Fedora: Handle new kernel variant paths
[openafs.git] / src / packaging / RedHat /
2014-01-11 Andrew DeasonFedora: Handle new kernel variant paths
2014-01-11 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Munge future kernel versions
2013-12-18 Arne Wiebalckmake openafs uninstallable even if /afs is missing
2013-07-24 Simon WilkinsonMerge branch 'rxkad-kdf-master' into HEAD
2013-07-23 Michael LaßUse -nofork when starting bosserver via systemd
2013-07-12 Arne WiebalckRedHat: support building on ELRepo kernels
2013-03-28 Arne Wiebalckpackaging: remove largefile-fileserver option from...
2013-02-28 Ken DreyerRedHat: fix makesrpm.pl version discovery
2013-01-29 Stephan WiesandCellServDB update 28 Jan 2013
2012-10-01 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Avoid the DKMS escaping silliness
2012-04-03 Derrick Brashearlinux: update spec requirements
2012-04-03 Derrick Brashearlinux: make mockbuild more reliable
2012-03-08 Jonathan Billingsredhat: Don't replace modified configuration files...
2012-03-03 Dave BotschFixes dkms.conf for Redhat Enterprise
2012-02-14 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Fail openafs-client 'stop' on rmmod error
2012-01-03 Geoffrey Thomasrpm: Don't attempt to restart on upgrade when using...
2011-12-03 Edward Z. YangAdd OpenAFS to the dependencies of remote-fs.
2011-11-27 Edward Z. YangLinux: 3: Update specfile to know about 3.* kernels.
2011-11-05 Derrick Brashearredhat: make rpms build on pre-f15 again
2011-10-27 Edward Z. Yanglinux: Update Packaging to build OpenAFS services for...
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonrpm: Add new libraries
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonrpm: Turn on debugging
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonlinux: makesrpm should cope with releases with letters
2011-10-07 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Add xstat_*_test commands to RPMs
2011-09-28 Michael Meffiebozo: report bosserver -rxbind address
2011-09-11 Todd LewisRPM: Fix dkms support on Fedora 15
2011-08-31 Derrick Brashearredhat: mockbuild updates for repoquery
2011-08-15 Simon Wilkinsonrpm: Update CellServDB
2011-08-13 Derrick Brashearredhat: update dkms config
2011-08-01 Will MaierRedHat: Return status values from client init
2011-07-22 Andy Cobaughrpm: remove postinstall message from openafs-client
2011-07-21 Derrick Brashearredhat: support epel yum configs in mockbuild
2011-07-13 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Use git version information
2011-07-12 Ken DreyerRed Hat: update build script for newer Fedora versions
2011-07-12 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Fix handling of x86 architectures
2011-07-12 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Fix our %version handling
2011-07-10 Ken DreyerRed Hat: use repoquery to find kernels in build script
2011-06-20 Ken DreyerEnable -afsdb in the Red Hat packages.
2011-06-09 Jonathan BillingsLinux: rpm: Update openafs.spec.in to include changes...
2011-06-05 Jonathan Billingslinux: rpm: Fix SELinux attributes on /afs when install...
2011-05-14 Andy Cobaughrpm: Really undefine %dist
2011-03-23 Simon Wilkinsonrpm: Build srpms without %dist in their name
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Make makesrpm.pl cater for new rpm names
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Use new CellServDB
2011-03-04 Michael Meffierpm: fix ChangeLog filename in doc rpm
2011-02-18 Simon WilkinsonRedHat packaging: Use %{dist} not %{osver}
2011-02-14 Jonathan BillingsRedHat: Change the defined initdir path to /etc/rc...
2011-01-10 Stephan Wiesandrpm: don't package files twice
2010-11-22 Derrick Brashearredhat init script fix missing space
2010-11-19 Simon WilkinsonRemove local crypto
2010-11-05 Jonathan BillingsRedHat: Remove potpourri.h from RedHat SPEC file manifest
2010-10-29 Derrick BrashearRPM scripts should allow newbinary restart to restart
2010-10-11 Phillip MooreExtract the .version file when building the srpm file
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Package libafshcrypto libraries
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Do not force krb5-config path
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Update openafs.spec for configure changes
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Use git-version in makesrpm.pl
2010-09-01 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Use configure.ac in makesrpm.pl
2010-09-01 Jonathan BillingsLinux: Updated RedHat spec file with new demand attach...
2010-07-08 Jonathan BillingsUpdate the Red Hat spec file to include fssync-debug...
2010-07-03 Jonathan BillingsRemoved kpasswd from openafs-file-list
2010-07-01 Andrew DeasonRemove --enable-fast-restart configure option
2010-06-27 Simon WilkinsonRPM Packaging: Make file types clear
2010-06-27 Simon WilkinsonRPM Packaging: All debug kernels are bad
2010-06-27 Simon WilkinsonRPM Packaging: Add support for Fedora 12 and Fedora 13
2010-06-27 Simon WilkinsonRPM Packaging: Skip comments in configure.in
2010-04-22 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Tidy up packaging
2010-04-22 Simon WilkinsonLinux: RedHat packaging updates for RHEL6
2010-04-20 Jonathan BillingsUpdated dkms.conf to remove MPS=$SMP from make
2010-04-20 Jonathan BillingsAdded explanatory comments for restorevol move
2010-04-20 Jonathan BillingsFixed more locations to reflect recent changes
2010-04-20 Jonathan BillingsFixed RedHat SPEC file to reflect updates in code
2010-03-31 Jonathan BillingsUpdated RedHat RPM spec file to include unreferenced...
2010-03-10 Derrick Brasheardkms configure correctly
2010-03-09 Simon WilkinsonUpdate RPM CellServDB
2009-09-10 Russ AllberyMove restorevol to bin from sbin
2009-09-10 Derrick Brashearredhat spec dkms don't strip modules
2009-07-23 Simon WilkinsonRename installed version of compile_et
2009-07-10 Russ AllberyBuild and install PIC versions of libafsrpc and libafsa...
2009-07-06 Simon WilkinsonRemove CVS ignore files
2009-07-03 Derrick Brashearredhat-spec-manpage-updates-20090703
2009-06-15 Simon Wilkinsongitignore-20090615
2009-06-03 Derrick Brashearcurpag-via-pioctl-20090603 openafs-rx-enhancements
2009-05-12 Anders Kaseorgredhat-use-postinit-in-initscript-20090512
2009-03-25 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-spec-update-20090325
2009-02-17 Tony D'Amatoredhat-rpms-kernel24-20090216
2009-02-03 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-packaging-non-stable-branches-20090203
2009-02-03 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-packaging-updates-20090203
2008-11-05 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-packaging-krb-conf-man-page-20081105
2008-09-12 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-mockbuild-dksm-20080912
2008-08-26 Derrick Brashearlinux-rpm-make-dkms-remove-work-20080826
2008-08-20 Derrick Brashearredhat-spec-default-build-authlibs-20080820
2008-07-07 Simon Wilkinsonrhel3-disable-fedorakmod-20080707
2008-07-01 Andrew Deasonredhat-build-updates-20080701
2008-04-27 Derrick Brashearredhat-cellservdb-update-20080423
2008-04-22 Simon Wilkinsonlinux-fedora9-packaging-updates-20080422
2008-04-08 Simon Wilkinsonredhat-spec-updates-20080408
2008-02-14 Simon Wilkinsonmockbuild-20080214
2008-02-13 Derrick Brashearredhat-openafs-kmodtool-20080213
2008-01-24 Derrick Brashearredhat-support-dkms-20080124