afs: Make afs_AllocDCache static
[openafs.git] / src / afs / afs_dcache.c
2018-06-29 Andrew Deasonafs: Make afs_AllocDCache static 26/13226/2
2018-06-10 Andrew Deasonafs: Stop looking for dcaches on Get*DSlot errors 34/13034/6
2018-06-10 Andrew Deasonafs: Avoid GetDCache delays on screwy cache 33/13033/3
2018-06-10 Andrew Deasonafs: Avoid GetDCache panic on AllocDCache failure 32/13032/3
2018-05-11 Andrew Deasonafs: WriteThroughDSlots: Avoid write error panic 47/13047/4
2018-05-11 Andrew Deasonafs: Avoid afs_GetDCache panic on cache open error 46/13046/4
2018-05-11 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Return NULL for afs_linux_raw_open error 45/13045/3
2016-09-15 Andrew Deasonafs: Create afs_StaleVCache 90/11790/10
2016-01-25 Andrew Deasonafs: Log abnormally large chunk files 31/11831/5
2016-01-25 Andrew Deasonafs: Avoid incorrect size when fetching beyond EOF 28/11828/3
2015-09-02 Benjamin Kadukafs: Increase vcache and dcache hash table sizes
2015-08-28 Benjamin Kadukafs: use jenkins hash for dcache, vcache tables
2015-02-26 Ben KadukRemove spurious NULL checks
2015-01-14 Andrew Deasonafs: Refactor GetDSlot parameters
2014-12-17 Andrew Deasonafs: Fix some afs_conn overcounts
2014-11-26 Andrew Deasonafs: Consolidate fheader initialization
2014-10-06 Perry Ruiterafs: Verify osi_UFSOpen worked
2014-01-28 Andrew Deasonafs: Return raw code from background daemons
2014-01-12 Andrew Deasonafs: Don't clear afs_CacheTooFull prematurely
2014-01-12 Andrew Deasonafs: Fix some dcache-related comments
2013-11-01 Jeffrey Altmanafs: CacheTruncateDaemon work until Cache Drained
2013-11-01 Jeffrey Altmanafs: afs_CacheTruncateDaemon wake waiters !too full
2013-11-01 Jeffrey Altmanafs: afs_FlushDCache avoid dup cache drained check
2013-11-01 Jeffrey Altmanafs: Introduce afs_WakeCacheWaitersIfDrained
2013-11-01 Jeffrey Altmanafs: FreeDCache test afs_blocksDiscarded
2013-05-01 Andrew Deasonafs: Do not invalidate all dcaches on startup
2013-02-24 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Don't zero args on dcache failure
2013-02-24 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Fix bogus character in license string
2012-11-13 Andrew Deasonafs_FreeDiscardedDCache: Avoid assert on error
2012-11-13 Andrew Deasonafs: Handle afs_AllocDCache errors
2012-11-13 Andrew Deasonafs_AllocDCache: return NULL instead of panic
2012-11-13 Andrew Deasonafs: Traverse discard/free dslot list if errors
2012-11-13 Andrew Deasonafs: Handle easy GetValidDSlot errors
2012-11-13 Andrew Deasonafs: Never use GetNewDSlot after init
2012-11-08 Andrew Deasonafs: Make last_error always useful
2012-11-08 Andrew Deasonafs: Log slot for GetDSlot read errors
2012-06-11 Derrick Brashearlibafs: initialize free dcache list for memcache
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Don't cast allocator returns
2012-05-22 Andrew Deasonafs: Add some comments explaining 'needvalid'
2012-05-22 Andrew DeasonRevert "afs: the assert seems to be inverted when using...
2012-05-21 Chas Williams (CON... afs: the assert seems to be inverted when using memcache
2012-03-26 Andrew Deasonafs: Slight adjustments in afs_GetDCache
2012-03-26 Andrew Deasonafs: Do not limit fetches based on vcache length
2011-12-27 Andrew Deasonafs: Add afs_WriteDCache sanity checks
2011-12-27 Andrew Deasonafs: Cope with afs_GetValidDSlot errors
2011-12-27 Andrew Deasonafs: Do not always ignore errors in afs_GetDSlot
2011-12-27 Andrew Deasonafs: Remove second argument to afs_GetDSlot
2011-10-23 Derrick Brashearafs: don't try GetDownD if nothing to get
2011-08-14 Garrett Wollmanlibafs: don't call afs_PutDCache(NULL) in afs_GetDownD()
2011-06-30 Andrew DeasonSOLARIS: Granular multiPage detection
2011-05-09 Andrew Deasonlibafs: Get rx conn ref with afs conn ref
2011-04-16 Simon Wilkinsonlibafs: Remove afs_write duplication
2011-04-13 Simon Wilkinsonlibafs: Remove afs_read duplication
2011-01-15 Ben KadukFBSD: remove vestiges of Giant
2010-12-02 Matt Benjaminunix cm rx-oblivious connection pooling
2010-10-29 Chas Williams (CON... afs: clean afs_osi_Alloc() usage
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to register
2010-08-12 Chaz Chandlerautoconf detection of label support
2010-08-11 Derrick Brashearmacos disconnected vnode holding fix
2010-07-14 Derrick Brashearafs sunpro not always c99
2010-07-13 Derrick Brashearunix disconnected mode always
2010-07-02 Marc DionneLinux: cache bypass: remove warning print before panic
2010-06-28 Marc DionneLinux: Use filehandles for all 2.6 kernels
2010-04-23 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Modify disk cache versioning
2010-04-09 Andrew DeasonUse AFS_CACHE_VNODE_PATH for UKERNEL
2010-04-01 Simon WilkinsonFix formatting issues in src/afs
2010-03-03 Derrick Brashearde-printf the cache manager
2010-01-29 Chaz Chandlerfurther irix updates
2010-01-21 Derrick Brashearsimplify ufs cache mechanisms available
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove --disable-afsdb
2009-11-18 Simon WilkinsonName chunkOps structure elements
2009-11-11 Simon WilkinsonRemove 'M' variants of lock macros
2009-11-08 Simon WilkinsonComplete removal of DUX client code
2009-10-29 Simon WilkinsonCoding style cleanup
2009-10-21 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast the pointer past to memset
2009-10-21 matt@linuxbox.comMake typedefs of AFS_UCRED and AFS_PROC with renaming
2009-09-07 matt@linuxbox.comRemove struct from AFS_UCRED instantiations (opaque...
2009-09-01 Andrew DeasonFix cache tracking for small fragsizes
2009-08-20 Felix FrankMove statistics keeping from afs_dcache to afs_fetchstore.
2009-08-14 Felix FrankMove context of CacheFetchProc from afs_dcache.c to...
2009-08-12 Felix FrankRemove CacheStoreProcs and CacheFetchProcs from the...
2009-08-11 Felix FrankUnite CacheFetchProcs and add abstraction calls.
2009-07-22 Felix FrankUnite CacheStoreProcs and add abstraction calls.
2009-07-19 Marc DionneWarning cleanups for kernel module build
2009-07-16 Felix FrankGathered alternative afs_TttCacheFetchProcs and afs_Ttt...
2009-07-16 Hartmut ReuterRemove misplaced lines
2009-07-14 Simon WilkinsonUkernel prototypes
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2009-05-11 Simon Wilkinsonabstract-cache-inode-ops-20090511
2009-03-23 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-put-back-vcaches-we-held-20090323
2009-03-18 Marc Dionnelinux-warning-reduction-20090318
2009-01-26 Simon Wilkinsondiscon-allow-saving-vcaches-on-shutdown-20090126
2009-01-26 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-lseek-extension-20090126
2009-01-23 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-allow-larger-directories-20090123
2009-01-21 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-shadow-directory-fixes-20090121
2009-01-21 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-replay-fixes-20090121
2009-01-21 Simon Wilkinsonrename-conn-to-afs-conn-20090121
2009-01-19 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-extend-truncation-20090119
2009-01-19 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-flush-before-shadowing-20090119