auth: Avoid cellconfig.c stdio renaming
[openafs.git] / tests / opr /
2020-04-26 Andrew Deasontests: Skip SIGBUS test on FreeBSD 45/14145/3
2020-04-18 Andrew Deasontests: Run perl via 'env' 44/14144/2
2020-04-10 Andrew Deasonopr: Allow non-2^x for n_buckets in opr_cache_init 22/14122/3
2020-03-20 Cheyenne Willstests: Add cache-t to .gitignore in tests/opr 02/14102/2
2020-03-06 Andrew Deasonopr: Introduce opr_cache 84/13884/11
2019-12-13 Andrew Deasontests: Fix most tests for objdir builds 39/13939/2
2016-12-22 Anders Kaseorgopr: Make opr_jhash_opaque consistent with opr_jhash 94/12494/2
2016-12-21 Anders Kaseorgtests/opr/softsig-t: Avoid hanging due to intermediate... 88/12488/2
2016-12-16 Michael Meffietests: fix signo to signame lookup in opr/softsig tests 67/12367/3
2016-02-11 Michael Meffietest: skip buserror test when SIGBUS is not defined... 86/12186/3
2015-08-26 Marcio Barbosatests: give the full path to the softsig test helper...
2015-08-03 Anders Kaseorgtests/opr/jhash-t.c: Fix unsigned constant warning
2015-08-02 Anders Kaseorgtests/opr/time-t.c: Use labs instead of abs for long...
2015-06-21 Michael Meffietests: fix typo in softsig test helper
2015-05-26 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add new softsig implementation
2014-11-28 Benjamin KadukClean up our cleaning
2014-11-05 Andrew Deasontests: Fix fmt-t.c warning
2014-09-10 Benjamin KadukAdd missing tests to tests/opr/.gitignore
2014-05-21 Nathaniel Wesley... Add a small string formatting utility to opr
2013-06-21 Jeffrey HutzelmanMake opr_uuid_toString return a status
2012-11-23 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Don't confuse isLast and isEnd
2012-11-01 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add dictionary implementation
2012-11-01 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add opr_jhash_int2 function
2012-09-16 Simon Wilkinsontests: Convert opr tests to use libtool
2012-09-07 Derrick Brasheartests: deal with one more unsigned warning
2012-09-06 Marc Dionnetests/opr: fixes for the uuid-t.c tests
2012-09-06 Derrick Brasheartests: modernize tests to compile in warning-as-errorland
2012-08-14 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add opr_jhash_opaque
2012-08-14 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add UUID handling functions
2012-06-14 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add simple time type
2012-05-11 Simon Wilkinsontests: Start using the upstream C TAP harness
2012-04-19 Simon WilkinsonUpdate .gitignore files
2011-11-21 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add Bob Jenkins's hash functions
2011-11-12 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add a red/black tree implementation
2011-11-03 Michael Meffieopr: queue swap
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Move queue header out of util