2011-12-27 Andrew Deasonafsd: Parse cacheinfo during argument parsing
2011-12-27 Andrew Deasonfuse: Add -oallow_other by default where possible
2011-12-25 Peter ScottWindows: Avoid bottleneck on VolumeLock
2011-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: avoid race in cm_GetNewSCache
2011-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_BufWrite() must wait in cm_SyncOp()
2011-12-25 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't adjust non-existent events
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSCleanup extent processing
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSRetrieveValidAuthGroup FILE_READ_DATA
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSRequestExtentsAsync retry with alt authgroup
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Use AuthGroups for extent request error reporting
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Explicit permission check on extent release
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: RDR_CleanupFileEntry restrict extent claw...
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove unused AFSRequestExtents()
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Bad DV invalidate only when new DV not 0
2011-12-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Define times in terms of AFS_ONE_SECOND
2011-12-20 Andrew DeasonInclude afsconfig.h before anything else
2011-12-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: avoid deadlock during SetRenameInformation
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: terminate HOSTS/LMHOSTS with newline
2011-12-18 Peter ScottWindows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Tear down extents upon file deletion
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: notify file size change if flushed
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: forget data version only for flushing
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fix indentation
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSSetRenameInfo log message
2011-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: return error to system paging requests
2011-12-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: log volume and authgroup for redir open
2011-12-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: save fid/type for redirector invalidation
2011-12-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: move to head of queue no-op if not in queue
2011-12-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Properly convert FID structures
2011-12-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: propagate directory enumeration failures
2011-12-17 Peter ScottWindows Problem with cross-directory rename
2011-12-17 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Update Adv Firewall Rules
2011-12-17 Jeffrey Altmanvol: fix a08c3207255756c825ab69a19e04f79dd879c646
2011-12-16 Andrew Deasonafs: Clear VHardMount on ResetVolumeInfo
2011-12-16 Andrew Deasonviced: Yell when we GetSomeSpace_r
2011-12-15 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "Windows: cs_CZ localization"
2011-12-14 Michael Meffiebozo: retry start after error stops
2011-12-14 Michael Meffiebozo: preserve all options over restart
2011-12-14 Andrew Deasonvolser: Do not reset copyDate in ReClone
2011-12-14 Garrett Wollmanutil: simplify thread-name interface
2011-12-14 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSRDFSProvider stack overrun
2011-12-14 Derrick Brashearvos: fix code to not triple-negate
2011-12-14 Jonathan A... build tsalvaged, tvolser, and dvolser targets on *nbsd*
2011-12-14 Michael Meffievolscan: print vnode metadata information
2011-12-14 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Log reason for marking server up or down
2011-12-14 Michael Meffievolinfo: implement -checkout option
2011-12-14 Michael Meffievol: log error reason on header read failure
2011-12-14 Lukas VolfWindows: cs_CZ localization
2011-12-14 Derrick Brashearlibafs: disable mtu discovery
2011-12-14 Derrick Brashearlibafs: only do pings for default conn with root uid
2011-12-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: memory leak when setting tokens via smb
2011-12-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Suspend/Resume for afsd_service
2011-12-09 Karl RammPrint "waiting for job termination" at most once.
2011-12-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: increase timeout for extent request retries
2011-12-08 Peter ScottWindows: include owner/group in Security DACL
2011-12-05 Jeffrey Altmanafs: prevent nat pings on destroyed connections
2011-12-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Release Notes Updates
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Make CALL_RELE and CALL_HOLD lock refcnt mutex
2011-12-04 Ben KadukFBSD: switch afsi_SetServerIPRank implementation
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Helper function for decrementing conn refcnt
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Hide the rx_packet.h
2011-12-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: define MIN and MAX
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Make the rx_call structure private
2011-12-04 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Make struct rx_connection private
2011-12-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: apply Nat Pings only to cm_rootUser connections
2011-12-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: track cm_rootUser connections
2011-12-04 Jeffrey Altmanrx: rx_conn/rx_peer refCount signed
2011-12-03 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Some kernels have no reschedule function
2011-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: npdll connected query returns no usage
2011-12-03 Simon WilkinsonWindows: Use roken's min and max
2011-12-03 Edward Z. YangAdd OpenAFS to the dependencies of remote-fs.
2011-12-03 Ben KadukRemove dead code from rxi_FindIfnet()
2011-12-03 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Refactor MaxMTU error checking
2011-12-03 Andrew Deasonsalvager: Create link table with volume group id
2011-12-03 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Ensure logging on attach2 errors
2011-12-03 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Avoid unnecessary preattach on FSYNC_VOL_ON
2011-12-03 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Log more for VPreAttachVolumeByVp odd states
2011-12-03 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Ensure GetVolume errors on ERROR volumes
2011-12-03 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Do not transition to ERROR on trivial errors
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: GetInfoTip really set return to NULL
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: memset in RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_MergeStatus redirector invalidation
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_MergeStatus use new DV to purge buffers
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: use interlocked increment on cm_buf_t refcnt
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: buf_GetNewLocked should use cleaned cm_buf
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fix buf_Recycle() comment
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: buf_CleanAsync is not async; rename it
2011-12-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: convert buf_IncrSyncer to pthreads
2011-12-01 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: invalidate rdr for CM_SCACHE_VERSION_BAD
2011-12-01 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: do not set CM_SCACHEFLAG_EACCES twice
2011-12-01 Andrew DeasonSOLARIS: Define BSD_COMP for non-UKERNEL on 5.11
2011-12-01 Derrick Brashearafsd.fuse: link libopr
2011-12-01 Derrick Brashearremove CopyOnWrite2 and unused vars
2011-11-30 Derrick Brashearviced: disable accelerated copyonwrite
2011-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSRDFSProvider log to file
2011-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: NPEnumResources no Printer support
2011-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: NPGetConnectionCommon buffer too small
2011-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: no drive subst for NPCancelConnection
2011-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: refactor NPCancelConnection
2011-11-29 Chris OrsiWindows: Mount Point and Symlink Overlay Icons