Add akeyconvert, for rxkad.keytab to KeyFileExt conversion
[openafs.git] / src / aklog /
2016-04-28 Benjamin KadukAdd akeyconvert, for rxkad.keytab to KeyFileExt conversion 86/11786/12
2015-03-31 Ben Kadukaklog: swap order of roken and hcrypto
2014-10-08 Benjamin KadukLink aklog against LIB_hcrypto
2014-10-08 Benjamin KadukAllow building with MIT krb5 and external roken
2013-04-08 Andrew Deasonaklog: Probe for libasn1 on heimdal
2012-09-12 Simon WilkinsonStop using libafsauthent
2012-09-11 Simon WilkinsonStop using libafsrpc
2012-09-09 Simon Wilkinsonutil: Convert to using libtool
2012-09-07 Simon Wilkinsoncmd: Convert to using libtool
2012-09-04 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Convert to using libtool
2012-06-27 Simon WilkinsonUnix builds: Reference krb5 libs in standard way
2011-11-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Use a red black tree for the event stack
2011-06-05 Simon WilkinsonBuild system: Move install definitions to include
2011-03-08 Andrew Deasonaklog: Do not include XCFLAGS twice
2011-01-29 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Use correct CFLAGS
2010-11-25 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Build a pthreaded, rather than lwp, version
2010-11-19 Simon WilkinsonRemove local crypto
2010-11-17 Simon Wilkinsonlibroken: Build on windows
2010-10-11 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Rework build system
2010-06-30 Derrick Brashearstop abusing OPTMZ in aklog
2010-06-15 Russ AllberyRework the Kerberos Autoconf probes
2009-12-30 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Rename aklog_main.c as aklog.c
2009-12-30 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Merge aklog with aklog_main
2009-01-22 Derrick Brashearklog-krb5-link-order-20090122
2009-01-19 Derrick Brashearkrb5-klog-link-rule-20090118
2008-06-28 Russ Allberyinstall-and-document-klog-krb5-20080627
2008-04-01 Simon Wilkinsonaklog-tidyup-20080401
2007-11-23 Sean O'Malleykrb5-klog-solaris-20071123
2007-01-05 Marcus Wattsasetkey-with-heimdal-20070104
2006-10-27 Marcus Wattsk5-klog-20061026
2006-10-26 Marcus Wattsaklog-lib-order-20061026
2006-08-03 Russ Allberyautoconf-likes-relative-paths-20060802
2006-08-01 Russ Allberydeath-to-pinstall-20060801
2006-02-17 Jim Reestest-heimdal-20060217
2005-12-21 Jim Reesaklog-obsd-20051221
2005-12-21 Ken Hornsteinaklog-fix-install-Makefile-target-20051221
2005-10-25 Ken Hornsteinintegrate-asetkey-20051029
2005-08-28 Derrick Brashearaklog-no-gmake-20050828
2005-06-30 Ken Hornsteinaklog-heimdal-integration-20050630
2005-06-24 Ken Hornsteinaklog-cleanup-rxkad2b-20050623
2005-06-21 Ken HornsteinAdd missing that I apparantly forgot.