redhat: Use the right path to depmod
[openafs.git] / src / packaging / RedHat / openafs-kmodtool
2014-05-21 Stephan Wiesandredhat: Use the right path to depmod
2014-01-11 Andrew DeasonFedora: Handle new kernel variant paths
2014-01-11 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Munge future kernel versions
2013-07-12 Arne WiebalckRedHat: support building on ELRepo kernels
2010-04-22 Simon WilkinsonLinux: RedHat packaging updates for RHEL6
2009-02-03 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-packaging-updates-20090203
2008-04-22 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-fedora9-packaging-updates-20080422
2008-02-13 Derrick Brashearredhat-openafs-kmodtool-20080213