Use an explicit symbol for uninitialized vnode types
[openafs.git] / src / tools /
2014-01-17 Benjamin KadukUse an explicit symbol for uninitialized vnode types
2014-01-17 Benjamin KadukAdd braces to avoid a 'dangling else' warning
2013-09-30 Michael Meffiebuild: compile_et rules for parallel make
2013-03-01 Simon Wilkinsondumptool: Remove newlines safely
2013-02-21 Simon WilkinsonDon't allocate objects of 0 length
2013-02-20 Simon Wilkinsondumpscan: Unsigned ints can't be less than 0
2013-01-21 Dan van der Sterrxperf: print achieved transfer rate
2013-01-06 Nickolai Zeldovichtools/dumpscan/pathname.c: properly check strdup()...
2013-01-02 Derrick Brashearvol: fix everything to use volumeid type
2012-12-04 Michael Meffietools: example sysvmq audit reader
2012-10-18 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Use opr queues
2012-10-18 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Use libtool RX library
2012-09-04 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Convert to using libtool
2012-07-26 Garrett Wollmanafsdump_extract: clarify logic to avoid freeing local...
2012-05-24 Simon Wilkinsoncomerr: Don't cast returns from malloc()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast the return from realloc()
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonUse calloc, rather than malloc/memset
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonUse strdup to copy strings
2012-05-08 Hartmut ReuterMake it build outside source tree
2012-04-22 Simon Wilkinsondumpscan: Add missing .gitignore
2012-04-19 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Move into the tools directory
2012-04-18 Simon Wilkinsontools: Move dumpscan into its own directory
2012-04-09 Marc Dionnetools: return error code in xfclose
2012-04-08 Simon Wilkinsontools: Use native 64 bit integer
2012-04-07 Simon Wilkinsontools: Add roken.h to afsdump
2012-04-07 Simon Wilkinsontools: Rename u_int64 to solve AIX problem
2012-04-03 Derrick Brasheartools: move useful tools from test dir to tools dir
2010-10-27 Derrick Brashearkill defunct tools directory
2009-06-15 Simon Wilkinsongitignore-20090615
2002-06-30 Jeremy Striblingopenafs-tools-update-20020630
2002-01-16 Jeremy Striblingopenafs-tools-cmd-20020115