discon getparentvcache leak fix
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2010-08-04 Derrick Brasheardiscon getparentvcache leak fix
2010-08-04 Derrick Brasheardiscon needs static_inline macro
2010-08-04 Derrick Brasheardarwin unused prototype
2010-08-04 Andrew Deasonutil: add afs_exec_alt
2010-08-04 Andrew Deasontbudb: Use INSTALL_PROGRAM, not INSTALL -f
2010-08-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Reduce complexity of Freelance Callback Logic
2010-08-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: When processing pioctl paths ensure callbacks...
2010-08-02 Derrick Brashearfs disconnected remove ifdefs
2010-08-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: docbook revision tag requires a date
2010-08-02 Asanka HerathWindows: Don't configure client when not installing...
2010-08-02 Asanka HerathWindows: Fix MC options
2010-08-02 Andrew Deasonptserver: Do not use cell for entry name len check
2010-08-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Do not reference cm_data.rootSCachep directly
2010-08-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Update root.afs scache dv when Freelance dir...
2010-08-02 Andrew DeasonSOLARIS: let xlator load if amd64/nfssrv is loaded
2010-08-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows aklog: remove lstat preprocessor definition
2010-08-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows aklog: include afs/pterror.h
2010-07-31 Andrew Deasonptserver: Allow longer foreign user names
2010-07-31 Ben KadukFBSD: update ifa_ifwithnet usage
2010-07-29 Andrew DeasonInstall DAFS and non-DAFS fssync-debug
2010-07-29 Derrick Brashearmacos prefs pane improved error handling
2010-07-29 Andrew Deasonviced: Correct unblessed attach2 errors
2010-07-29 Andrew Deasonvol-bless: Detach, not put, volumes on completion
2010-07-28 Marc Dionnegcc 4.5: Sequence point warning fixes
2010-07-26 Derrick Brashearunix blacklistonce should default to fail if no fid
2010-07-22 Andrew Deasonsalvage: Zero root/readme vnodes before writing
2010-07-22 Andrew Deasonautoconf: Force absolute INSTALL
2010-07-22 Andrew DeasonRemove tsalvaged warning inhibition
2010-07-22 Andrew DeasonAFS_INT64_FMT takes a afs_int64, not int64_t
2010-07-21 Andrew DeasonLog lex/flex detection errors in the config log
2010-07-21 Derrick Brashearvlserver - Don't overflow buffer with backup pattern
2010-07-21 Andrew DeasonRemove an outdated inode comment block
2010-07-21 Andrew DeasonSOLARIS: do not ignore libafs build failures
2010-07-21 Andrew Deasonlibafs: fix IOPEN for amd64 solaris
2010-07-20 Andrew Deasonubik: Make ugen_ClientInit honor noAuthFlag
2010-07-20 Andrew Deasonbos: Do not assume DAFS just if DAFS bnode exists
2010-07-20 Andrew Deasonbozo: Clean up bnode parms for each bnode
2010-07-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Build Demand Attach File Service
2010-07-20 Derrick Brashearvol AttachByName should mimic other volpkg errors
2010-07-19 Derrick BrashearShakeLooseVCaches needs to avoid CVInit vcaches
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: report human-readable last*Time
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: add lastActiveTime field
2010-07-18 Andrew Deasonvos status: actually show created time
2010-07-18 Simon Wilkinsondir: Add printf format checks to log
2010-07-18 Simon Wilkinsonbudb: Add printf format checks to logging fns
2010-07-18 Simon Wilkinsonvol: Fix logging functions
2010-07-16 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Load exportfs first
2010-07-15 Russ AllberyAdd new demand-attach binaries to .gitignore
2010-07-15 Russ AllberyFix .version generation for make libafs_tree
2010-07-15 Marc Dionneafspag version of rx_knet.o
2010-07-14 Russ AllberyDebian: Install the demand-attach versions of the binaries
2010-07-14 Russ AllberyUpdate Debian packaging to 1.5.75-2
2010-07-14 Andrew DeasonRX: ignore all local 127/8 IFF_LOOPBACK interfaces
2010-07-14 Andrew DeasonTreat all 127.0/16 addresses as loopback
2010-07-14 Russ AllberyRewrite FUSE macro to skip FUSE if not found unless...
2010-07-14 Marc DionneLinux: use an int pointer for the size argument to...
2010-07-14 Jeffrey HutzelmanDon't overflow a buffer on the server's stack at startup
2010-07-14 Marc Dionnerx_user.c: Remove unused variable
2010-07-14 Derrick Brashearlinux rx pmtu fixes
2010-07-14 Derrick Brashearsimple fuse enable change
2010-07-14 Andrew DeasonAdd -unsafe-nosalvage fileserver option
2010-07-14 Simon WilkinsonCheck for crypt in external library
2010-07-14 Russ AllberyUpdate Debian packaging to 1.5.75-1
2010-07-14 Derrick Brasheardemand attach build always
2010-07-14 Derrick Brashearafs sunpro not always c99
2010-07-14 Derrick Brashearxdr sunpro not always c99
2010-07-14 Derrick Brashearsimple is-lex-flex autoconf test
2010-07-13 Russ AllberyLink libafsauthent with -lresolv if required
2010-07-13 Derrick Brasheardisconnected fix prototype warning
2010-07-13 Derrick Brashearunix disconnected mode always
2010-07-13 Jeffrey AltmanDAFS: variable declarations in C must be a top of block
2010-07-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Generate a valid <revision> block using mkvers.c
2010-07-12 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use inode lock compat function
2010-07-12 Ken Hornsteinfix dumptool on macos
2010-07-12 Derrick Brashearrx getaddr loopback change fallout
2010-07-12 Michael Meffiexstat: fix large integer output
2010-07-12 Michael Meffieviced: host hash address collisions
2010-07-12 Andrew DeasonConsolidate loopback address tests
2010-07-12 Andrew DeasonGetInodeSummary: free inode info
2010-07-12 Matt BenjaminAn RPC test dispatch library for vice
2010-07-12 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Actually use freezer compatibility func
2010-07-12 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use freezer compatibility macros in RX
2010-07-10 Russ AllberyTerminate the DARWIN80 #if in afs_osidnlc.c
2010-07-10 Russ AllberyInclude linux/freezer.h in rx_kmutex.c
2010-07-09 Andrew DeasonUse afs_sfsize_t for *_SIZE results
2010-07-09 Ben KadukRemove incorrect critical section use in dnlc_lookup
2010-07-09 Michael Meffiewiki url changed
2010-07-09 Michael Meffiebuild fix on older linux
2010-07-08 Alexander RedingerSOURCE-MAP updates
2010-07-08 sanketvos: Don't call SubEnumerate twice
2010-07-08 Jonathan BillingsUpdate the Red Hat spec file to include fssync-debug...
2010-07-08 Andrew DeasonFix VPrintDiskStats_r logging
2010-07-08 Andrew Deasonviced: Remove stray \r
2010-07-08 Ben KadukFix build
2010-07-08 Ben KadukFBSD: sync with NFS for *pages vnops
2010-07-07 Andrew Deasonklog: refactor klog_prompter
2010-07-07 Andrew DeasonFix shlibafsrpc des.c hp-ux special case
2010-07-07 Andrew DeasonHPUX: correct PostPopulateVCache vfsp set
2010-07-07 Andrew DeasonHPUX: include proc_iface.h for proc_t
2010-07-07 Andrew DeasonUINT_MAX requires limits.h