2014-08-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSParseRelatedName always use related name
2014-08-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSParseName always set FileName output
2014-08-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Refactor AFSParseName related name parsing
2014-08-20 Michael Meffievos: cross-device link error message
2014-08-19 Perry Ruiterredhat: Fix minor whitespace errors in openafs-kmodtool
2014-08-19 Perry RuiterCorrect comment typos in a couple files
2014-08-13 Michael Meffievolscan: fix copyright and licence notice
2014-08-13 Ben KadukRemove some incomplete struct initializers
2014-08-13 Ben KadukFBSD: avoid unused-variable warning
2014-08-13 Ben KadukFBSD: initialize 'retval' for afs3_syscall
2014-08-13 Ben KadukAvoid a name conflict in a local variable
2014-08-13 Benjamin KadukMake kernel hcrypto calloc return zeroed memory
2014-08-13 Garrett Wollmanviced: time_t might not be long
2014-08-13 Garrett Wollmanafsd: correct printf format mismatch in debugging printf
2014-08-13 Stephan Wiesandredhat: package volscan
2014-08-13 Mark Vitaleopr: opr_AssertionFailed undefined in kernel module
2014-08-06 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "libafs: remove stray "-v 2" argument to afs_com...
2014-08-06 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Avoid premature RO volume lock error
2014-08-06 Michael Meffietools: fix unpack in example sysvmq audit reader
2014-08-06 Mark Vitaleafs: remove cruft from Solaris afs_freevfs
2014-08-06 Stephan Wiesandvolinfo: fix documenting comments
2014-08-06 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Check afs_lookup return code explicitly
2014-08-06 Ben KadukFBSD: adhere to gop_lookupname() semantics
2014-08-06 Stephan Wiesandlibafs: remove stray "-v 2" argument to afs_compile_et
2014-08-06 Michael Meffielibafs: fix vrequest leak in afs_lookup
2014-08-06 Michael Meffielibafs: do not allow NULL creds for afs_CreateReq
2014-08-06 Chas Williams... config: Refactor the FreeBSD configuration files
2014-08-06 Chas Williams... config: AFS_SHORTGID no longer in use
2014-08-06 Chas Williams... config: Updates to AFS_HAVE_STATVFS for FreeBSD
2014-08-06 Chas Williams... config: Remove deprecated macro from FreeBSD configurat...
2014-08-06 Michael Meffielibafs: fix error location code in LINUX/osi_export
2014-08-06 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Drop dentry if lookup returns new file
2014-07-30 Andrew Deasonptserver: Fix RemoveFromSGEntry hentry memcpy
2014-07-26 Nathaniel Wesley... Move VLOP_RESTORE and VLOP_ADDSITE home
2014-07-26 Garrett WollmanFBSD: 10.1 is coming out soon
2014-07-26 Garrett WollmanFBSD: 9.3 has been released, so add config bits and...
2014-07-10 Michael Meffieptserver: fix errant debug message log level
2014-07-07 Chas Williams... auth: Fix library dependencies so that tests build...
2014-06-25 Marc DionneLinux 3.16: Convert to new write_iter/read_iter ops
2014-06-25 Marc DionneLinux 3.16: Switch to iter_file_splice_write
2014-06-17 Benjamin KadukUse an unsigned type for bitmask values
2014-06-09 Ben KadukauditU: also report for rxkad-always-encrypt
2014-06-09 Ben KadukUse the RX_SECIDX_* enums in more places
2014-06-05 Mark Vitaleafs: maintain afs_users buckets in sorted order
2014-06-05 Mark Vitaleafs: only reset access caches for the matching cell
2014-06-05 Michael Meffieroken: configure checks for getaddrinfo and friends
2014-06-05 Heimdal DevelopersImport of code from heimdal
2014-06-05 Michael Meffieroken: add getaddrinfo and friends the imported file...
2014-06-05 Michael Meffielinux: dont ignore kmod build errors
2014-06-05 Andrew Deasonbozo: Ignore ListKeys ka_KeyCheckSum return value
2014-06-05 Benjamin Kadukrx: Do not try to cancel nonexistent events
2014-06-04 Chas Williams... afs/VNOPS: use osi_AllocSmallSpace() correctly
2014-06-03 Stephan Wiesandfstrace: Don't read uninitialised data on other platfor...
2014-06-03 Perry Ruiterafs: Delete unneeded duplicate code
2014-06-03 Perry Ruiterconfig: Move AFS_LRALLOCSIZ to afs_args.h
2014-06-03 Marc Dionnelibafs: Speed up afs_CheckTokenCache
2014-06-03 Ben KadukDummy Makefile for rxgk
2014-06-03 Ben KadukAdd rxgk boilerplate
2014-06-03 Ben KadukAdd some configure bits for GSS-API
2014-06-02 Marc DionneLinux: Drop PageReclaim AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE case
2014-05-31 Michael Meffievolser: log message for cross-device link errors
2014-05-31 Marc Dionnevol: Fix gcc 4.9 warnings
2014-05-31 Michael Meffielibafs: allocate vattrs in LINUX to reduce stack used
2014-05-31 Michael Meffielibafs: api to create and free vattrs
2014-05-31 Benjamin KadukUse a separate toplevel target for venus/tests
2014-05-31 Stephan Wiesandlibadmin: Remove redundant memset call
2014-05-31 Perry Ruiteraudit: Delete va_copy kludge
2014-05-29 Perry RuiterDelete several unused memory management constants
2014-05-28 Ben Kadukbcrypt keys are on the rxkad list, not rxgk
2014-05-28 Ben KadukSuppress nonliteral format string warning/error
2014-05-28 Georg Sluytermancmd: List version in help for commands
2014-05-28 Michael Meffiebuild: separate source and header compile_et rules
2014-05-28 Michael Meffierxkad: fix include quotes for generated headers
2014-05-28 Michael Meffieauth: fix include quotes for generated headers
2014-05-28 Michael Meffielibafs: separate source and header compile_et rules
2014-05-28 Michael Meffielibadmin: separate source and header compile_et rules
2014-05-28 Michael Meffiedoxygen: make dox
2014-05-28 Michael Meffieconfigure: fix comment about unix variants
2014-05-23 Benjamin Kadukrxgen: use unsigned type for max array length
2014-05-23 Benjamin KadukSome rx type cleanup for signedness
2014-05-23 Benjamin KadukInstall afscp.h from srcdir, not the build dir
2014-05-21 Michael Meffielibafs: reduce stack space in LINUX
2014-05-21 Michael Meffielibafs: api to create and free vrequests
2014-05-21 Christof HankeLogfiles: open with O_APPEND
2014-05-21 Nathaniel Wesley... Add a small string formatting utility to opr
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiereadme: move README.WARNINGS to CODING
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiereadme: move git info to CODING
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiereadme: rename README.DEVEL to CODING
2014-05-21 Michael Meffiemakefile: remove comment about washtool
2014-05-21 Michael Meffielibafs: reduce stack space in VNOPS
2014-05-21 Michael Meffielibafs: reduce stack space
2014-05-21 Michael Meffielibafs: check afs_InitReq return code
2014-05-21 Stephan Wiesandredhat: Use the right path to depmod
2014-05-21 Antoine VerheijenOpenBSD: Add support for OpenBSD 5.4
2014-05-21 Perry Ruiterafs: Suppress duplicate message on Linux
2014-05-21 Perry Ruiterafs: Define afs_warnall routine
2014-05-21 Perry Ruiterafs: restructure afs_warn and afs_warnuser
2014-05-21 Chas Williams... solaris: help fs_conv_sol26 build cleanly
2014-05-21 Michael Meffievos: vos release -force-reclone option
2014-05-21 Jonathan A... NetBSD: update kernel module glue for NetBSD 6.99.x