LINUX: consolidate duplicate code in osi_TryEvictDentries
[openafs.git] / src / afs / LINUX / osi_vcache.c
2018-01-02 Mark VitaleLINUX: consolidate duplicate code in osi_TryEvictDentries 92/12792/5
2018-01-01 Mark VitaleLINUX: add afs_d_alias_lock & _unlock compat wrappers 90/12790/5
2018-01-01 Mark VitaleLINUX: create afs_linux_dget() compat wrapper 89/12789/5
2018-01-01 Mark VitaleRevert "LINUX: do not use d_invalidate to evict dentries" 88/12788/5
2018-01-01 Mark VitaleRevert "LINUX: eliminate unused variable warning" 87/12787/4
2017-01-11 Mark VitaleLINUX: eliminate unused variable warning 05/12505/2
2016-11-14 Mark VitaleLINUX: do not use d_invalidate to evict dentries 63/12363/4
2016-10-31 Benjamin KadukReformat src/afs/LINUX/osi_vcache.c 22/12422/3
2016-10-30 Mark VitaleLINUX: split dentry eviction from osi_TryEvictVCache 62/12362/4
2016-04-13 Michael MeffieLINUX: hold vcache while dropping dcache refs 06/12206/3
2015-05-26 Marc DionneLinux: mmap: Apply recursion check only to recursion...
2015-01-07 Marc DionneLinux: Move code to reset the root to afs/LINUX
2014-10-31 Marc DionneLinux 3.18: d_invalidate can no longer return an error
2013-05-11 Anders KaseorgLinux: osi_TryEvictVCache: Don’t skip the first dentry...
2012-10-13 Marc DionneLinux: osi_vcache: Fix loop for the hlist case
2012-08-17 Marc DionneLinux 3.6: d_alias and i_dentry are now hlists
2011-03-09 Derrick Brashearlinux: defer vcache evictions when sleep would be needed
2011-02-09 Marc DionneLinux: 2.6.38: deal with dcache_lock removal
2010-10-18 Derrick Brashearshakeloosevcaches drop xvcache during dentry ops
2010-05-04 Simon WilkinsonRefactor afs_NewVCache