configure: Check for localtime_r properly
[openafs.git] / src / roken /
2011-04-04 Simon Wilkinsonconfigure: Check for localtime_r properly
2011-03-29 Simon WilkinsonAIX: Add flock to roken
2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinsonroken: Export more snprintf symbols
2010-12-06 Andrew Deasonroken: Export rk_daemon, not daemon
2010-12-01 Simon WilkinsonBuild and use roken's mkstemp
2010-11-24 Simon Wilkinsonroken: Add the strsep function
2010-11-24 Simon Wilkinsonroken: Add base64 functions to libroken
2010-11-01 Simon WilkinsonAdd libroken as its own library