tests: Fix most tests for objdir builds
[openafs.git] / tests / opr / Makefile.in
2019-12-13 Andrew Deasontests: Fix most tests for objdir builds 39/13939/2
2015-05-26 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add new softsig implementation
2014-11-28 Benjamin KadukClean up our cleaning
2014-05-21 Nathaniel Wesley... Add a small string formatting utility to opr
2012-11-01 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add dictionary implementation
2012-09-16 Simon Wilkinsontests: Convert opr tests to use libtool
2012-08-14 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add UUID handling functions
2012-06-14 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add simple time type
2012-05-11 Simon Wilkinsontests: Start using the upstream C TAP harness
2011-11-21 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add Bob Jenkins's hash functions
2011-11-12 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add a red/black tree implementation
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Move queue header out of util