Linux: Add general autoconf macro for Linux kernel
[openafs.git] / src / afs / LINUX / osi_nfssrv.c
2010-04-27 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Add general autoconf macro for Linux kernel
2009-11-11 Simon Wilkinsoncr_gid is already used by Darwin
2009-11-09 Marc DionneUnix client: wrappers for credentials structure access
2009-10-21 matt@linuxbox.comMake typedefs of AFS_UCRED and AFS_PROC with renaming
2009-10-05 Simon WilkinsonUse standard Linux paths for all headers
2009-09-07 matt@linuxbox.comRemove struct from AFS_UCRED instantiations (opaque...
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2008-10-24 Jeffrey Altmanrx-rw-locking-20081024
2008-07-01 Marc Dionnelinux-nfstrans-updates-20080630
2007-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-nfstrans-20071024
2007-08-21 Derrick Brashearlinux-modparam-269-updates-20070821
2007-01-02 Marc Dionneifdef-nfs-translator-20070102
2006-08-11 Derrick Brashearlinux-updates-20060811
2006-07-31 Jeffrey Hutzelmanlinux-afs-translator-xen-20060731