Windows: Reduce RDR Object Lifetime
[openafs.git] / src / WINNT / afsrdr / kernel / lib / Include / AFSDefines.h
2013-02-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Reduce RDR Object Lifetime
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Send all \\AFS\PIPE to afsd_service
2012-08-10 Peter ScottWindows: Consolidate Device Flags
2012-05-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Make CCB_FLAGS_DIRECTORY_QUERY_MAPPED consistent
2012-05-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Remove unused async read/write operations
2012-04-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Cc FileObject Settings
2012-02-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: OpenAFS reparse points are surrogates
2012-01-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Increase size of worker thread pools
2012-01-20 Peter ScottWindows Asynchronous purging of file content after...
2012-01-18 Peter ScottWindows: Performing async work after cache invalidation
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Define times in terms of AFS_ONE_SECOND
2011-12-18 Peter ScottWindows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block
2011-12-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: increase timeout for extent request retries
2011-12-08 Peter ScottWindows: include owner/group in Security DACL
2011-11-03 Peter ScottWindows: remember when a reparse point is opened
2011-11-01 Peter ScottWindows: Directory Entry Processing
2011-09-15 Peter ScottWindows: AFSRedirLib.sys file system library driver