libafs: remove extraneous solaris headers from afs_util.c
[openafs.git] / src / afs / afs_util.c
2015-04-30 Michael Meffielibafs: remove extraneous solaris headers from afs_util.c
2014-05-21 Perry Ruiterafs: Suppress duplicate message on Linux
2012-12-04 Andrew Deasonafs: log ICMP errors for downed servers
2012-11-12 Andrew Deasonafs: Pass rx connection to print_internet_address
2012-07-26 Andrew Deasonafs: afs_strcasecmp args are const
2011-12-14 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Log reason for marking server up or down
2011-07-20 Andrew DeasonRevert "afs: Use 64-bit inode numbers"
2011-07-07 Andrew Deasonafs: Use 64-bit inode numbers
2011-07-07 Andrew Deasonafs: Consolidate afs_calc_inum
2011-07-07 Andrew Deasonafs: Use cell for md5 inode numbers
2011-07-06 Andrew Deasonafs: Ensure afs_calc_inum yields nonzero ino
2011-06-30 Andrew DeasonRemove support for Solaris pre-8
2011-05-19 Andrew Deasonlibafs: Implement unixuser RW locks
2010-12-02 Matt Benjaminunix cm rx-oblivious connection pooling
2010-11-19 Simon WilkinsonUse hcrypto for kernel md5
2010-10-29 Chas Williams (CON... afs: clean afs_osi_Alloc() usage
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to register
2010-04-01 Simon WilkinsonFix formatting issues in src/afs
2010-03-02 Derrick Brashearafs_util don't use printf
2010-03-02 Derrick BrashearBOP_MOVE and userspace move EXDEV helper
2010-02-17 Derrick Brashearkill macos prior to panther
2010-02-03 Simon WilkinsonAdd printf format checks to the cache manager
2009-11-08 Simon WilkinsonComplete removal of DUX client code
2009-10-03 Simon WilkinsonThere can be only one ... MD5
2009-08-18 Michael MeffieFix stack corruption on 64 bit linux when md5inum is...
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2009-01-26 Simon Wilkinsondiscon-allow-saving-vcaches-on-shutdown-20090126
2009-01-21 Simon Wilkinsonrename-conn-to-afs-conn-20090121
2008-07-01 Marc Dionnelinux-nfstrans-updates-20080630
2008-02-11 Derrick Brashearmagic-vnodes-20080210
2007-07-26 Derrick Brashearmd5inum-md5-clobbers-input-20070726
2007-02-23 Derrick Brashearmd5-inum-round-down-20070223
2007-01-04 Derrick Brashearmd5-inode-even-odd-hack-20070104
2006-08-02 Derrick Brashearendian-fixes-20060802
2006-06-15 Troy Benjegerdeslinux-current-already-used-20060615
2006-05-09 Jim Reesfbsd-saddr-20060509
2006-04-26 Derrick Brashearmd5-fix-20060426
2006-04-07 Jim Reesbsd-md5-20060407
2006-04-06 Jim Reescalc-inum-linux-only-20060406
2006-04-06 Derrick Brashearmd5-inode-numbers-20060405
2006-03-09 Ed Moydarwin-x86-and-leopard-20060309
2005-10-13 Derrick Brashearmacos-rollup-20051013
2005-05-24 Derrick Brashearunroll-macos-104-20050523
2005-05-12 Chaskiel M Grundmanmacos104-not-yet-20050511
2005-05-08 Chaskiel M Grundmanmacos-104-not-yet-20050508
2004-12-01 Jeffrey Hutzelmanamd64-linux-dewarn-20041202
2003-07-16 Derrick Brashearreindent-20030715
2003-06-23 Jim Reesadd-strcpy-for-openbsd-20030623
2003-05-20 Derrick Brashearlinux-use-kernel-net-include-dir-for-net-20030519
2003-02-14 Jim Reesstr-fixup-20030214
2003-02-14 Douglas Engerthpux-1122-initial-support-20030213
2002-10-18 Jim Reesopenbsd-20021018
2002-10-16 Nathan Neulingerno-copy-libafs-builds-20021015
2002-10-07 Nickolai ZeldovichChange the meaning of the -fakestat switch to only...
2002-08-22 Nickolai ZeldovichAdd two useful functions for string operations: afs_str...
2002-08-21 Chaskiel M Grundmandarwin-updates-20020821
2002-08-21 Nathan Neulingerpull-prototypes-to-head-20020821
2001-10-08 Nickolai Zeldovichfix-linux-atomic-t-lossage-by-macroizing-vnode-refcount...
2001-07-12 Nathan Neulingerinclude-afsconfig-before-param-h-20010712
2001-07-05 Nathan Neulingerafsconfig-and-rcsid-all-around-20010705
2000-11-06 Chas Williamsinitial-solaris8-support-20001105
2000-11-04 Derrick BrashearStandardize License information
2000-11-04 IBMInitial IBM OpenAFS 1.0 tree openafs-ibm-1_0 openafs-root