2011-10-24 Andrew Deasonvos offline: Bring volume back online for -busy
2011-10-24 Marc Dionnecache bypass: don't define iovecp for UKERNEL
2011-10-24 Rod WiddowsonWindows: Remove unused cleanup flag
2011-10-24 Derrick Brashearbypasscache: allow arbitrary sized iovecs
2011-10-24 Derrick Brashearbypasscache: do errors correctly
2011-10-24 Derrick Brashearukernel: get an ip address even when dns and hosts...
2011-10-24 Marc Dionnedir: add missing return in DRead
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsontests: volser doesn't need rxgk yet
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsontests: Add opr library for ktime test
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonrpm: Add new libraries
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonrpm: Turn on debugging
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonroken: Add *progname() to shared library exports
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Define afs_kmutex_t for LWP too
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsondir: Don't leak a buffer on a failed Enumerate
2011-10-24 Simon Wilkinsonrx: ackall handling
2011-10-23 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Fix afs_linux_pag_to_groups signature
2011-10-23 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Revert group changes on keyring failure
2011-10-23 Andrew Deasonviced: Do not swallow errors on StoreData recovery
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonopr: Move queue header out of util
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsondir: Remove double release in FindBlobs
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonlinux: makesrpm should cope with releases with letters
2011-10-23 Derrick Brashearafs: don't try GetDownD if nothing to get
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonukernel: don't define rdwr env on linux
2011-10-23 Derrick Brashearukernel: set pthread stacksize to an integer multiple...
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonukernel: add morepackets check in listener
2011-10-23 Derrick Brashearafs: on uuid init fail, don't leave garbage behind
2011-10-23 Derrick Brashearukernel: set close-on-exec on our socket
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't clear the receive queue when out of packets
2011-10-23 Andrew Deasonauth: Get correct viceid in legacy GetToken
2011-10-23 Andrew Deasonauth: Force correct evenness on rxkad tokens
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsondocs: Refer to dafs binaries by their real names
2011-10-23 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Don't check for noauth before rebuilding
2011-10-23 Ben KadukFBSD: typo fix
2011-10-12 Rod WiddowsonWindows AFSRDR: Log before decrementing refcount
2011-10-12 Derrick Brashearukernel: don't enforce thread lockers in remove vop
2011-10-11 Derrick Brashearukernel: install our sysincludes to root.perf
2011-10-11 Derrick Brashearukernel: add uafs_access
2011-10-10 Derrick Brashearvolinfo: fix bad format string
2011-10-10 Hartmut Reutervol_split: avoid using stale open directory vnodes
2011-10-10 Ben KadukFBSD: deal with kernel API rename
2011-10-10 Michael Meffiebozo: bosserver man page updates
2011-10-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: correct use of krb5_init_context in aklog
2011-10-09 Jeffrey AltmanCorrect Heimdal conversion of libadmin/adminutil
2011-10-07 Derrick Brashearbypasscache: free in order
2011-10-07 Michael Meffiedoc: fileserver synopsis typo
2011-10-07 Andrew DeasonRedHat: Add xstat_*_test commands to RPMs
2011-10-06 Derrick Brashearbypasscache for ukernel
2011-10-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Explorer shell GetUnixModeBits()
2011-10-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: char* is not a Unicode string
2011-10-02 Andrew Deasontsm41: Add options for uidpag and localuid
2011-10-02 Andrew Deasonaklog_dynamic_auth: Support new SetToken pioctl
2011-10-01 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Explorer Shell Extension enhancements
2011-10-01 Andrew DeasonRemove a few extra trailing backslashes
2011-10-01 Andrew Deasonvol: Only check "logging" on vice partitions
2011-10-01 Rod WiddowsonFSSYNC-Client: Consistent use of partition name
2011-10-01 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: register Shell Ext handlers
2011-10-01 Jeffrey AltmanDo not call krb5_get_error_message with NULL context
2011-10-01 Jeffrey Altmankauth: permit kauth/test to build on Windows (again)
2011-10-01 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: add krb5_enctype_enable(DES) calls
2011-10-01 Asanka C. HerathWindows: Build against KerbCompatSDK instead of KFW
2011-09-30 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Do not serialize state for invalid hosts
2011-09-30 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Skip hosts with invalid flags on restore
2011-09-30 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Add explicit 'valid' field for index maps
2011-09-30 Andrew Deasonviced: Assert valid statistics indices
2011-09-30 Andrew Deasonviced: Use xfer indices for xfer data
2011-09-30 Marc Dionnerx: add post RPC procedure capability
2011-09-29 Jeffrey AltmanFix typo in windows release notes
2011-09-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fixup errors in AFS ACL Property Sheet
2011-09-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: add resource info to afshcrypto.dll
2011-09-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add resource info to afsroken.dll
2011-09-28 Marc Dionneviced: remove duplicate declaration
2011-09-28 Rod WiddowsonWindows: Remove spurious use of CRTL
2011-09-28 Andrew DeasonRemove references to afs_assert.h
2011-09-28 Derrick Brashearukernel: output dataversion in stat struct if possible
2011-09-28 Derrick Brashearukernel: make web enhancements the default
2011-09-28 Rod WiddowsonWindows: Fix comment about DiskPartition64
2011-09-28 Ben KadukFBSD: allow exclusion of kernel symbols
2011-09-28 Michael Meffiebozo: report bosserver -rxbind address
2011-09-26 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: do not install afs_assert.h
2011-09-26 Michael Meffiebozo: fix overrun from -rxbind on restart
2011-09-26 Michael Meffievolinfo: refactor vnode handling
2011-09-26 Michael Meffievolinfo: release volume header ihandles when done
2011-09-26 Jonathan A... correct omission of AFS_NBSD60_ENV from nbsd60 param...
2011-09-26 Simon WilkinsonClean up assertion
2011-09-26 Simon WilkinsonMove abort() into opr
2011-09-26 Michael Meffiebozo: bosserver -pidfiles option
2011-09-25 Ben KadukFBSD: fallout for debug symbols
2011-09-24 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: update ntbuild.bat
2011-09-23 Michael Meffiebozo: remove duplicate prototype
2011-09-23 Rod WiddowsonFix buffer leak in dir/buffers.c
2011-09-23 Marc Dionneviced: fix incorrect error message
2011-09-22 Michael Meffiebozo: pass -rxbind on restart
2011-09-22 Derrick Brasheardarwin: ukernel is 64-bit able
2011-09-22 Marc Dionnefs: fix setserverprefs where long is larger than afs_int32
2011-09-21 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Disable OACR by default for AFSRDR build
2011-09-21 Derrick Brashearafscp: enable debugging support in the volume portion
2011-09-21 Derrick Brashearafscp: allow listing of bare root.cell dirs in dynroot...
2011-09-21 Derrick Brashearafscp: add confdir override
2011-09-21 Terry LongFix AFSPreference compile error on Mac OS 10.7
2011-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: install control panel only if afs_config