venus: fix memory leak
[openafs.git] / src / venus / fs.c
2016-06-29 Marcio Barbosavenus: fix memory leak 15/12315/2
2014-11-25 Michael Meffiecmd: avoid piggy-backing flags in the help string
2014-11-25 Michael Meffiecmd: add flags argument to create syntax function
2014-03-25 Michael Meffiefs: display cell not available on ESRCH
2013-06-04 Nickolai ZeldovichFix scanf buffer overflows
2013-03-10 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Fix improper use of readlink
2013-02-26 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Catch pioctl failure in mkmount
2013-02-24 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Remove redundant variable assignments
2013-02-24 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Free parent_dir later in lsmount and flushmount
2013-01-24 Michael Meffielibafs: fs flushall for unix cm
2012-09-27 Chas Williams (CON... afs: casting NULL is generally unnecessary
2012-05-24 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast returns from malloc()
2012-05-08 Andrew Deasonfs: Report default storebehind when errors exist
2012-04-10 Simon WilkinsonRework the ugen_* interface
2012-04-09 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Fix bad frees
2012-01-17 Ken Dreyerfix spelling in comments
2011-09-26 Simon WilkinsonClean up assertion
2011-09-22 Marc Dionnefs: fix setserverprefs where long is larger than afs_int32
2011-06-04 Rainer Strunzfs: add support for relative ACL changes
2011-04-21 Marc DionneUnused variable warning fixes
2011-04-13 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Abstract out code to get the last component
2011-04-04 Simon Wilkinsonvenus: Tidy up header includes
2010-11-19 Simon WilkinsonReplace bits of libutil with libroken
2010-10-29 Phillip MooreFix fs bypassthreshold to accept a size of -1 to disable
2010-10-29 Phillip Moorefs getfid defaults to '.', like other path-related...
2010-10-29 Phillip Moorefs getfid output changed for consistency with Windows...
2010-10-29 Phillip MooreMakes fs getfid error handling consistent with other...
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-11 Derrick Brashearfs discon support alternate uid
2010-08-02 Derrick Brashearfs disconnected remove ifdefs
2010-07-01 Andrew Deasonfs: Correct human-readable output alignment
2010-06-30 Andrew Deasonfs: HumanPrintSpace is void
2010-06-30 Evan BroderAdd human-readable printout to fs df
2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinsonfs: Can't use store behind data if pioctl errored
2010-05-25 Derrick Brashearfs getserverprefs needs a larger buffer
2010-04-22 Andrew DeasonResolve symlinks for 'fs rmmount'
2010-02-03 Simon WilkinsonFix fs storebehind on files with 2 or more servers
2009-12-23 Andrew DeasonFix warnings in fs.c with --enable-cache-bypass
2009-12-21 Michael MeffiePrefix global defines
2009-12-21 Michael MeffieConsolidate duplicate definitions
2009-10-06 Hartmut ReuterNew option '-cmd' for 'fs listacl'
2009-09-28 Simon WilkinsonMiscellaneous warning cleanup
2009-07-13 Evan BroderAllow passing in human-readable units for specifying...
2009-07-12 Hartmut ReuterMake 'fs listquota' output readable for large quota
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2009-03-16 Simon Wilkinsonvenus-prototypes-20090316
2009-02-17 Peter Tripicianfs-lsm-parse-bug-20090226
2008-11-30 Derrick Brashearmissing-comerr-header-includes-20081130
2008-09-25 Matt Benjaminbypasscache-20080922
2008-09-22 Dragos Tatuleadisconnected-rw-20080922
2008-05-23 Simon Wilkinsondisconnected-20080523
2008-05-21 Derrick Brashearpmtu-and-prefetch-20080520
2007-11-26 Christof Hankeassorted-warning-cleanup-20071126
2007-10-31 Simon Wilkinsonopenafs-void-star-pointers-20071031
2007-10-30 Simon Wilkinsonopenafs-string-header-cleanup-20071030
2007-10-16 Jason Edgecombefs-uuid-20071016
2007-06-12 Derrick Brashearnewuuid-20070612
2007-04-10 Derrick Brashearcomerr-rename-20070410
2007-02-09 Marcus Wattsauth-cleanup-20070208
2007-02-01 Jeffrey Altmanvenus-include-afs-com_err-20070201
2006-07-31 Jeffrey Hutzelmanlinux-afs-translator-xen-20060731
2006-07-04 Derrick Brashearubik-call-sucks-20060703
2006-06-16 Jim Reesno-divide-by-zero-20060616
2006-06-15 Troy Benjegerdesfs-getcache-show-more-20060615
2006-03-30 Jim Reesnat-mode-20060330
2006-01-23 Derrick Brashearfs-getfid-20060123
2005-06-24 Ken Hornsteinfix-getcrypt-command-description-20050623
2005-05-08 Klas Lindforsexport-calleraccess-via-pioctl-20050508
2004-10-10 Derrick Brasheargeneric-client-init-function-20041009
2004-10-08 Jim Reesadd-rocks-20041008
2004-06-02 Derrick Brashearcallback-rxcon-move-20040602
2004-04-18 Nickolai Zeldovichadd-fs-exa-file-support-20040417
2003-07-16 Derrick Brashearreindent-20030715
2003-07-01 Peter Breitenlohnergcc-warnings-cleanup-20030701
2003-04-22 Chas Williamsfs-include-string-function-prototypes-20030422
2003-01-11 Sam Hartmaninclude-errno-dont-declare-it-20030111
2002-08-26 Nathan Neulingerfs-prototyping-20020826
2002-08-22 Derrick Brashearprototypes-fixes-20020821
2002-08-22 Nickolai ZeldovichMake "fs newcell" work even when there are no pre-exist...
2002-08-21 Nathan Neulingerpull-prototypes-to-head-20020821
2002-03-10 Love Hörnquist-... rxgen-prototypes-fixes-20020310
2001-11-01 Nickolai Zeldovichdynroot-allow-cell-aliases-20011101
2001-08-08 Derrick Brashearconvert-from-bsd-to-posix-string-and-memory-functions...
2001-07-23 Derrick Brashearfs-sysname-output-syntax-compatibility-20010723
2001-07-20 Derrick Brashearfs-sysname-format-should-include-quotes-as-before-20010720
2001-07-12 Nathan Neulingerinclude-afsconfig-before-param-h-20010712
2001-07-05 Nathan Neulingerafsconfig-and-rcsid-all-around-20010705
2001-06-23 Nickolai Zeldovichfix-fs-error-string-printing-20010623
2001-06-05 Ted McCabesysname-list-instead-of-simple-name-20010605
2001-04-04 Derrick Brashearenable-getcrypt-command-20010404
2001-01-19 Derrick Brashearadd-cryptall-pioctl-macros-20010119
2001-01-15 Derrick Brashearadd-fs-crypt-commands-20010115
2000-11-04 Derrick BrashearStandardize License information
2000-11-04 IBMInitial IBM OpenAFS 1.0 tree openafs-ibm-1_0 openafs-root