vos offline: Bring volume back online for -busy
[openafs.git] / src / volser / vos.c
2011-10-24 Andrew Deasonvos offline: Bring volume back online for -busy
2011-09-14 Marc Dionnevos: print correct command name in diagnostics for...
2011-08-09 Garrett Wollmanvos: eliminate unnecessary global variables
2011-08-07 Garrett Wollmanvos: don't free stack garbage on error
2011-08-01 Derrick Brashearvos: spell "vldb" correctly
2011-06-28 Jeffrey Altmanvos: refactor ListAddrs
2011-06-07 Simon Wilkinsonvos: Add the -config option
2011-06-05 Simon Wilkinsonusd: Move to using real 64bit quantities
2011-06-05 Simon Wilkinsonvos: print_addrs never receives multi-homed addrs
2011-06-01 Simon Wilkinsonvos: Don't leak/overflow bulkaddrs
2011-05-19 Jeff BlaineHide -noexecute in favor of -dryrun
2011-03-28 Simon Wilkinsonvolser: Tidy header includes
2011-03-06 Jeffrey Altmanvolser: warning removal
2011-03-05 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "Convert from using nvldbentry to uvldbentry"
2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altmanvos: do not mix memory allocation methods
2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altmanvos: free ubulkentries with xdr_free
2010-12-07 Andrew DeasonRemove unreached lines
2010-11-18 Jeffrey AltmanConvert from using nvldbentry to uvldbentry
2010-11-17 Simon Wilkinsonlibroken: Build on windows
2010-10-05 Simon WilkinsonKill AFS_64BIT_ENV
2010-09-27 Marc Dionnevolser: Set but not used variables
2010-08-21 Marc DionneFixes for signed char architectures
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to register
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: report human-readable last*Time
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: add lastActiveTime field
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: actually show created time
2010-07-12 Andrew DeasonConsolidate loopback address tests
2010-07-08 sanketvos: Don't call SubEnumerate twice
2010-06-25 Andrew Deasonvolser: Use unsigned addresses and volume IDs
2010-06-23 Andrew Deasonvos: Interpret VLOP_* lock flags
2010-04-16 Marc DionneRemove unused variable in vos.c
2010-04-16 Harald BarthAdd vos setaddrs command and man page
2010-03-10 Andrew DeasonSquash pthreaded vos warnings
2010-02-17 Andrew DeasonInclude stdint.h when using intptr_t
2009-12-31 Simon WilkinsonRemove --disable-full-vos-listvol-switch option
2009-12-16 Andrew DeasonAdd the 'vos endtrans' command
2009-10-26 Jeffrey Altmanubik_VL_GetAddrsU does not accept a VLCallBack parameter
2009-10-21 Simon WilkinsonDon't cast the pointer past to memset
2009-10-18 Andrew DeasonLog error messages in volser i/o errors
2009-10-16 Derrick Brashearsnowleopard 64 bit warning death
2009-10-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: If SecurityLevel is configured use it for...
2009-10-13 Simon WilkinsonAdd public protoypes for volser
2009-10-08 Andrew DeasonReduce warnings in vos.c
2009-09-28 Marc DionneUse intptr_t and uintptr_t for integer/pointer conversions
2009-07-24 Andrew DeasonAllow specifying vos create/addsite volume IDs
2009-07-21 Andrew DeasonCorrect ctime arguments
2009-07-16 Jeffrey AltmanDo not print volume name in DisplayFormat2 if status...
2009-07-16 Jeffrey Altmanvos print_addr() must call ubik_VL_GetAddrsU with corre...
2009-07-13 Evan BroderAllow passing in human-readable units for specifying...
2009-07-11 Simon WilkinsonRename printf cast helpers and clean up format string...
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonDon't remove ccode, just conditionalise it
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonPrototyping for the volser directory
2009-07-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove the RCSID macro
2009-07-09 Andrew DeasonAlways display vnode accesses in vos output
2009-04-27 Jeffrey Altmanvos-reveal-hidden-cmds-20090427
2009-03-23 Jeffrey Altmanvolid-unsigned-int32-20090323
2009-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonprintf-sanity-20090317
2009-02-18 Simon Wilkinsonwindows-64bit-printf-sanity-20090218
2009-02-18 Peter Tripicianvos-increment-offline-count-20090218
2008-10-27 Simon Wilkinsonkill-uninitialized-variable-warnings-20081026
2008-07-19 Russ Allberyalways-wrap-vos-ctime-20080718
2008-05-22 Derrick Brasheardafs-volumestats-conflict-20080521
2008-04-14 Derrick Brashearvolser-prototype-include-fix-20080414
2008-04-10 Jeffrey Altmanvos-noresolve-option-20080410
2008-04-03 Kevin McBridetubik-vos-20080403
2008-03-05 Derrick Brashearlarge-partition-support-20080305
2008-02-11 Derrick Brashearvos-syncv-dryrun-20080210
2008-01-22 Derrick Brashearvos-volser-enhancements-20080121
2007-10-31 Simon Wilkinsonopenafs-void-star-pointers-20071031
2007-10-30 Simon Wilkinsonopenafs-string-header-cleanup-20071030
2007-10-23 Derrick Brashearvos-restore-check-doesnt-apply-to-pipes-20071023
2007-07-19 Derrick Brashearvolser-directoryless-incremental-dumps-20070719
2007-07-19 Derrick Brashearkill-more-ubikcall-20070719
2007-07-19 Derrick Brashearvos-validate-dumpfile-20070719
2007-05-10 Derrick Brashearvos-namelen-for-dump-restore-is-stupid-20070509
2007-02-09 Marcus Wattsauth-cleanup-20070208
2006-07-31 Derrick Brashearvos-avoid-freeing-null-pointers-20060731
2006-04-17 Andrew Deasonvos-date-parse-errmsg-20060417
2005-12-16 Jeffrey Hutzelmanvos-restore-parent-id-patch-20051215
2005-10-23 Ervin Fenyakadd-volupdate-counter-20051015
2005-08-15 Klas Lindforsvos-format-cleanup-20050815
2005-08-09 David Thompsonvos-ctime-fix-20050809
2005-07-07 Derrick Brashearvos-ctime-help-20050705
2005-04-15 Kris Van Heesvos-release-compare-update-timestamps-20050415
2005-04-03 Tom Keiservos-partinfo-summary-portability-20050403
2005-03-21 Ervin Fenyakvos-extended-format-20050320
2005-03-20 Tom Keiservos-partinfo-summary-mode-20050320
2005-03-08 Tom Keiservos-listaddrs-dont-infinite-loop-20050308
2004-11-06 Kris Van Heesvos-timestamp-handling-20041106
2004-08-17 Jeffrey Altmanpost-1-3-70-windows-changes-20040816
2004-07-29 Chaskiel M Grundmanvos-shadow-print-status-correctly-20040729
2004-07-29 Kris Van Heesvolser-restore-timestamp-cleanup-20040728
2004-04-08 Jeffrey Altmanunitialized-vars-20040408
2004-03-21 Jeffrey AltmanVLCallBack-vos-20040321
2004-01-08 Jeffrey Hutzelmanvos-move-copy-improvements-20040108
2004-01-01 Derrick Brashearvos-full-listvol-irix-20040101
2003-12-07 Jeffrey Altmanticket-2618-patches-20031207
2003-11-23 Jeffrey Altmanjoe-beuhler-patches-20031122
2003-11-15 Derrick Brashearvolser-protoization-20031114