vlserver: Use bounded string copy in FindByName()
[openafs.git] / tests / common /
2021-08-26 Andrew Deasontests: Remove check/test/tests subdir targets 36/14636/3
2021-08-13 Andrew Deasontests: Generalize temp dir management 32/14632/4
2021-08-13 Andrew Deasontests: Introduce is_command() 40/14040/12
2021-08-12 Andrew Deasontests: Introduce afstest_*_path() 19/14319/9
2021-08-08 Andrew Deasontests: Introduce afstest_asprintf 20/14620/4
2021-08-08 Andrew Deasontests: Introduce libafstest_common 18/14318/6
2021-01-08 Andrew DeasonMove key-related warnings to common server code 31/10831/6
2020-08-21 Michael Meffietests: Accommodate c-tap-harness 4.7 95/14295/5
2020-06-19 Cheyenne Willstests: Emulate mkdtemp when not available 43/14243/8
2020-03-31 Andrew Deasontests: Wait for server start in auth/superuser-t 09/14109/4
2020-01-20 Michael Meffietests: skip vos tests when a vlserver is already running 21/14021/5
2020-01-10 Andrew Deasontests: Introduce afstest_GetProgname 91/13991/2
2019-12-21 Andrew Deasontests: Check if vlserver died during startup 42/13942/2
2019-12-13 Andrew Deasontests: Fix most tests for objdir builds 39/13939/2
2014-12-01 Jeffrey HutzelmanFix unchecked calls to asprintf
2013-05-28 Marc Dionnetests: Improve afstest_UnlinkTestConfig cleanup
2013-02-18 Marc Dionnetests: Improve failure mode for unresolvable hostname
2012-10-30 Marc Dionnetests: cleanup temporary files
2012-10-13 Simon Wilkinsontests: Reformat loopback tests
2012-10-13 Simon Wilkinsontests: Tidy up loopback adapter tests
2012-09-26 Jason EdgecombeTESTS: Add a library to check for the default loopback...
2012-06-27 Simon Wilkinsontests: Abstract out code for a test RPC service
2012-04-22 Simon Wilkinsontests: Move token faking code to its own file
2012-04-22 Simon Wilkinsontests: Make afstest_StopVLServer generic
2012-04-22 Simon Wilkinsontests: Abstract out code to produce a Ubik client
2012-04-16 Michael Meffieauth: local realms configuration
2011-07-18 Simon Wilkinsontests: Add tests for the vlserver
2011-06-07 Simon Wilkinsontests: Use a real IP address for the test cell
2011-06-07 Simon Wilkinsontests: Move code to add new DES keys to common
2011-06-07 Simon Wilkinsontests: Move common code to its own directory