Make cmdebug -addrs work on platforms other than Solaris.
[openafs.git] / src / venus / cmdebug.c
2002-10-07 Nickolai ZeldovichMake cmdebug -addrs work on platforms other than Solaris.
2002-08-23 Nickolai ZeldovichThis is mostly a rewrite of src/afs/afs_cell.c, and...
2002-08-21 Nathan Neulingerpull-prototypes-to-head-20020821
2002-05-21 Nickolai ZeldovichZero out some fields to avoid random crashes in "cmdebu...
2002-03-19 Nathan Neulinger(no commit message)
2002-03-16 Nickolai ZeldovichAdd a -cache flag to cmdebug to remotely obtain cache...
2001-10-17 Nickolai Zeldovichcmdebug-addrs-option-20011017
2001-08-08 Derrick Brashearconvert-from-bsd-to-posix-string-and-memory-functions...
2001-07-12 Nathan Neulingerinclude-afsconfig-before-param-h-20010712
2001-07-05 Nathan Neulingerafsconfig-and-rcsid-all-around-20010705
2000-11-04 Derrick BrashearStandardize License information
2000-11-04 IBMInitial IBM OpenAFS 1.0 tree openafs-ibm-1_0 openafs-root