Rework cache store back
[openafs.git] / src / afs / afs_fetchstore.c
2009-12-10 Simon WilkinsonRework cache store back
2009-10-19 Simon WilkinsonReturn both error codes for rxfs_fetchInit
2009-10-17 Simon Wilkinsonafs_Conn must be called within the analyze loop
2009-10-04 Marc Dionnerxfs_storePadd: return 0 on success
2009-09-28 Simon WilkinsonWarning fixes for afs_fetchstore
2009-09-26 Simon WilkinsonAttempt to fix CForeign moredata behaviour
2009-09-25 Simon WilkinsonFix CacheFetchProc in cases where the fileserver hates us
2009-09-21 Felix FrankUse the padd op.
2009-09-13 Derrick Brashearcm fetchstore should dereference unset ops
2009-09-11 Felix FrankCode beautifications.
2009-09-11 Felix FrankMore cosmetics.
2009-09-11 Felix FrankCosmetics in CacheStoreDCaches, CacheStoreVCache and...
2009-09-11 Felix FrankImmediately abort call when not able to fetch length...
2009-09-11 Felix FrankLocking comment in FetchProc
2009-09-11 Felix FrankfetchDestroy can end calls now too.
2009-09-11 Felix FrankIncluded proper 64bit case in fetchClose() and storeClo...
2009-09-11 Felix FrankAdded guard against missing call and moved alength...
2009-09-09 Felix FrankCosmetics: Rename some variables, fix types.
2009-09-09 Christof HankeMoved CForeign check to rxfs_storeInit/storeMore.
2009-09-08 Derrick Brashearfetchstore nocall argument breaks non-64bit clients
2009-09-01 Christof HankeUploaded patchset 9. Sorry for the mess.
2009-08-27 Derrick Brashearcorrect GetuTime function name
2009-08-26 Russ AllberyInitialize xferStartTime for StoreData timings
2009-08-26 Felix FrankSome renames and reformattings in afs_fetchstore
2009-08-26 Felix FrankSanity for the padd storeOp
2009-08-26 Felix FrankAdd the padd storeOp and unify statistics keeping.
2009-08-25 Felix FrankCleanups in rxfs_storeInit()
2009-08-25 Felix FrankMore CacheStoreProc call context to afs_fetchstore...
2009-08-25 Felix FrankLimited the scope of some local variables in afs_CacheS...
2009-08-22 Felix FrankOpen/close connections in afs_fetchstore rather than...
2009-08-21 Felix FrankMove statistics and and call-closing from afs_segments...
2009-08-20 Felix FrankMove context of afs_CacheStoreProc() call from afs_segm...
2009-08-20 Felix FrankMove statistics keeping from afs_dcache to afs_fetchstore.
2009-08-19 Felix FrankSome code cleanups and variable renames.
2009-08-14 Felix FrankMove context of CacheFetchProc from afs_dcache.c to...
2009-08-11 Felix FrankUnite CacheFetchProcs and add abstraction calls.
2009-08-03 Felix FrankStoreops beautifications.
2009-07-27 Marc DionneUnused variable cleanup
2009-07-22 Felix FrankUnite CacheStoreProcs and add abstraction calls.
2009-07-16 Felix FrankGathered alternative afs_TttCacheFetchProcs and afs_Ttt...