Add braces to empty conditional blocks
[openafs.git] / src / aklog / aklog.c
2018-05-25 Pat RieheckyAdd braces to empty conditional blocks 81/13081/5
2015-03-20 Nathan Dobsonaklog: Correct size used for strlcpy()
2015-02-05 Jeffrey HutzelmanIgnore return values harder
2014-12-01 Jeffrey HutzelmanFix unchecked calls to asprintf
2014-11-05 Jeffrey Altmanklog: make krb5_524 non-fatal for native K5 tokens
2014-10-08 Anders Kaseorgaklog: Fix segfault on aklog -path
2014-05-21 Michael Meffieaklog: double get_credv5 in retry logic
2014-03-25 Benjamin Kadukaklog: those pesky assignments in conditionals
2014-01-17 Benjamin KadukDisable deprecated warnings for krb5 routines
2013-09-25 Andrew DeasonProbe directly for com_err.h
2013-07-24 Simon WilkinsonMerge branch 'rxkad-kdf-master' into HEAD
2013-07-13 Chaskiel GrundmanDerive DES/fcrypt session key from other key types
2013-03-27 Andrew Deasonaklog: Only try to use krb5-weak.conf if it exists
2013-03-26 Andrew Deasonaklog: Search for /etc/krb5/krb5.conf
2013-03-10 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix buffer overflows in next_path
2013-03-10 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Protect against overflows from cmdline
2013-03-10 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Avoid overflows in get_afs_mountpoint
2013-03-10 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix overflows in auth_to_path
2013-03-07 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix improper use of readlink
2013-01-22 Andrew Deasonaklog: Fix allow_weak_crypto warning
2012-09-27 Chas Williams (CON... afs: casting NULL is generally unnecessary
2012-06-14 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix error message fallback for Heimdal
2012-06-13 Derrick Brashearaklog: can't assume krb5_524_conv_principal based on...
2012-05-24 Simon Wilkinsonauth & [ak]log: Don't cast returns from malloc()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonUse asprintf for string construction
2012-04-17 Derrick Brashearaklog: heimdal kvno is rapidly changing
2012-04-13 Derrick Brashearaklog: heimdal kvno is unsigned
2011-10-23 Andrew Deasonauth: Force correct evenness on rxkad tokens
2011-09-06 Derrick Brashearaklog: strlen(NULL) doesn't work
2011-08-29 Derrick Brashearaklog: work around lion kerberos disaster
2011-08-13 Derrick Brashearaklog: attempt to warn about needed weak crypto switch...
2011-08-10 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Add -config option
2011-07-22 Derrick Brashearaklog: check ccache errors in get_user_realm
2011-07-22 Derrick Brashearmacos: krb5_524 is uselessly stubbed
2011-04-22 Andrew DeasonRevert "aklog: Return token when performing 524 conversion"
2011-04-21 Andrew Deasonaklog: Return token when performing 524 conversion
2011-03-27 Simon Wilkinsonafs_snprintf is dead, long live rk_snprintf
2011-03-27 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Tidy header includes
2011-03-27 Simon WilkinsonNO_DES_H_INCLUDE is no longer necessary
2010-11-25 Derrick Brashearaklog weak warning
2010-11-01 Derrick Brashearcheck for error_message
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix some format warnings
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix weak_crypto tests
2010-08-30 Simon WilkinsonNew GetToken pioctl
2010-08-30 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Add support for the new SetToken pioctl
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-06-18 Ben KadukFix aklog segfault
2010-06-16 Russ AllberyFix aklog warnings when building with Heimdal
2010-06-02 Derrick Brashearaklog no krb524 kill warnings
2010-04-07 Russ AllberyReallocate memory in aklog for the AFS ID string
2010-03-27 Derrick Brashearaklog pt error table warning fix
2010-03-27 Derrick Brashearaklog more error tables
2010-03-21 Derrick Brashearaix krb5 error message handling
2010-02-19 Marc DionneAvoid dprintf conflict
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Refactor token management operations
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Refactor token acquisition code
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Use a function to print debug statements
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Actually use new get_realm_from_cred fn
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Tidy realm handling
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Dispose of the pointless confname string
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Clean up cell handling
2010-02-17 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Cosmetic cleanup
2010-01-22 Russ AllberyEnable weak enctypes for aklog if supported by Kerberos
2009-12-30 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Rename aklog_main.c as aklog.c
2009-12-30 Simon WilkinsonUnix: Merge aklog with aklog_main
2009-10-16 Derrick Brashearsnowleopard 64 bit warning death
2008-04-01 Simon Wilkinsonaklog-tidyup-20080401
2005-07-15 Christopher Allen... misc-aklog-fixes-20050714
2005-06-30 Ken Hornsteinaklog-heimdal-integration-20050630
2005-06-24 Ken Hornsteinaklog-cleanup-rxkad2b-20050623
2005-06-19 Ken Hornsteinmore-aklog-fixes-20050618
2004-11-19 Ken Hornsteinaklog-intergration-20041119