2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Package libafshcrypto libraries
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Do not force krb5-config path
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Update openafs.spec for configure changes
2010-09-02 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Use git-version in
2010-09-01 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Use in
2010-09-01 Russ AllberyUpdate Autoconf Kerberos probes to latest rra-c-util...
2010-09-01 Jonathan BillingsLinux: Updated RedHat spec file with new demand attach...
2010-08-31 Michael Meffieihandle positional read and write
2010-08-31 Hartmut ReuterLet SRXAFS_GetStatistics64 return correct values for...
2010-08-30 Derrick Brashearubik recovery kill duplicate code
2010-08-30 Michael Meffieclean up stale defines in volser header
2010-08-30 Andrew Deasonubik: Protect ubik_servers in urecovery_Interact
2010-08-30 Andrew Deasonubik: Drop dbase versionLock during I/O and sleeps
2010-08-30 Simon WilkinsonNew GetToken pioctl
2010-08-30 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Add support for the new SetToken pioctl
2010-08-30 Derrick Brashearmacos afsdb reinit resolver on address change
2010-08-30 Matt Benjamincache bypass Also increment page refcount in readpage
2010-08-30 Matt BenjaminDFBSD update dfbsd userland
2010-08-30 Matt BenjaminFBSD try-relax child vnode locking (recurse only)
2010-08-30 Matt BenjaminFBSD, DFBSD (future) call afs_FakeOpen in the write...
2010-08-30 Matt BenjaminFBSD, DFBSD (future) vnode_pager_setsize updates
2010-08-28 Marc DionneMake hcrypto depend on config
2010-08-26 Matt BenjaminFBSD restore old syscall register logic for older...
2010-08-26 Matt Benjaminsed s/porc/proc/
2010-08-26 Simon WilkinsonAdd new SetTokenEx pioctl
2010-08-26 Simon WilkinsonMake unixuser's vid advisory
2010-08-26 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Generalise token storage
2010-08-26 Ben KadukFBSD: properly register our syscall
2010-08-25 Matt BenjaminFBSD: give osi_NetReceive time to shutdown, reprise
2010-08-25 Matt BenjaminFBSD CM: don't call afs_close when recycling
2010-08-25 Matt BenjaminBSD CMs: Don't call nonexistent afs_FlushVS in afs_vop...
2010-08-24 Heimdal DevelopersImport of code from heimdal
2010-08-24 Andrew Deasonvenus: build cacheout
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonvenus: make cacheout build again
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonvlserver: Allow reading during ubik writes
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonvlserver: Access cache via vl_ctx
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonvlserver: Add a struct for trans-specific data
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonubik: add interface for reading during write locks
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonubik: Fix buffers for reading-during-writes
2010-08-23 Andrew Deasonubik: Abstract buffer matching and pass trans ptrs
2010-08-22 Simon WilkinsonDon't include afsconfig.h in rxgen headers
2010-08-21 Marc Dionnes390x: only declare afs_sys_setgroups32_page where...
2010-08-21 Marc DionneFixes for signed char architectures
2010-08-21 Marc DionneIgnore old style definition warnings in generated code
2010-08-20 Marc DionnePrototype warning cleanup - big endian
2010-08-20 Simon WilkinsonConfigure: Tidy up AC_CHECK_FUNCS
2010-08-20 Simon Wilkinsonhcrypto: Check for arc4random
2010-08-20 Simon WilkinsonAdd a few missing entries to our .gitignores
2010-08-20 Simon Wilkinsonhcrypto: Fix for IRIX
2010-08-19 Andrew DeasonAvoid thread-unsafe PrintInode in threaded code
2010-08-19 Andrew DeasonWindows: vol-salvage SalvInfo fixes
2010-08-19 Simon WilkinsonAdd OpenAFS build machinery for libhcrypto
2010-08-19 Andrew DeasonRemove the global tempHeader/stuff structures
2010-08-19 Andrew Deasonvol-salvage: Move global vars into SalvInfo struct
2010-08-17 Simon Wilkinsonlibafsrpc: Add new XDR symbols to exports
2010-08-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fix Freelance trailing dot enforcement
2010-08-17 Heimdal DevelopersImport of code from heimdal
2010-08-17 Simon WilkinsonHeimdal import: Add hcrypto files
2010-08-17 Simon WilkinsonHandle whitespace better in import script
2010-08-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fix remove 'register' patch
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to trailing whitespace
2010-08-17 Marcus Wattsdeath to register
2010-08-16 Derrick Brashearopenafs 1.5.76 openafs-devel-1_5_76
2010-08-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows Change Log for 1.5.76
2010-08-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Return error for SetToken PIOCTL_LOGON if...
2010-08-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: prevent buffer overrun in cklog
2010-08-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Only Local System Account may set tokens for...
2010-08-16 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Parse Freelance entries and enforce trailing...
2010-08-12 Chaz Chandlerautoconf detection of label support
2010-08-12 Marc DionneLinux: avoid oops in memcpy_toiovec
2010-08-12 Marc DionneLinux: Rework statfs super block operations configure...
2010-08-12 Marc DionneLinux: switch to evict_inode
2010-08-12 Marc DionneLinux: adapt to truncate sequence changes
2010-08-12 Marc DionneLinux: use %pI4 if NIPQUAD is not available
2010-08-12 Derrick Brasheardisable pmtu error gathering
2010-08-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: comparisons of nul strings should match
2010-08-12 Andrew Deasonviced: VNOVOL on deleted volumes
2010-08-12 Andrew Deasonvolser: Ignore duplicate file tags when restoring
2010-08-11 Simon WilkinsonLINUX: More flock fixes
2010-08-11 Derrick Brashearfs discon support alternate uid
2010-08-11 Derrick Brashearmacos disconnected vnode holding fix
2010-08-11 Simon WilkinsonLINUX: Use correct type of error in flock code
2010-08-11 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_Analyze should treat VOFFLINE like VMOVED...
2010-08-11 Andrew Deasonsalvage: update inodes array after CopyAndSalvage
2010-08-11 Andrew Deasonsalvage: Remove redundant 'code' declaration
2010-08-11 Andrew Deasonsalvage: Do not look at not-found root dir
2010-08-11 Andrew Deasonsalvage: Zero corrupted header
2010-08-06 Andrew Deasontviced: Fix serialize_state.o objdir
2010-08-06 Andrew DeasonEliminate $< outside of pattern rules
2010-08-06 Andrew DeasonFix objdir install/dest targets
2010-08-06 Andrew Deasontubik: Fix objdir builds
2010-08-06 Andrew DeasonFix afsd.fuse for objdir builds
2010-08-06 Andrew Deasonrxgen: Error out if cpp exits with error
2010-08-05 Derrick Brashearnamei decodevolume allow low volume ids
2010-08-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: add flags field to smb_ioctlProc_t function...
2010-08-05 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Remove erroneous comment
2010-08-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: optimize buf_FlushCleanPages
2010-08-05 Andrew DeasonUnix: docbook revision tag requires a date
2010-08-04 Andrew DeasonAdd DAFS docs to the Unix Quick Start guide
2010-08-04 Andrew DeasonHPUX: Add limits.h to sysincludes