Cleanup usage of LINUX_VERSION_CODE for older kernels
[openafs.git] / src / afs / LINUX / osi_gcpags.c
2021-07-19 Cheyenne WillsCleanup usage of LINUX_VERSION_CODE for older kernels 89/14389/14
2010-06-28 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Remove LINUX26 conditional in proc2cred
2010-06-14 Marc DionneLinux: Fix RCU_READ_LOCK test
2010-06-13 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Fix set_cr_group_info and cr_group_info
2010-04-27 Marc DionneLinux autoconf: fix name for struct cred test
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Don't waste autoconf checks on cpp defines
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Macroise kernel function autoconf tests
2010-04-10 Matt SmithFix problems from afs_osi_gcpags reorganization
2010-04-09 Matt SmithMove contents of afs_osi_gcpags to per-OS files