Remove server logging globals
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2016-04-25 Michael MeffieRemove server logging globals 68/12168/11
2016-04-25 Benjamin KadukAdd comment about serverlog locking 23/12123/6
2016-04-25 Michael MeffieReopen the correct filename when -logfile is given 23/11723/16
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: always reopen the log file 25/11725/16
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: refactor OpenLog and ReOpenLog 21/11721/18
2016-04-25 Benjamin Kadukutil: Remove undocumented magic of mrafs-style logs 36/12136/5
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: fix file descriptor leak in mrafs-style logging 22/11722/17
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: fix log file renaming of mrafs-style logs 20/12220/4
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: remove unused printLocks variable from mrafs... 19/11719/11
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: allocate log filename buffers 19/12219/4
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: open mrafs-style logs with O_APPEND too 18/12218/4
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: remove obsolete SETVBUF_REVERSED 18/11718/11
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: always initialize the server log mutex 17/11717/10
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: fix server log fd validity checks 97/11797/13
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: remove util/softsig 98/11998/8
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieptserver: convert the ptserver to opr softsig 97/11997/8
2016-04-25 Michael Meffievlserver: convert the vlserver to opr softsig 96/11996/8
2016-04-25 Michael Meffievolser: convert the volume server to opr softsig 95/11995/8
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieviced: convert the fileserver to opr softsig 94/11994/8
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieviced: remove old signal handler wrappers 21/11921/10
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieutil: softsig version of function to setup logging... 38/12238/2
2016-04-25 Michael MeffieWindows: opr_softsig.h 37/12237/2
2016-04-25 Michael Meffieprocmgmt: wrappers for softsig handlers 36/12236/2
2016-04-25 Michael Meffiesalvager: convert salvager and salvagerserver to libuti... 03/12003/11
2016-04-13 Michael Meffieafs: shake harder in shake-loose-vcaches 54/11654/12
2016-04-13 Michael MeffieLINUX: hold vcache while dropping dcache refs 06/12206/3
2016-04-07 Stephan WiesandLinux: Fix misleading indentation and other whitespace 53/12253/2
2016-04-06 Benjamin KadukFix typo in cm_dcache.c 41/12241/2
2016-03-21 Stephan WiesandLinux 4.4: Do not use splice() 17/12217/5
2016-03-21 Michael LaßLinux 4.4: Use locks_lock_file_wait 70/12170/5
2016-03-21 Michael LaßLinux 4.4: key_payload has no member 'value' 69/12169/3
2016-03-21 Chas WilliamsRemove automated casting in rxgen 16/12116/6
2016-03-21 Chas Williamsrxgen: Don't use size_t in struct rx_opaque with XDR 15/12115/5
2016-03-21 Chas WilliamsRefactor printing arguments to the xdr routines 14/12114/5
2016-03-19 Benjamin KadukAdd param files for FreeBSD 10.2, 10.3 22/12222/2
2016-03-16 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2016-002 ListAddrByAttributes information...
2016-03-16 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2016-002 VldbListByAttributes information...
2016-03-16 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2016-002 AFSStoreVolumeStatus information...
2016-03-16 Benjamin KadukOPENAFS-SA-2016-002 AFSStoreStatus information leak
2016-03-16 Jeffrey AltmanOPENAFS-SA-2016-001 group creation by foreign users
2016-03-16 Jeffrey Altmanptserver: fix pt_util creation of groups
2016-02-28 Michael MeffieLINUX: ifconfig is deprecated 92/12192/3
2016-02-23 Mark VitaleDAFS: large volume support - fileserver crash after... 83/11983/3
2016-02-23 Mark Vitalebozo: allow start of fs and dafs bnodes with options 34/11934/11
2016-02-17 Mark Vitaleviced: incorrect FID audit of BulkStatus and InlineBulk... 91/12191/2
2016-02-11 Michael MeffieCellServDB update 01 Jan 2016 87/12187/3
2016-02-04 Michael Meffievolser: detect eof in dump stream while reading acl 03/11703/7
2016-01-26 Benjamin Kadukcellconfig: check for invalid dotted quads 09/12109/4
2016-01-25 Andrew Deasonafs: Log abnormally large chunk files 31/11831/5
2016-01-25 Chas Williamsopr: Use opr_Assert() instead of silently failing 53/11853/4
2016-01-25 Chas Williamsopr: Disable some warnings during opr assertions 52/11852/5
2016-01-25 Andrew Deasonafs: Log weird 'size' fetchdata errors 30/11830/5
2016-01-25 Andrew Deasonafs: Fix fetchInit for negative/large lengths 29/11829/4
2016-01-25 Andrew Deasonafs: Avoid incorrect size when fetching beyond EOF 28/11828/3
2016-01-24 Dave Botschrxinit_status needs to be global for the kext since 73/12073/3
2016-01-24 Dave BotschInitial set of changes for El Capitan OS X 10.11 . 72/12072/3
2016-01-24 Benjamin KadukFix optimized IRIX kernel module builds 11/12111/2
2016-01-23 Chas WilliamsLINUX: don't cache negative entries for dynroot 40/12140/4
2016-01-23 Benjamin KadukTypo fix in comment 33/12133/3
2016-01-23 Marcio Barbosaafs: do not allow two shutdown sequences in parallel 16/12016/8
2016-01-22 Brian Torbichredhat: Correct permissions on systemd unit files 74/12174/3
2016-01-06 Stephan Wiesandredhat: Avoid bogus dependencies when building the... 03/11903/2
2015-12-25 Simon Wilkinsoncompile_et: Don't overflow input file buffer
2015-12-25 Benjamin KadukProvide a buildtool_roken make variable
2015-12-25 Anders Kaseorgrxkad: Resolve warnings in ticket5.c
2015-12-25 Benjamin KadukAdd filepath entries for rxkad.keytab
2015-12-25 Benjamin KadukMake typedKey helpers more friendly to use
2015-12-24 Marcio Barbosaviced: do not overwrite possible failure
2015-12-21 Mark Vitaleafs: incorrect types for AFSDB IPv4 addresses
2015-12-16 Mark Vitaleafs: pioctl kernel memory overrun
2015-12-08 Michael Meffieviced: add missing new lines to log messages
2015-12-03 Michael Meffievolser: range check acl header fields during dumps...
2015-12-03 Benjamin Kadukvolser: set error, not code, before rfail
2015-12-03 Michael Meffieutil: add CloseLog routine to close the server log
2015-12-03 Michael Meffiesalvager: redd up showlog global flag
2015-12-03 Michael Meffiedafs: log to stderr when running salvageserver in clien...
2015-12-03 Michael Meffiedafs: remove the salvageserver -showlog option
2015-12-03 Brandon S Allberygtx: use getmaxyx() with sensible fallbacks
2015-12-03 Chas WilliamsOpen syscall emulation file O_RDONLY
2015-12-02 Michael Meffiedafs: remove the salvageserver -datelogs option
2015-11-22 Benjamin KadukFix ptserver -default_access parsing
2015-11-19 Christof Hanketabular_output: allocate footer-line when set for the...
2015-11-19 Mark Vitalevlserver: VL_GetEntryByName* requests undercounted
2015-11-18 Stephan Wiesandwriteconfig: emit error messages again in VerifyEntries
2015-11-18 Michael Meffiebozo: create a syslog connection only if the -syslog...
2015-11-18 Michael Meffieprdb_check: fix out of bounds array access in continuat...
2015-11-18 Michael Meffieprdb_check: check for continuation entries in owner...
2015-11-18 Michael Meffielibprot: add pr_PrintContEntry function
2015-11-11 Michael Meffieafs: fix for return an error from afs_readdir when...
2015-11-07 Michael Meffievos: reinstate the -localauth option for vos setaddrs
2015-11-03 Tim CreechMake libuafs safe for parallel make
2015-10-28 Jeffrey Altmanrx: OPENAFS-SA-2015-007 "Tattletale"
2015-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: CM_ERROR_INEXACT_MATCH is not a fatal error
2015-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_Lookup return ambiguous filename to caller
2015-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fix RDR detection of ambiguous directory entries
2015-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: rdr pioctl operations are opaque
2015-10-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: clientServiceProviderKeyExists use subkey
2015-10-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: if no known IP addrs, query the addr list
2015-10-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Only install Service NP if one exists
2015-10-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: InstNetProvider do not leak key handle