.h
2012-01-27 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Refactor and consolidate afsredir invalidation
2012-01-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: prevent race assigning Fcb in AFSInitFcb()
2012-01-18 Peter ScottWindows: Correctly mark extents dirty when using the...
2012-01-18 Peter ScottWindows: Performing async work after cache invalidation
2011-12-31 Peter ScottWindows: Support correct status codes from service
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Use AuthGroups for extent request error reporting
2011-12-18 Peter ScottWindows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block
2011-11-10 Peter ScottWindows: FileNetworkPhysicalNameInfo implementation
2011-11-02 Peter ScottWindows: add AFSRetrieveParentPath()
2011-11-01 Peter ScottWindows: Directory Entry Processing
2011-11-01 Peter ScottWindows: Reimplement AFSGenerateCRC()
2011-09-15 Peter ScottWindows: AFSRedirLib.sys file system library driver