2012-11-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Prevent SMB unitialized variable access
2012-11-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Treat invalid AFSFetchStatus as VBUSY
2012-11-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_IsStatusValid
2012-11-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_MergeStatus now returns an error code
2012-11-08 Andrew Deasonafs: Make last_error always useful
2012-11-08 Andrew Deasonafs: Log slot for GetDSlot read errors
2012-11-08 Andrew Deasonrx: Fix non-TSFPQ rxi_FreePackets
2012-11-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: RDR_CleanupFileEntry protect lock release
2012-11-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: call MIDL_user_allocate instead of calloc
2012-11-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: no more _wcsdup; use wcsdup
2012-11-07 Ben KadukCatch up to FreeBSD non-MPSAFE deorbit
2012-11-03 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add Windows stuff for dict.c/h
2012-11-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Use MountRoot for Absolute Symlinks
2012-11-02 Derrick Brashearconfigure: check for poll()
2012-11-01 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add dictionary implementation
2012-11-01 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Add opr_jhash_int2 function
2012-11-01 Simon Wilkinsontests: Fix fallout from cleanup change
2012-10-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_ConnByServer increment under lock
2012-10-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_FindVolumeByName refactoring
2012-10-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: use cm_GetVolume / cm_PutVolume
2012-10-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Interlocked ops for cell and scache allocation
2012-10-31 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Do not flush dirty bufs to deleted FID
2012-10-31 Hartmut Reuterlinux: bypass readpages should update nocache read...
2012-10-30 Andrew Deasonptserver: Avoid inet_ntoa
2012-10-30 Simon WilkinsonFix mutex assertion
2012-10-30 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Move kernel assertion macros
2012-10-30 Marc Dionnetests: cleanup temporary files
2012-10-30 Hartmut Reuterlinux: fix cache bypass applicability function
2012-10-30 Marc DionneLinux: remove unused afs_set_name inline functions
2012-10-30 Simon WilkinsonAdd opr/lock.h and tidy locking macros
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Move transmit queue clearing
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Refactor code to acknowledge a whole TX queue
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Remove duplicate out of order ACK check
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Remove duplicate security layer check
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Refactor rxi_ReceivePacket call selection
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't build a call to immediately abort it
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Remove unreachable debug statement
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Always provide rxi_WaitForTQBusy
2012-10-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Set Server Prefs recalc immediately
2012-10-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: mark server reference offline for VOFFLINE
2012-10-29 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "Windows: Media Protected if create on RO volume"
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: MUTEX_* are no-ops when !RX_ENABLE_LOCKS
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Get rid of AFS_GLOBAL_RXLOCK_KERNEL
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't have 2 different protos for rxi_CheckCall
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't double check conn->call
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Move bytesSent + bytesRcvd into app only data
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't use app-thread variable in SendXmitList
2012-10-29 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Make lock-free call data explicit
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Makefile dependencies
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Send all \\AFS\PIPE to afsd_service
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Treat EIO from file server as fatal error
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: ObjectInfo RefCount 0 <-> 1 transitions
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: PrimaryVolumeWorker ObjectInfoLock deadlock
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSCleanup re-organization
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSCleanup Flush Data decision
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: buf_DirtyBuffersExist return value
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSMarkDirty() require ExtentsResource held
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSFlushExtents QueuedFlushCount leak
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: RDRFunction remove DebugBreak
2012-10-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Promote DELETED from DirEntry to ObjInfo
2012-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Clarify opr_time copyright
2012-10-23 Hartmut Reutervolser: comment with a list of all dump tags
2012-10-20 Marc DionneLinux: Rework handling of names in the lookup functions
2012-10-20 Magnus Ahltorplwp: zero reused request blocks
2012-10-20 Marc DionneLinux: fix afs_putname wrapper for pre-3.7 kernels
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Remove 'bAllocatedFcb' from AFSCreate.cpp
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: PrimaryvolumeWorker do not pause if busy fcb
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: avoid race set/clear ExtentsRequestComplete
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: clear pending delete upon deletion
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSInitFcb Check ObjectInfo->Fcb for NULL
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fix DV Raced Trace Message Parameters
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Protect ObjectRefCnts with ObjectInfoLock
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSPrimaryVolumeWorkerThread AFSRemoveFcb
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Always AFSInitFcb and AFSRemoveFcb
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSRequestExtentsAsync and AFSDoExtentsMapRegion
2012-10-19 Hartmut Reuterlwp: add shared-locked macro
2012-10-19 Hartmut Reutermemcache: add extend-entry function
2012-10-19 Hartmut Reuterbypasscache: update threshold variable type
2012-10-19 Hartmut Reuterlibafs: add partial background store
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Remove Fcb.Specific.File.LazyWriterThread
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add cm_SyncOp to cm_ReadMountPoint()
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSInitFcb assign pFcb->ObjectInformation
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: OpenTargetDirectory AFSInitFcb Reparse Test
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: ObjectInformationCB indentation
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Do not call buf_ClearRDRFlag unlink/rmdir
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Correct alloc size SetFileExtents result
2012-10-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFS_INVALIDATE_DELETE must cancel IO
2012-10-18 Derrick Brashearsalvager: fix formatting in the rest of the Log messages
2012-10-18 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Use opr queues
2012-10-18 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Move server queue entry structure out of rx.h
2012-10-18 Marc Dionnelibafs: Fix second pass in ShakeLooseVCaches
2012-10-18 Marc DionneLinux 3.7: putname is no longer exported
2012-10-18 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Use libtool RX library
2012-10-18 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Export some more functions
2012-10-18 Andrew Deasonrx: Skip rxi_CheckPeerDead if we are DALLY
2012-10-18 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Ignore 'offender' in error queue processing
2012-10-18 Andrew Deasonrx: Check for peer deadness in rxi_Resend
2012-10-18 Andrew Deasonrx: Process all errors received
2012-10-18 Derrick Brashearlinux: always define do_handlesocketerror
2012-10-18 Derrick Brashearrx: pthread sendmsg should return success, not a bytecount